Tronxy X5SA 3D printer review – Terminator T800 Arm 3D printed

Hi Guys! After more then 250 hours of printing, here is complete video review and everything you need to know about new upgraded Tronxy X5SA 3D printer. It has: Core XY design, All metal frame, large 330x330x400mm build volume, 3.5 inch touch screen, new motherboard, active auto level, Power off-resume function, filament run out detection. This 3D printer has very good potential. Its very good platform for upgrades! Links are in description.

Discount code: GBX5SA

3D Prima —

Recommended upgrades:
Rubber Timing Belt —
Heat bed mosfet module —
300×300 Insulation Cottons –
750w Silicon heater pad —
Solid stay relay —
Reinforced fiber Rubber Belt —

Another awesome 3D printer that i recommend is CR10S
Creality3D CR10S —
Coupon code: GB3dpCR10S

3D printed models in video: – Terminator arm – Robot R

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Mid year sale promo 2018 —

Cheap filaments
PLA Filament —
ABS Filament —
PETG Filament —
Flexible Filament —
Biodegradable PLA filaments

Premium/special quality filaments
PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY

3D printers parts and supplies

GearBest —
Aliexpress —
Amazon —
Ebay —

3D parts and Accessories
Switch for PSU
Heat bed mosfet module —
Rubber Timing Belt
SCS8UU-8mm-Linear-Bearing –

Gear that i use:
Video gear:
Camera Sony Alpha a6500 —
Main lens 8-105mm F4 G —
Secondary lens 10-18mm —
Sony tripod VCT-VPR1 —
Sony A6500 Camera cage —
Smartphone gimbal —
Samsung S8 —

Air video gear:
DJI Mavic Pro platinum —
DI Phantom 3 standard

Audio gear
Rode smartLav+ —
Rode microphone —
Blue Yeti USB Microphone –

Timelaps and onboard video gear:
GoPro HERO4 Silver —
Sony HDRAS300/W —

Soft Box studio lights

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Chris Murray says:

Hey mate, great review! Got mine setup last night, do you know how to calibrate the extruder? i’m getting 120mm when i ask for 100mm of filament. but gcode m503 doesnt work to pull the info so i can change the values.. i’m guessing if m503 doesn’t work then more than likely the commands to save new value may not either.. Weird though because even though it’s over extruding i still have to set flow rate to 113% to get acceptable prints. hmmm. same on both simplify3d and cura. no clue whats going on, any ideas?

Pelican Archive says:

This is the printer I was dreaming of!!! you did an excellent review, definitely you have convince to buy today, this will be my third printer and at this price range I think what this printer has to offer can’t be beat it, auto level system that really works out of the box? wow !!! I can’t way to put my hands on this printer I will be ordering today without hesitation, thanks once again Nexi Tech for this excellent review and all your hard work!.

paul w says:

What a brilliant review . Thanks

Андрей МДТОЧКА says:

Very nice review! You are first in all word. Nice work

Rover Waters says:

can I print a 1/8 Miura?

Craig Hancock says:

Brilliant review. Can you share the modifications you made to the T800 arm please? Im half way through printing the arm myself. Thanks.

Jona S says:

@Nexi when you upgraded the powersupply to the 24v, what did you upgrade the fuse to? I did not even think about it and when test printing the fuse blew. Thanks in Advance!
I have installed the MOSFET to help with the regulating the current.

Harry Olthof says:

“Filament run out detection, but need to buy the sensor “.
What type of sensor do you recomment?

Good Goat says:

Reviewers on the previous Tronxy model 5S recommended stiffener “L” brackets on the corners of the machine, 3D printed plastic parts that aligned the belts and prevented loads on the motors at the outside edges of the machine, and 3D printed parts that aligned the pulleys with the belts. Any thoughts on these, or were these issues corrected on this newer model?

Rob Fern says:

Nexi Tech, wow! very impressive prints! Found your channel while searching for a 3d printer DIY 4 post configuration. I must say that your video has really sold me on getting this printer. I also want to thank you for sharing does modifications. I will do them when I get them. Great channel, happy holidays! Sub’d!!

Ezequiel Maffeo says:

Hi.. cool video !!!
Can u tell me, if this x5sa support flex and nylon filament?
i didnt found information about that. Thankx !

work908 says:

it’s Robbie the Robot from 1957 movie Forbidden Planet! One of the most awesome and well done Sci fi movies!

Chris Sadler says:

Excellent review, thank you for taking the time to do it.

Stellareffervescence says:

Newly Subbed! Great videos!, I loved the upgrades as well your reviews on ender 3 was very helpful

A MMc says:

I liked the additions that you made: thumb piston support and biceps rod. Please can you upload the stl files to thingiverse? Thanks

e mikey says:

After you mods, how does the print quality stack up to your cr-10

lolloud75 says:

could you share with me the position of your auto level sensor? I bought two of these printers and both sensors are mounted different. None of them is leveling correct out of the box. Do you bring the sensor on the same “z-position” as the nozzle?

Harry Olthof says:

Great video, can I use a glass plate (Anycubic Ultrabase 310*310mm Glass Build Plate Heated Bed Platform For 3D Printer) with the leveling sensor?

J Z says:

After watching your two vids, this and the upgraded machine, just ordered one to add to the machine shop, your reviews really good and informative. Cheers

Iain McCrae says:

Thank you very much for this amazing review. I was just finishing off my build and experienced the belt problems, I was delighted to see that you had already solved the issues. Saved me a lot of time and effort fault finding. Thank you again.

Simon Zhou says:

I bought an X5SA after seeing you video. Assembly went without any issues, but after I popped in the SD card with the benchy files, one sliced with Cura and one with Repetier, both files stuck at 1%. I put G29 auto leveling command after G28 home all, the printer seems to execute both commands, then everything stops. Can you share one of your sliced files?

Alexandre Valiquette says:

I will buy my second printer on “Black Friday”, today!
I own Anet A6 and I would like a larger model arround 330x330mm or more.
I was looking for Tronxy X5SA because of the “box configuration”. I would love to have a high quality machine with a large bed. I was thinking about 200$ upgrade such as a silicone heat bead (1000W, 120V, 50$ Ebay +5$ Mosfet), better belt and better bearing. But will it be great then, is it enough? Will it compare to 2000$ models?
Should I let go the nice “box” high end look? Should I go with JGAurora A5 or CR10 or a copy of theses?

Thank for your inputs, Alex form Québec, Canada

Trainer Bert says:

I want to enclosure the whole Tronxy, also the Top. Does anybody have a decent idea to do that?

kaiba6798 says:

I just got this printer and am having some issues. would you be willing to assist me?

FAB365 3D Printing says:

Thank you for purchasing and printing our design. No link is on the contents, but you showed our web page. So that is OK. Thank you~

madseh de says:

Outstanding review! Thank you!

Will Kim says:

Could you please upload your fff

Harry Olthof says:

The drivers become warm and the stepper motors skip.
What can be a cause?
(there was no cooling fan for the electronic in the box)

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