Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer Review

Thanks to Matterhackers I’ve had the Ultimaker 2+ for a few months now, and I’ve been printing a number of models with it. Now it’s time for my review of the Ultimaker 2+ and I have a few things to say about the printer.

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Formerly Rod Line says:

Have you ever thought of doing a top 3 (maybe 5) printers in a few different price categories. Maybe have it in the description, or on a blog. Update it when you think a new review bumps one off.
Or Maybe even a “printers to avoid” list.


Hey Joel, great review. I must say that the ultimaker 2 + really improves on ultimaker 2. with the upgrade feeder and Olsen block, makes the printer even greater and is really worth the upgrade if you already own a ultimaker 2 like me. Keep up the great videos

Unlikely Creators says:

Your editing game in this video is freaking great keep it up!

oobligah says:

have you tried 1.75mm filament in it yet? You might need to insert an extra tube into the bowden, maybe something more.

Firas Helou says:

i would like to know what is the name of the track when you were talking about the LEDs On Off, On Off ? 😀

Republique says:

Hey Joel have you thought about adding painter’s tape to your print beds? They do that with the 3d printers at my college to prevent the prints from sticking to the bed. It might be better then the glue you mentioned.

Illya Lukinov says:

2,499.00 USD

PogoOMan says:

Is it a fast printer, compared to others?

jd52wtf says:

You forgot to mention the price point. In my opinion the biggest negative feature of the printer.

Voxel Lab says:

you didn’t cover the software

S. says:

Onviously price is a downside – you can buy two 3D printers that print just a bit slower and worse, for the same cash.

Matthijs Jordense says:

on and off

on and off

gary oliver says:

You seem to give this printer high marks. However, if you had to choose between it or the LulzBot TAZ 6, which would you choose?

Nima Y says:

Hey Joel,
Thank you so so much. I watch your videos all the time and a while ago i saw one of your videos and you told us about the matterhackers withinreach competions. I loved the idea of the compettion so a friend and i decided to design for the competition. aaannndddd We won the youth competition! If it wasen’t for you we wouldnt have won.
Thank you!

Pablo Bernal says:

You should do a comparison between ultimaker and the prusa i3. I am curious to know which achieves better quality at best settings!
You would for sure be the first one to do such an apples to apples with this two machines…

Marty Rome says:

No way this printer is worth more than twice an original Prusa

Aaron Johnson says:

I know you have reviewed the wanhao duplicator i3, are you ever going to review any of their other printers? specifically I would love to see your review of the duplicator s5 large format printer.

Seth Leblanc says:

ultimaker, prusa MK2, ultimaker, prusa MK2…

I choose… PRUSA MK2!
because its cheaper, works exceptionally well, and it would be my first 3D printer, + it’s got that cool multi filament set up coming out, you’ll have to do a video for us on that!

TatoPotato says:

“pew pew”
Wow, they really did nerf Tracer’s firerate.

Trey Janzer says:


mike mun says:

Did you see the commercial for the new ultimaker

mike mun says:

Why don’t you review makerbot

Trey Janzer says:


meesternadim says:

Have you ever filmed a long review to realize afterwards that the cucumber has left the salad?

Art Destination says:

joel your almost at 40,000 subs…AND IM ONE✋

rosebuddesign635 says:

I finally got my hand on the Ultimaker 2+ and I’m blown away by the quality, the ease of use and the reliability of this machine. No automatic calibration, no dual extruder, a bit on the expensive side but at the end it just work.

Salem Abualrous says:

I had this printer for about 6 month also, I want to add to what you said few things:
its a really good printer one of the top however its been out for a while now, recent technology printers have touch screen, Auto calibration and WiFi. so none of that is available to Ultimaker 2+, so what does it add?
Reliability and Quality and the nozzle change.
its easy and great printer for PLA just print without an issue and the glass bed is self release when it cool down.
ABS on the other hand is a bit tricky and depend on the shape it might warp without raft or proper adhesion.
Support on this printer is great, its easy to fix and adjust.
the worse about this printer is the filament, its 2.85mm and that being said this size mostly available in Europe so its really expensive in the USA, you can’t use any filament without having problems, only few limited brand names like colorfabb and matterhacker brands and those are expensive, so the advertise for this printer that its open filament is not 100% true.
slicer: Cura is a great free slicer probably the best in the market and work with this printer very well it actually created for this printer, that being said many seasoned users like Simplify3d and it works with this printer but require some tweaking and adjusting to get the same quality as Cura give you on this printer.
does it worth $2500, I don’t know, I love this printer I just have newer brands that give me better quality and resolutions with same price.

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