The Best 3D Printer for 2018: The Raise 3d N2

The Raise 3d N2 tied for first place in our annual 3d printer & digital fabrication shootout with the Prusa i3 Mk2S. Find out why in this video!

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mirrored window says:

$3000 is not a “Make” project this is light industrial. Thumbs down

Eric Groslevin says:

About the 2017 test published in the last makezine, where is the files for testing the 3d printer? Didn’t find in thingiverse, only the files from lasr year!

TH p says:

High end ball screw??? i gues thats what they write on the packaging yeah 😉 my high end chinees rolex had real gold diamonds too

Coaster Labs says:

Yes, best printer. If we all had $3000.00+ burning a hole in our pockets.

Michael S says:

That background noise was really, really annoying (I stopped watching).

John Smith says:

well just for technical info that looks like a rolled ball screw judging from the vid and the divot trace between valleys, high end ball screws are precision ground and normally don’t have that feature……still much better than a lead screw though

Zen Rc says:

I like to make waffles

Nick Hildenbrandt says:

Binder clips on a $3000 printer in 2018 is just laughable.

Shannon Boyd says:

That thing is HUGE!… On a lot of levels. Price, Size, Sweet Capabilities. But how do you compare this thing to a PRUSA? Seriously.

Jason Burns says:

Can you do a video on the FlashForge Guider II or Guider IIs?

Emre MUTLU says:

Those leveling screws… Damn, it would hurt someone, the owner.

– No auto-leveling
– No filament pressure control
– No filament diameter control
– No nozzle wipe cleaning for start
– No dampening solution for ringing, faster prints
– No smoke sensor for fire-hazard
Lots of things to do for a 3D printer these days.
An innovative solution also might be:
A printer which can detect defects on a test print and optimize the profile settings for its slicer. Lots of image processing and AI may be involved.

Violent4AWD says:

I currently own 2 N2+’s both of which did not come leveled to my liking from factory. The leveling of the bed when trying to make large prototypes has caused nothing but issue after issue. Printing on a raft basically levels your print surface. But if your trying to maximize your expensive printing filaments. Raise3d has done nothing to make this printers bed be solid enough to get good large prints. modifications to the bed to allow for a real 100% true level have to be done which reduces the overall build area & height. Also the printer head v2 still skips when using 3rd party filaments Due to the friction the shitty spool holder creates and the hard angle on the head as is shoots across the X n Y’s. Overall it prints the test cube within 5 min out of the box. But its an unfinished printer if you look at spending $3000.00+ it being such an expensive one. I been Modding and fixing the issues with the printer sense the 1st day i got it. It just never ends.

John Ecker says:

How is price per point not a factor?

Chilternflyer says:

LOL – Best printer for 2018? Seriously?? Sorry but it has to be the Prusa for practicality, size, convenience and COST.

Sun Week says:

Shit ads

Bonzo Bonzai says:


shocktop says:

Is this thing fucking serious? $3,000 dollars? No auto-bed leveling probe, binder clips and not magnets holding build plate? What year is this?

Filipe Campos says:

Best printer of the year?? Lol… There are better one is less expensive

Dan Salkowski says:

I own a N2+ and it came with a perfectly level heat plate. I was really impressed. Could not recommend these printers more.

BillBard says:

At this price point, if I had 3k to blow on a printer I would probably invest in a resin printer. Luckily those are getting more affordable these days!

jort93z says:

well this sure isn’t the best value though, lol.

QueIaag says:

bed leveling is manual on this ? possible to add a leveling sensor of some sort ? I only ask because for the price it should at least has some sort of assisted bed leveling or alow user to add one

Julio Fontes Sá says:

Thumbs down because your arguments sound like 12 year old rich kid that wants this for christmas….. You can get the same quality that this machine delivers for a fraction of the Price.

