The $99.99 STARTT 3D Printer is the Cheapest Kit you can buy. But is it any good?

Can a budget 3D Printer be any more than a gimmic? Let’s find out by testing the STARTT. A $100 3D Printer from imakr!

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jerry lim says:

is it me or is the top of the printer leaning on one side?

spudnick1uk says:

I would buy one just for spare parts for my Anet A8, ok lets explain. Spare motors and Extruder, Bearings limit switches. bodem upgrade. spare lcd dispay and so on.

but until I need spares I would use and play around on making things with it that are simple as not to tie up my Anet A8
I’m sure there will be some one that will upgrade their little STARTT machine to the hilt pushing the cost up , but hey it’s the fun factor.
And 3D printing is way good fun.

Good news for me is that it can be bought in the UK for £99.99 and so in total with shipping it cost £112.63 including Tax. Bargain!

Torben Møller says:

I just assembled one this weekend. Mechanicaly not to bad, but I have a lot of problem getting it to actualy work.
1. Updating the firmware from 0.85 to 1.0 does not work for me. The USB connections “breaks” every time before it is done. ame on an other PC.
2. Printing from the USB makes the SW crash in an instant under Win 10-64bit-
3. Printing from microSD works, but terminates in the mitle of the process by the heater turning off. Sometikme it will run for one hour, sometime for 10 minutes.
4. Printing is placed way of center so impossible to print anything above 80x80mm.
5. Should do 140mm but SW limites it to 100mm
6. Zero instruction on how to get it to work and use it. Video is totaly outdated and only got Mac.

So not the best experience until now. Hope I get it to work. If any one has some idea it would be great to here.

Mark Bennett says:

HI Angus, may i ask your help? I have the monoprice maker v2, i can’t use PLA for my projects and switched to PETG. This thing doesn’t want to stick to anything. Tried tape, glass, hairspray,. Any suggestion?

David Os says:

You can buy prusa clones for 110 euro’s with 200x200x180 print volume and heated bed 🙂

TheBlinkstyKrab says:

I advise to stay far, far away from imakr. Their support is trash, I still haven’t gotten my return back for a printer broken from the start. They literally just keep telling me to do the same thing. I might release a video on my channel about this.

Domenico Lamberti says:

I agree with Ash (Lady Muse) on your use of Puns.

Ira Francisco says:

I have this printer it works great with Little to no problems

MikeOnTheBox says:

How was that cat a good example? You have support printed in mid air.

U Do It says:

dodging haribo artillery!!! LOL

Christian PIper says:

Like the Anet A8, but crappier.

Krystian Blaszkowicz says:

Recently got into 3d printing and these starter kits are great but will be a headache if you are trying to get quality prints. I purchased a CTC prusa I3 for £105 in the UK and it was a fairly decent printer, it did have some issues though and needed extra cash. In the end i purchased a £12 E3d v6 print (to fix extruder skipping and clogs) and a £20 robust set of Z axis threads with couplers and support (to fiz Z axis wobble that made every print have line textures ). For the money that i put into my printer which came to a total of around £130 i am creating perfect prints with 0 defects. It will take you some time to get the perfect slicer settings and bed leveling skills but once you get those right a cheaper printer can take you very far. Though the size restrictions can get anoying.

Arraxis says:

Got a STARTT and I’m very happy with it. Of course you will be fiddling with it a bit to get it working really well but damn… For a 99€ price tag I’m extremely happy with it!

Tech Shaunak says:


Gunnar Gross says:

Thx 4 the review Mr.beef

MikeOnTheBox says:

Anet A8 has that style of controller, with the 5 buttons. Never had a single problem with it, works like a charm.

Ludo De Greef says:

how about buying this kit, then add a cheap alu frame and build your own 3D-printer 🙂

Fried Cube says:

3:42 guess you ment to say 60mm per minute

qwertopuss says:

iMakr ripped me off and stole my money. I pre-ordered the STARTT but changed my mind before it shipped. I emailed them about this and they keep putting off my refund, been almost a month and a half. Terrible customer service! And it really sucks to be out 170 euro for a printer I never received. Check reddit before you buy!

Darin Scott says:

Great Review!

Kars Noordhuis says:

If you calibrate and fine tune your printer, you can make the results be great. If seen prints from a propperly tuned €100 printer be so much better than a €500 one. Do keep in mind those €500 ones are running 12h per day at school so they are more likely to get out of alignment

Marcus Christensen says:


SysPowerTools says:

Is there any easy upgrade kit that you know for this style of printer. Or do I just have to build a larger frame, print bed, and guide rods/cables myself?

Gregg Eshelman says:

Looks like the first thing to do is bolt it down to a chunk of Corian or similar material. A sink cutout from a shop that does kitchen and bath counters would be ideal.

Jade Wu says:

MyMiniFactory is a good platform for beginners to start 3D printing. 🙂

hoang anhdung says:

hi there, I have trouble that my printer stops right after it done printing and the filament keeps dropping down and i dont know how to fix it. i use an anet a8 printer

Philip Strong says:

Be aware that iMakr have been pretty awful with customers. They’re getting a reputation on Reddit for not shipping these printers to customers and then avoiding refunds.

kampkrieger says:

you LOGO is so weired. Why is it printing the skirt first???

Mountain Durrrr says:

“$99.99” the shipping to my address is $38 for fedex ground 3 – 5 days..

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