Tronxy XY-2 3D Printer Review

Tronxy did a solid effort with this 3D Printer and it was almost perfect for the price… almost. Do I recommend it? Watch to find out!

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Richard Parker says:

Meh. Setting people up to fail with this printer especially beginners. It should be a little more bullet proof and ready to go out of the box for someone new to 3d printing. I am 20+ years field service and up to my elbows in instruments and I would not want to own this thing. One thing I have learned is worth more than anything is reliability. It is worth nothing if it is not reliable. You had to do several fixes to make this thing work. The average person would not be able to do what you did.

Sam Barrale says:

Will you be reviewing the Tronxy xy-3. It looks pretty good.

Michael Bujaki says:

Just in case you are curious, I have found a way to smooth out layer lines in PLA parts.

Prime Technophilia says:

7:15 a common Tronxy issue, their under current if you test the driver pots on the board, easy fix as you point out. Is annoying, they need to set them correctly before shipping, not hard!
Yeah I ditched the roller design on my OLD Modus printer and moved it to linear threads for the Z axes, worked great, it does mean however you can’t just easily manual force it up and down, but ell well…

ABDUL45678 G8MING says:

hey you should try out the monoprice select mini

RomanoProductions says:

Thank you Angus for being handsome, straight to your opinion and very serious about your general judgment. The Angus kid has grown up a lot and your next robot will crush the rivals
Edit: never drink beer, it’s the ruin of Australian guys

Hadinos Sanosam says:

Kudos for also giving the non-affiliate link!

Kurt Kellner says:

Affiliate and non-affiliate links seem to be broken? Or flash sale is over?

Ngọc Linh Trần says:

I owned this machine, I try your cura profile but it seem i got underextrusion, try simplify3d and i got clicking. Still stick with tronxy slicer come with the machine. By the way other slicer except tronxy slicer wont have preview picture. Do you have any solution. Can you send me your specify profile and setting. I’ve never got that quality out of tronxy xy2

Jens Petter IkkeOppført says:

You want beginner friendly, go flashforge finder or adventuror 3.

Michael Terry says:

Hello can you please help. I got my son a anet Delta printer. I can’t download the the software it say carupt. Thanks

C T says:

How do you change the motor power on an ender 3? Can this be set in a G-code?

SidneyCritic ComedyHound says:

I had to reseat my Z stepper on the End3 to get it to run smooth. I lowered the cross rail to the bed, loosened my Z stepper bolts and re-tightened them. The leadscrew flexes in the middle but jams on the fixed ends.
Creality open sourcing the hardware was a mistake, now everybody copies it.

Tomáš Komárek says:

Actually the Ender 3 print surface is not that bad. I have one from June when the build surface used to be glued on and still use it with great results! Over time it wears in a bit and both adheres a bit better and releases easier. No adhesive, just bare for PLA, though I used some IPA smeared glue stick (as per your video on bed adhesion 😉 ) with PETG to protect the surface and release well.
For a fried that for the E3Pro I bought Easy Peelzy and it’s a very nice surface, I’ll probably get it once the stock gives in, but the stock really seems to be able to hold very well (7 months of nonstop printing!) if you have the first layer right and not having to scrape at it too hard like with it too squished in. The only thing to do occasionally is to check for bubbles appearing after releasing some bigger prints and pushing them off the edge with bed heated up.

welbot says:

I’d be curious to see if you just ended up with a slightly odd machine, or if the issues are universal. Would be great if it’s just a one off.

Peter Menuez says:

The issue of the Bowden filament feeder. I do not think your diagnosis was correct. If you heard the clicking then the motor was turning so increasing the current to the motors shouldn’t make much difference.

I purchased a Tronxy late last year and had a similar problem with the extruder not feeding properly ending up with major under fill prints. I found that the non-adjustable tension arm on the feeder was the cause. When the filament is being pushed and experience some resistance, the gear bites into the filament too hard cuts into the filament thus reducing the diameter – once that occurs the filament feed is severely reduced.

I experimented by pushing on the feeder arm slightly (reducing the pressure) and found that it extruded much better. When it sees excess back pressure the gear does not eat into the filament.

The permanent fix was to reduce the length of the spring. I also replaced the arm with and adjustable screw.

All my work and testing has been on PLA filament –

Brian Donahue says:

So when is the makersmuse 3d printer coming out?

Phillip Rhodes says:

Have you thought of designing your own 3D printer, perhaps using off-the-shelf components?

kong DaBomb says:

Just print slower. There’s nothing wrong with printing at 40mm/s. Unless you’re doing crazy large prints it wont add too much time.

mediapluck says:

Is there a printer that will actually move the head away from the print when the power is lost (power panic)?

AnimalStomper says:

Hey do you have a boyfriend?

RomanoProductions says:

Angus keep smiling, you are warming

Filip Paryż says:

I need you to check out 3DGence 3D printers 😀

Condrea Petrut says:

Hi, I want to buy a 3D printer up to $ 200, could you suggest anything to me? Or what do you think of Alfawise U30 and Tronxy xy2?

Paul Severson says:

I would love to hear you do a review about the ENDER 5.

tetsuoswrath says:

Second comment: Angus, do you have plans on reviewing or discussing those printers that print on a sheet continuously? I saw those and really wish I had one that does that. I could churn out some minis with a setup like that. :{J

William Shreckengost says:

I’m still trying to tune things in as I need to, since I use supports so rarely, but you can set the gap between supports and part surfaces in Cura, as well as the support density. Tree supports are also available, and I’ve had good luck pulling those off with a distance of 0.4 top and bottom.

