UP! Box 3D Printer Review – Big ABS Prints!

In this video we’ll be taking a closer look at the UP! Box from Tiertime. Does this slick looking machine live up to expectations? Watch to find out!

UP! Box Specifications:
Build Volume – 255 wide x 205 deep x 205mm high
Heated Bed
Automatic Nozzle Height Detection
Automatic Bed Level Sensor and Software Compensation
0.1 – 0.4mm layer heights
0.4mm nozzle diameter
Runs 1.75 filaments with PLA or ABS temperature presets
Uses the UP! Slicing Software (proprietary)
~$3300 AUD plus delivery

Huge thanks to 3D Printing Systems for letting me test out the Up! Box.
If you’re interested in purchasing an UP! 3D Printer head to 3dprintingsystems.com.au.

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D Matsuo says:

Man… I’m not sure if I’m one of the unluky ones, but truly: upbox sucks bad. Autocalibration height for the nozzle sucks. It frequently do it wrong and it’s too close to the printer table. So I have to adjust it manually. It also clogs frequently. With ABS or PLA. Really, not good. I’ve already opened the printer head and looked for clogs and it’s ok. Also used Acetone and unclogged the nozzle really god and still… it clogs. Also, it sometimes fail to pull the fillament (which is strange because the cog is clean). Bottomline: don’t buy this. It really doesn’t worth its cost…

Fábio Martinez says:

I bought one recently, and man, it is almost to impossible remove the raft whit sucess
Someone has a tip to helpme?

kazolar says:

I would get an Ultimaker 2 over this. Or the extended version for even more build volume. Less proprietary stuff. 3D printing community has been driven by open source hardware. Open source firmware. The more we allow manufacturers to lock things down, the less standard things get and these manufactures in turn contribute nothing to the community as a result. Would you recommend a Makerbot? I wouldn’t for the same proprietary hardware reasons (plus too many issues with their hardware). If you are interested in a large format printer which can do great out of the box prints — look at Type a Machines Series 1 Pro. That’s a printer I would recommend to schools, libraries and engineering shops. You have a HUGE build area of 305x305x305. Heated bed, standard fillament support, an option to add an enclosure (which helps with ABS), and built in Octoprint, and Wifi. They provide their own version of Cura, but I’ve been using Simplify 3D with no issues. Forcing people into manufacturer branded filaments is plain wrong. Forcing people to use proprietary software on an FDM print is wrong too.

John Sanford says:

OMG Thank You… around 6:15 you helped me figure out why my printer is having so many issues when I do long prints (been doing a ton of 12hr+ prints). That back pressure thing due to the bed being to close should help me tune my printer a little more and “hopefully” not have failed prints at random spots when the start seemed to be working so darn well.

M3Design says:

Did you had any problems concerning warping ? Did you try printing your warpinator? Might be some great info! To what temperature does the bed go up to? As you know for sure, you kind of need to add a second temperature controller to let the bed heat up more and prevent warping with the up mini!! Great Work !!

John Attygalle says:

have you tried putting Ninjaflex or something similar through this as yet? if so, what settings did you use

Salem Abualrous says:

Angus do you know what is the average temperature that this machine has while printing?

Troy Jones says:

How does the new up box (up box plus) compare to this?

5ltrclubby says:

I was looking at the up box but I ended up getting the da Vinci aio you should compare the 2 haha

Marshal Arnold says:

Pretty crazy there is no filament sensor with such a small spool, thank goodness for a super smart community to figure out a workaround and repurpose that door sensor. Great review Muse!

Jacksquatch says:

Cant use whatever slicer, means never buy for me. lame

mike mun says:

I have a delta mini it’s built area is 7″

Ahmad Hamad says:

great review, u should give the Zortrax M200 a try one day. amazing quality with ABS

iPeel says:

FYI I printed your slicer torture test on an UP Box and it did a great job. The text looks perfect and the holes / columns are nice and round, and after Tiertime finally released Up Studio on the Mac the thinnest bar is now printed using the “thin walls” feature.