ManCraftingTM says:

I like it, It probably is worth the money, but I’ll stick with the one I have for now. That’s an investment grade machine.

rezator says:

Hello. Good review you made :). I have one question for you. I am school teacher. I teach engenering (or how we would translate that). We are now buying 3d printer. Budget is 2000-2500 euro. I owned wanhao duplicator 4s and now i have at home CR-10 wich is awesome! Now i am asking what would you recomend for school? I am looking for something easy to use and good quality of printing and if it posible also dual extruder. Is this one good for this, or can you please recomend something else? If Zortax m200 would be dual extruder and work so easy we would buy that right away. And we are doing there a lot of things so I dont want to spend most of my time to making setings for 3D printer, that why easy of using is very important for us. Greetings, Peter

TheHarryroks says:

One is $600 and the other $3000 lol

TheRobotAssassin says:

Make: how fine can it print ABS? I see the specs on it say it can print as low as 10 microns. That’s nuts. Is it really possible to do that with this machine?

Abraka Dabra says:

You are very biased! I will guess here but … you get this printer for free so you have to say only good things, right!?!
This machine beside nice touch screen and a big size it’s a pure crap! oooh, sorry it’s a push or a knock screen, not a touch, to be precise! The print quality is awful as the “factory pre-leveled” bed is not leveled at all. Not to mention the X-Y mechanism which is even not perpendicular, thus making your print object skewed. Of course for a small part, this might not be an issue but being a large 3d-printer making a large, let’s say 200x200x200mm qube, you will get a distorted thing with more than 2mm of difference from side to side. You might argue that this is only 1%, you would be right but if you make something precise you are out of luck with this printer. To continue… the double extruder, well, a pure joke!!!! The first thing you have to do when you buy this toy is to buy a Bondetech extruder to replace the original one. The hot end and the leveling of two nozzles is a nightmare too. Either you are knocking the part you are printing with the adjacent nozzle or the same nozzle iz to high and thus the printed layer will not stick as it should. I’m talking dual material printing here.The sheer volume of the whole printer to the print size ratio is awful. Meaning, that the printer is toooooo big for the printing size. Or, if I put it in another way; for the same print size, the whole printer could be much smaller. Although this is “an enclosed” printer, this doesn’t mean that you can have a nice worm printing environment for, let’s say Nylon or ABS or PC filament because the extruder and the “break-out-board” on the extruder will overheat and you can kiss goodbye your extruder motors.
I could go on and on and on describing all the crappy things on the printer but would consume too much space here. Oh, the software… decent, though you will probably buy Simplify3D. To finish …build quality… soooooooo Chinese. They didn’t invent a quality control yet in this country, at least in those companies that have a Chinese only workforce.
Don’t buy it, there are much better options out there!

John Ecker says:

Tied with a $600 printer….. okay…..

James Bradwell says:

Was this review unit free to keep after reviewing or was it returned after review?

(makes a huge difference on whether I trust a review or not)

Chip Royce says:

Yes, Make, very confusing! Suggesting 3D printers more suited for professional use, not hobby / maker. Also, what is ‘best’? Did you contact every quality manufacturer for your tests? A few noticable names were not listed in your review methodology.

Pezmed says:

I really don’t see how the Raise is even close to the Prusa i3.

Prusa just came out with new MK3 (though I know you are comparing to MK2S) version that adds many conveniences that I’m sure Raise doesn’t do (no one mentioned it in video). MK3 prints faster, detects filament running out, detects power outages and will continue print when power restored. Prusa bed auto-levels and with new update it detaches so you can bend it and remove your prints easily.

Prusa is innovative and continuously makes improvements to their printer and are leading the way in setting the standard of how all 3D printers should be made. You are even able to upgrade to new additions to printer for lower cost as they improve. All of this at a very fair price.

The Raise is too big. I would not want this printer. I don’t think Raise is worth the cost considering the Prusa features mentioned.

Chris Mills says:

Wow, never have I watched a review so opposite to personal experience. Wow. So much about this review is wrong.
Look at the horrible raft. Look at that awful purge sequence. Forgot to mention how longs it takes to warm the extruder let alone the bed over 60C. Forgot to mention part and cold-end fan are the same and need physical modifications for part cooling unfriendly plastics. LOL. IT’S GREAT.

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