Top 5 3D Printing Things I Saw at CES 2017

While at CES 2017 I got to see a lot of really cool things in the 3D Printing area, even though I had a very, very short amount of time. I hope to be able to spend much more time at CES next year, and get a lot more footage of ALL the booths. For now, here is what I thought were the Top 5 things I saw in the 3D Printing area.

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thistakestoolong70 says:

Here in my garage…just printed this new lamborghini lol

Hyperlinks says:

If you refered to Paper Joel as Joel at the end of the video, then what does that make you? Clone Joel?

Justin K says:

What’s the delta printer? Dagama?

Don Burkholder says:

So many Printers :(( and i need a new one

larwal6312 says:

Do you know when the dagoma will ship? I don’t see much on their site, and I haven’t found an English version of their site

Unlikely Creators says:

Paper Joel! I love it! hahahaha

TO-SHIRT 3DPrinting And Custom Printing T-shirt says:


RJ_Make says:

I’m a little disappointed that Flashforge hasn’t really put much R&D into their Creator Pro series. That printer is such a work horse that is desperately in need of modern features.

A Pyro Design says:

Man I need a resin printer. That flashforge would be amazing to have. Looks like they had some awesome stuff.

David Lee Kersey says:

Is that Simone Giertz you’re high fiveing at the end.

Jamie Rogers says:

Hey Joel. Have you ever used filamet for metal prints in standard 3D printers? #highfive

TheIcemanModdeler says:

What’s the price on the hunter resin printer?

Drew Bransby says:

What microphone do you use

Simone | FNTSMN says:

Thank you Joel for all this information about the CES, I’m really liking this video. Damn my Lucio gun is looking good 😀

Steven Schexnayder says:

what printer is behind you when you mention the Chronus?

Rd Williams says:

I was just wondering…..when you use the gmax with the heated bed what does that do to your electric bill????

J Bev says:

Nice Video

Tubeman777 says:

Wow just found out about 3d printers…
amazing I need to get one!
Great video BTW Subbed!

harrvey says:

Joel, I love this style! It’s like you’re the host on the Price Is Right 🙂

Cullen Lonergan says:

whenever I click one of your videos the only ad I ever get is the one about matterhackers

beef jerfy says:


Abuzz Designs says:

So does that mean with the markforged printer that I could print some of those dxv 3d printed faucets? If so I totally want one in my life. I think their factory is only an hour and a half away from me. Might need to contact them! Also that flashforge looks awesome been dying to get into some resin based printing! High five

orbitalair says:

Joel, what went with smartraps? I see the design is a couple years old, and went thru several revisions. I think the design is clever, it seems to maybe just be euro styles or something? Too wobbly?

Avighnash Kμmar says:

Quick question, what software do you use to create the 3D models?
Amazing video’s by the way,

Hary Pisimisis says:

Dagoma delta used to be at their website couple of weeks ago advertising it but not anymore…. not sure what is going on.

robviolin1 says:

Helpful, thanks

choosejoep says:

i orderd my very first printer picking it up tomorrow thanks alot for inspiring me to buy one!

I'm At An All Time Low says:

Can someone help me with a good 3D printer to buy that is cheap

brian oleary says:

I’m really excited to see the new printers that monorice had at CES. $149 fully functional delta all the way up to a $3500 resin printer

Conner Majic says:

Joel I can’t afford to support your patreon but I can spend some time on TAD I would like if you would check it out

Daniel Bernard says:

notification squad ftw

Eneicia2011 says:

Woohoo! This is awesome!

Adrian Moore says:

Thats a lot of filament behind you! Do you try and keep it dry?

GymBoyB says:

My nozzel James and I can’t get it un James. My dad suggested that I put it in the oven up side down and let the plastic flow out… also should I just get another nozzel

Peter Gee says:

Hey! Could you do a video on 3D printing a prosthetic dog paw please? Thank you.

Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

High five joel. great vid. managed to get the dremel working again. so back to work for me building my tanks. i should get them uploaded to thingiverse soon. hope that you test print one on the big printer. 🙂

Mr.Boring says:

Good video.

Nicholas Mitchell says:

So, I’m looking to get into 3D printing and was going to purchase a printer with some money from my tax return. what would be a good printer I can get for around the $700-$800 range?

Evan Mine says:

Joel I absolutely love your work I watch everyone of your videos and because of you I am getting the Anet a8 and the first print I make on it will be for you and I hope to send it to you

Bryan Ho says:

3:54 leaking nozzle! Nooooo

svenake2000 says:

Here’s som second layer porn for you all after you have watched this clip 😉

Bruno N. says:

But, when can I have my 3D printed meal?

Karl Nowakowski says:

Good list. What’s different with your voice when you cut to ces, it sound kind of too clean and a different pitch. Almost not you.

KewlN8 says:

wow those things are massive!!!

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