Gabriel Araujo says:

great review man, is this machine’s Extruder capable of printing soft filaments such as Ninjatek Cheetah or ninjaflex?

Yousef Mansy says:

MMMMMM 60fps video

Unlikely Creators says:

Has anyone told you your hair grows fast, surely someone has. I have recently been wondering why do people not generally like the UP printers? Fyi not in a rush to get answers 🙂

nick svaluto says:

Hey Angus what you think of flashforge finder 3d printer

Robert Klauco says:

For me the closed source SW would be a no-go. No compatibility, vendor lock-in, not a chance. Perhaps, if they come to some common sense, they will do a firmware update with at least g-code compatibility, then it can be interesting.

Draacid says:

This machine is designed to slowly but surely break. That is why you can buy extra warranty for $800.00 per year extra. That is why they are still using paper cables instead cable tracks. That is why it has 6mm rods.

These guys profit from out of warranty claims the most. So they get you over that one year line and then you will face more and more problems.

ryan levin says:

thank you that was very helpful and keep doing more videos so others can get help too

Digital 3D says:

Great Review, Thanks

Draacid says:

I loved UP’s, but the UP BOX is not a reliable machine.

I have owned one of these for a year now, and consistently when I print a large thing the printer breaks.

The part that will break over and over is the rear axis which is constructed with glue that dissolves with heat, and is held in place with plastic clips that consistently break.

The UP PLUS was much better than this machine in terms of reliability.

Kenny Nguyen says:

Still in love with my lulzbot taz 6

Tyler Stark says:

Hi everyone. I bought an up box for my company. It is the perfect printer for the situation. As for the negative this is what I did, the spool holder is super easy to print an extension which allows for whatever size you need. Right now I have 1kg of polycarb on it. As for the temp adjustment and proprietary software. 1. I use the temperature hack all the time to control the temp anywhere from 200 to 300 degrees C. I also adjust my speeds and feeds with this and it works great. 2. Someone just developed a transcoder to use any slicer on the up platform. 3. Up is about to release their new software which will most likely have quite a bit of features including temperature control. Overall it prints abs like a dream every time, and lately I have been printing polycarb on it a lot with no problems. I may be hacking it a bit more than most. But if you want it to do something for something specific it is capable of doing it. Just my two cents

ms3bani says:

the build volume really isn’t that large. it’s pretty average these days.

the builtin air filter is a nice feature.

imo ABS is on the way out. new pla composites and pet+/petg are taking over.

TheBludgutz says:

I know UP’s new software allow you to change settings however how does this go printing Pa 6 or Pa 66 30gf?

OccamsRzzr says:

Are the any other printers with a HEPA filter?

Axelnightmare says:

I’ve been working with an Afinia H800 (which appears to be more or less the same machine as this with some minor differences, though I could be completely wrong) and I frequently have the issue you’ve described here in which the back pressure causes an eventual print failure. Is there a way to apply your manual fix using the UP! software, or should I be using something else? The Afinia Premium Black ABS has been a complete nightmare to print with; even with sufficient preheating and tweaked bed settings, warping is inevitable on large prints and frequent on smaller prints. Any advice? I’m sorry to have to ask so many questions, but I’ve found virtually no other resources online.

glidinghigh says:

Hi, I do like your reviews, I got myself a used Upbox printer but managed to damage the stepper driver chip. Are you aware as to what device is used so I can try to get myself a couple ordered? It will be most helpful if you would have the time to reply. Otherwise, I still like your channel. Keep it up.

Cody Simonson says:

That looks EXACTLY like an AFINIA H800wtf?

brian bennett says:

Looking at this review (and the ensuing comments) this seems like the Apple of 3D printing, and other open source printers like Android. There are people who are going to want and love this type of printer. And those who don’t and hate it. It’s obviously a decent machine for the right person and situation. Loved the purple shirt by the way…electric against that white wall ;-).

Richard Lyons says:


Are you going to review the Ultimaker 3 soon? Love your reviews

Joel Reid says:

500g spool on large machine is a killer. I didn’t even want to watch the rest, despite me liking Up! machines.

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