Tronxy X5S 3D Printer Review

Here are my thoughts on the very underwhelming X5S. This company definitely doesn’t like me lol

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Patrick Prints says:

@3D maker noob how much amps is that power supply ?

Adverse Effects says:

wow your PROMO CODE made it more expensive added over $160 to the price

Debugged says:

Awesome video Joe you could also try increasing the current for the motors if they can handle it.

3D Maker Noob says:

Sooooo, gonna pin this post in the hopes that people read it before hating away 🙂 This review was done based on the machine from the manufacturer, without any tweaks to it. Had i adjusted anything at all, then the review wouldn’t have been fair to any consumer buying the printer expecting a fully working out-of-the-box printer. it’s sold as a 3d printer kit, once assembled “as per instructions”, it should work. in my case it didn’t and that the review i had to do for it. NOW, once i modify it, then i’ll do a follow up with the results. that’s how 3d printing works, no printer is perfect, however in this case, the quality of the kit needs much improvement from the manufacturer.

Original Hyatt says:

Perfect timing for this review. I was very close to buying this exact printer today but now I have to reconsider based on the review. Is it worth the upgrades or should I just go with a CR 10S? Certainly something to ponder.

Kevin Thomas says:

Tronxy, the layer shifting printer. Good to know. Thanks Joe!

CD95YJ says:

I understand your view of simply assemble and test, however, in my opinion with any kit printer, the calibration of the machine and reassembling the hotend are both part of the assembly process. This includes checking vref of the steppers.

I get that not everyone knows how to do these, but if you’re getting into 3D printing, you need to learn as much as possible before buying a kit and have a basic knowledge of how to calibrate your printer.

I don’t own this printer, but I feel this wasn’t a fair or completely accurate review. I look forward to your updated review of the X5S.

MarksGoneWicked says:

Sounds like an upgraded PSU would help this printer greatly.

Patrick Prints says:

thats good for parts for that price. hopeless company Tronxy.

brian whittle says:

The Tronxy mainboard has trim photometers for the steppers, I assume someone forgot to set them at the factory. I’ve seen I few builds of this and I don’t recall anybody moaning about miss steps, just the heat bed and the path for the belts being not quite parrallel and will cause size inconsistencies in the print.

Scot Taylor says:

I have to agree this machine is not for the beginner however the machine it self is a beast and with some simple tweeking you will be printing at 150mms using the stock board. I do feel you need to do a follow up video on this machine after you have tweeked it cause as i said its a best and is my go to printer.

Jiří Němec says:

Please print some Circle Calibration file in next video. I have Creality Ender-4 which is H-bot and it works really good from start, but circles are oval. Core XY should solve this, but this printer has big volume.

The Looking Glass says:

Thanks for taking all this time to make this unbiased review!
I would go straight to a hiper-cube myself but I see the potential as well. I would replace all acrylic and plastic for sure.
Great video Joe.

Neil Simpson says:

Got one on order, to be honest it only takes 2 minutes to realise what was wrong. Would I recommend it for someone new, no. As someone who reviews printers you should have known instantly that it was a driver voltage problem.

I’m on the fence about cheap printers because I’m buying the x5s for the parts but yeah bit of a biased review.

Niels Wilkening says:

Joe, thanks for testing the TronXY x5s. I had some good experiences with the X1 but it’s more DIY than 3D printing.

Greg Allen says:

Thanks for telling us the truth! 🙂

JAYTEE says:

Thanks Joe, great to hear your honest comments as always. Cheers, JAYTEE

medo 9 says:

Useful review

Philip Gevaert says:

Great video ! Your work with real usefull info and overview details is much appreciated !!

Stefano DiCesare says:

adjust stepper driver potentiometers

3d tech says:

if i experience layer shift due to under-powered stepper motor i would automatically increase the motor current if it’s not too hot

Nick Something says:

Did you verify the amperage the stepper drivers were putting out?

Vormulac1 says:

Hi Joe. I do love your videos, but I have to take issue with the concept that you saw a problem, did nothing to rectify it and then criticise the printer because the problem persisted. People with no 3d printing experience will not buy this kit, it’s not an ‘out of the box’ unit. I’m not hating, I don’t own a 5XS, but I think I detect a small amount of anti TronXY bias here. ;D

Stu Elliott says:

Seems all Joe does now is crap on the cheaper printers…you’re not a noob now Joe so the simple fixes you should be able to do and tell everyone about, instead you repeatedly print the same thing hoping it’ll fail in the same place again and you can show how crap it is, it’s not a ready to print prusa i3 MK3 worth $1000 it’s a $300 kit!

Tweak a few knobs, tighten a few belts and get it working correctly Joe.

Also time to drop the noob name as I feel real noobs look to you for help and you just belittle everything that isn’t in your Prusa print farm…

Remember your roots, Anet A8 where you took the time to show how to correct its flaws, seems you no longer want to do that!

Brad Barrone says:

Hey Joe what printer is that over your left shoulder? Looks like a anohter core XY machine.

Jason Westmas says:

Yes, I’ve been into 3d printing for a year now and I can easily say that I would always spend a bit more for a fantastic printer.

P_K_3PDK says:

Hi Joe, nice review and yes…TronXY… I had really fun with my X1, I bought it for fun and yes I had a lot of fun 😉  Anyway, is that a Folgertech FT-5 (maybe R2 version…??) in the back. let me know and happy making.

kazolar says:

I’m impressed that after a successful cube you jumped head first with no life preserver into the deep end of the pool with a giant faceless model. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with a kit — this cheap and this sketchy running a 30 hour print — you gotta sleep — don’t ya? I build/design my own machines, I spend more than 10x the money for quality components, and even still I will run several 12-14 hour prints during weekends before I will trust my own machines to do overnight unsupervised prints — living on edge there Joe 🙂
Even if you treat this as a foundation for a printer — then just look at the design, buy your own aluminum extrusions, your own steppers, bed, etc. There is nothing in this kit that you can’t source elsewhere and there is so much that is not right, that what is right is not worth the money at the end. Even as a bag of parts, a lot of these parts are junk, so I can’t even say that this is a good kit for a foundation — might be a good design — but junk parts.

Shyam Devadas says:

I bought a Kodama Trinus as my first printer last year. I loved it. Decided to buy a more primitive kit and try my hand at that. I chose the Tronxy X1 because I figured they had been making them for quite a while and had worked out the bugs. I was wrong. Missing parts…wrong parts…dissimilar wire lengths…and some really scary engineering. Yeah, I could spend more time and money trying to make this thing work, but why?? Joe hit the nail on the head: It’s worth paying just a little more to buy something that works well. I also agree with him that Tronxy needs to stop building these crap kits and make a real printer.

Can Dogancan says:

Thank you Joe. This is not a beginners printer thats for sure. Needs a lot of modding to work properly like many other Printers in the market.

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