The $99 Obsidian 3D Printer // Kickstarter Pre-Review

Kodama, makers of the praised Trinus 3D printer are hoping to bring high quality 3D printing to the masses for a fraction of the price. I got to play around with a prototype for a couple of days and, well, just check out the results yourself! To learn more and to get notified about when the Kickstarter goes live, visit their official website here :

I will link to the Kickstarter when it’s live in a few days.

*CORRECTION* The lowest tier Obsidian will be upgrade ready for the heated bed, but it does not come included with the $99


Ron says:

But you didn’t review the $99 printer, you reviewed the upgrade.

JuicyMoose Productions says:

Turns out this runs android, I wonder if I can root one of these things XP

Elise Lewantowicz says:

Hey Devin, I was considering to buy a printer for my birthday, but I’m not sure what the best printer ( of your experience) would be if you are on a budget. Thanks! And remember to keep on making great videos! 🙂

zwer101 says:

Наебщик , не может он так дешево стоить .

cute candy Corn says:

3d print a bearing and fidget spinner

Chris Baier says:

*Developing countries. Third world countries is a bit of an outdated term.

bigflytrap says:

Does it have part cooling? Overhang on benchy looks pretty bad.

3D Printing Nerd says:

Guess what *JUST* got delivered? 🙂 Great video dude, cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Nebojša Kamenčić says:

And now Obsidian starts matter. I looket at it as at Tiko.

Ellie Johnson says:

Incredible. I’d love to buy this as a gateway drug into bad smelling rooms… Whoops, i meant, 3D printing.

Qing Yao says:

So how does the base modle look like? How bare bone is it?

Coaster Labs says:

This seems like the TIKO all over again…

Alonso Vásquez says:

You can put more light in the room, is very noise from de camera and don’t looks very good, i know you can do it better, keep it up with the good content

Quinn Muncy says:

Please print a Steven Universe gem or weapon! Like if you agree

Noah Winnick says:

Show us all of your tests boats

HemRobotics says:

where to buy this product

d.a. a. says:

This is cool can you make a twist container on it

Molly Smith says:

Hi Devon!
Not sure if you still are doing 3D Pen reviews at all but the Polaroid Play just came out over here in the Uk. If you can could you do a review on it please? Xx

The Gaming Hobo | zphil123 says:

Its not on Kickstarter? Can’t find it anywhere…

Quentin Igier says:

I need it

samljer says:

not on kickstarter yet 🙁

Laynie Fingers says:

Damn, this seems like one hell of a machine for the price!

Eliderp Simpson says:

if the printer you got is 150 dollars, why put 99 in the title?

Ryan Huang says:

It’d be better if the basic version can do send-and-unplug like UP printers.

MrZnyper says:

You need to up your lighting game!!

gopro_2027 says:

I have a da-vinci jr. 3d printer I got on sale for $150, which is usually $200, and based on what I see in this video, the da-vinci is not as good as this obsidian $150 model. Some of the more obvious things that make the obsidian better than my da-vinci is the lcd panel being touch screen and not button controlled, and the printer bed is much better because on my da-vinci I have to use stick glue and a knife for the process. Less obvious is the print quality itsself, which from what I see the obsidian does look to be of better quality than my da-vinci. The obsidian also handles overhangs much better than the da-vinci. On the little ship build he did with the engraved text on the bottom, that would not work on the da-vinci because it has a terrible time doing overhangs. So based my experience with a cheap printer, I would say this is well worth the money for $150.

LogicalWaste says:

if that was one of the best benchy’s you’ve seen, you need to see more benchy’s. No offence, just surprised. when you showed it i assumed you were going to point out the many flaws with it. not a big deal, obviously. but my very first benchy, my third print ever was a benchy, and it wasn’t as bad as that one.

SSDragon19 says:

ive been really interested in 3D printers. i would love to get into it, money isnt a big issue, but its there none the less. and the second would be power. i really didnt wanna risk putting ~$400-$800 into a 3D printer with how the electrical is set up where i live. its an old house where if the microwave, toaster oven and 1 more appliance is on, power gets tripped, including my pc.

i would hate to have a print run and power trips. messing everything up. but if a cheap printer could resume the print where it last left off when the power dropped out, then i might just try it out

SuperBrownDog says:

160th, not first doh

Trevor F says:

thanks for the heads up. been looking for something just like this.

Edwin Levi says:

Please make a series teaching basics in fusion 360

LunarLoser says:

As a broke cosplayer who’s been thinking about getting a 3D printer for props this intrigues me.

Coaster Labs says:

If the shell for the one in the video is injection molded, I vote to have an option for one that is clear or transparent so we can see all the internals, it might inspire kids. ☺ who’s with me?

Oliver Bernard says:

You should get the da Vinci mini maker 3D printer

harry legg says:

how do i buy one i have tried looking on kick starter and their website but cant find where or how to order

Nerys says:

to be fair. it is NOT a $99 printer. If I sell you my CR10 for $99 that does not make it a $99 printer. its still a $400 printer. You just got it for $99. Same with this printer. whatever the final retail price is “THAT” is the price of the printer.

still pretty nice though.

Shiroi Hana says:

I found this a while ago but hesitated because I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as other printers on the market. Thanks for the review.

I'm Not Important says:


Jo S says:

I know this is a 3D printing channel but if anyone knows of a good cheap entry level laser cutter could you please tell me about it. my hope is that its $500 mabye a little more. The only things I want it to do are engrave and cut wood. Thank anyone for any information they give me.

CyberKitsune says:

So it’s basically a MP Select Mini except it’ll never come to market. Got it.

Platinum Dude says:


Sami says:

if this project goes well, i might buy one for myself.

Presley Booth says:

Do an all benshe comparison

Howard Yukisaki says:

Why my Kodama Trinus is printing badly? Also it doesn’t even complete one print. So I am a bit skeptical on this printer…

CBA says:

I bought the Trinus three weeks ago. So far I love it and I’ve had no issues. Mine is the basic model however and I have no heated bed or an LCD screen. Part of me is concerned that the Obsidian is going to outperform my Trinus, making my purchase inferior. I doubt that a $99 printer could be better, but with innovation you can never be certain.
If anything the Trinus will have longevity at least.

Edoardo Ghirardo says:

To print an hipercube you would technically need a 4d printer, not a 3d one.

ScripT says:

i really want a 3-d printer i might buy this

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