Andrew Tessier says:

Hey Angus, i have been watching you and others on 3d printing for years now, finally bought a Tronxy X5S and i have had similar issues. Thank you for the reccomendations. I will definetly check those things out. Love your channel.

AllAboutGames says:

when are you reviewing the cocoon create model maker

Kathryn Orvis says:

I print at 215c Hatchbox pla

tetsuoswrath says:

I can’t recommend Tronxy or Gearbest and I don’t think you should either.

My first printer is the Tronxy X8 that I bought from Gearbest about one year ago(last Feb).

It came without the z axis rods and neither Gearbest nor Tronxy would respond to my emails for a long time then when I finally did get responses they said I’d have to buy the rods from a third party.

So let me restate that: THE MANUFACTURER AND SELLER WOULD NOT SEND ME THE PARTS THEY LEFT OUT. They also wouldn’t give me a partial refund to pay for those rods.

I say fuck Gearbest and fuck Tronxy. I did eventually buy those rods and the printer does work decently for a $150 kit.

But the experiences I had with Gearbest and Tronxy have proven to me they aren’t worth dealing with.

Luckily I ended up getting a Prusa MK2.5 and have only ever had problems when swapping out nozzles because I moved the block too much and caused the heater core wires to break.

I will say that if the Tronxy X8 is leveld right and has good filament and a clean nozzle that it can print nearly identical to the Prusa with the exception of the build plate’s texture.

And I’m glad that you have had much better experiences with these two companies. :{J

Review3d says:

As always, a great review. I like some of the upgrades over the Ender 3, but the potentially inferior quality issues you experienced are concerning.
With Cura make sure you enable support interface. With it enabled, after just a little tweaking, supports will literally pop right off. The printed surface over the supports will be much nicer as well. Without it Cura supports can be really, really difficult to remove…as you experienced.

BT1 says:

I have one. had to return it heatbed and main bored failed, new one randomly shuts down. power is on says on the screen powering down. sometimes if i turn it off then on it will resume the print but not all the time. Any suggestions. This is my first printer. Maybe i should have got a CR-10 Oh well too late now now, i got to live with this buggy sh?#!

fatmann66 says:

Did I read that right 12v? So concerns with the mosfet like the wanhaos?

Pablo Rodríguez says:

Great Angus, you are always giving fair reviews! And an important thing you look for is how hard would it be for a newbie to enter in the 3D printing world, some people don’t appreciate that, but I think it’s the direction that manufacturers should take!

Culturedropout says:

Good review. But… you still have “BuildTak” on your Amazon, “3D Printing Essentials” list… XD

Art Ford says:

Two things: if this issue with the rollers is a thing on ender 3 clones, should I look at adjusting them on my ender 3? Also, about supports in cura, you can set supports to tree support in the options.

John Due says:

Hi Andy,

I know that is not your line of work, and that you address beginners in the 3D printing business in your Youtube channel, but…
Quite a number of us who are watching your and similar channels have access to a lathe and/or a milling machine, soldering irons and other electronics.

You almost never focus on problems that can be solved without buying new parts from China, – apart from software adjustments and upgrades.

With regards from Denmark

Every one Rc says:

Hey everybody. This is my new all-time favorite Channel this last past Christmas my sister got me a small 3D printer and now I’m going crazy I have five of them now but one I am currently trying to put together 3D printing is more addictive than chocolate

Oscar Torres says:

Any good reviews for DLP or SLA affordable 3d printers? I’ve Had ABS FDM for years looking for resin based versions now affordable.

Hadi CG says:

Hey Angus, what do you think of Tronxy X5SA compared to cr-10

Rick Staggs says:

Ahh so that binding feeling in the rollers could just be the poor quality. Thanks Angus.

Hardware Hacking, Improvement, and Modification says:

I personally don’t care about touch screen, but care more about which board is on the printer. Does it support BL Touch out of the box, along with the filament runout sensor? Or would I need to choose?

Shyam Devadas says:

Great video. Nice to see you doing printer reviews again, Angus.

Alaric Paley says:

So it’s… An ender 3 with a different user interface?

And is actually worse??

james gillespie says:

do not use gear best they stole another youtubers video (greatscott) and now are refusing to remove his video from their facebook

Steven Leatherbarrow says:

Angus, I feel you have reviewed this solely on the “beginner expecting and out of the box experience”. What about all the hobbyists and tinkerers who want a printer or perhaps a second device? They are quite capable of checking, aligning and calibrating these machines – what they need is basic technical information such as PSU voltage, main board type including processor and stepper drivers (pololu plugin?), max temps, heatup times etc.

A simple on screen table or a short monologue detailing them and indeed what you have found regards to them by using the machine (eg does it *really* heat up to 60 degrees in 3 minutes?) could be considered an essential part of a “review” video. I see it that you have fallen short of this here.

The expectations you set seem only catered by the likes of Prusa – suggest to the “beginners” they buy a ready assembled MK3 so they just have to lift it out of the box, snip 4 tie wraps and call the helpline if they get stuck.

If they can’t afford that then maybe they should just spend time rather than money by reading and learning which is arguably the main ingredient in “empowering their creativity”

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