The $299 Alfawise U20 Large Format 3D Printer Review

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Disclaimer: Gearbest sent me this printer for an unbiased review – All thoughts in this review are my own based on the experience i had with the machine i was supplied.

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3DPrintingGeek says:

I think this printer should RIP for good..!! Better luck next time GearBest..!! Very honest Review Joe,,,, as usual , a great video..!!

ImaginationToForm says:

Tempting to get for its size but I do hope they fix those problems you point out. I’ll look at this again later. I’m someday needing a replacement. I do like how the nozzle is replaceable with E3D nozzles. How hot could the nozzle get? I’ve been expermenting with NylonX and would want to replace the nozzle with a harden E3D 0.5 nozzle I already have.

Cat 3D says:

Thank you very much for your honest review. I hope that Gearbest will find a solution to those firmware issues. And hopefully they will go open source soon.

ExtraBase says:

Wait a minute… they put these tubes around the cables everywhere, but the tube is not actually connected at the heated bed side to provide strain relief for the wires? Makes the problem even worse than when you had just the wires attached to the heated bed with no tube or other strain relief… Do they actually have at least one experienced engineer in these design teams, or who the heck plans and builds these machines?

GrumpyDude says:

first haHAA

Ty Thacker says:


GrumpyDude says:

loved the review btw, if people were offended by me writing first then just ignore my post instead of being a dick and making a fool of yourself 🙂

Christopher Maschek says:

Until they fix the firmware, put in slicer, Gcode to bring the nozzle and the bed back to T0 at the end of print.

Nerys says:

they had a “math error” with continuous z motion (vase mode with curves)

RC Bronco says:

Great video. Keep those honest videos coming.

Isaac Lyons says:

Nice review!

Andy Podmore says:

Fantastic video. Looks like a great printer for the price, once they sort out the safety issues and power resume/ filament run out sensor issue

anonimuso says:

I seriously don’t understand why these companies don’t just let people like you test these printers FIRST, and then use your suggestions to finish the product, and THEN start selling them to the public. It would make things so much easier for everybody.

Frank Blackcrow says:

Yeah the first thing for that would be to kick the electronics board out and get a beter one, like MKS board with better steppers that can do 32 steps.. not owning one myself.. but i do have a gearbest bought Anet A2 known for a shitty board that wont heat the build plate for ABS.. personally will never buy anything from gearbest ever again for my own reasons.

Fallen Spike - Fortnite says:

Are you complaining that the printer cant home without power?!? HOW SHOULD IT DO THAT?!?

Matthew Poole says:

Joe could you do a video on flashing the firmware. Is there a simpler way than using a ardunio? Can it be done by just loading the file to a sd card?

Mechanically says:

Yeah, the firmware should have timeout (turn off heaters if nothing is printed for X minutes), but that was a kinda new feature even on Marlin.
The turn off heating procedure should always be included in the end printing script. So no matter if the screen froze, as long as the printer is using G-code it would still turn off the heaters.
Check your slicer to include that in the ending script.

Philafxs says:

I really wish that anything above 30×30 cm would come in CoreXY or H-Bot format. Just so that it has a smaller footprint (bed movement and control box included) and can print faster to make up for the build size. I can’t comfortably fit a CR-10 form printer anywhere. 🙁

Brendan O'Mara says:

Great review! Thanks!

0Calvin says:

Another example of companies using the public as beta testers.

Elmar Federspiel says:

I thought you won’t review printers that aren’t open source anymore?

Andre S. says:

Cool new Intro

Toxicity Game Dev says:

I would never buy anything funded / produced by gearbest. CR10 for the win still, open source = modifiable and progression of product quality over time from the community.

vanni caruana says:

Great work Joe!

Bondy says:

Another beta test of an unpolished product from China? 100% agree that any 3D printer posing safety hazard can’t be recommended.

Redemptioner1 says:

There is no more danger to a hotend and bed sitting at running temp and not printing compared to it printing……hardly a safety concern…..

Buzz Lindgren says:

Are there any other large format printers in this price range? The CR10 S4 is 699,- in my country.
Great review, I’m actually thinking about getting one, because my budget doesn’t allow more atm.

Fer Jerez says:

as always great video Joe! glad to see you like my designs 🙂 happy printing!

Zaka Pentax says:

100 microns ^^ , man, I ususaly print at 300 micron and find it long, 1mm layers with a volcano, can’t wait soooo long for 0.1 mm layers

Festivejelly says:

Good to see a Welsh company supporting you 🙂

Le_LastWolfy says:

Hey noob my print bed on my ender 3 is making a grinding noise how to I fix it?

Pokon_Nurdspace says:

New logo and smooth music and again a good video of another well tested printer (tested by you)

Bruce Ferguson says:

I bought one recently and have had some of the same issues you have. I have not been in a situation where it stayed on or did anything dangerous (yet) but I did have bent metal parts that allowed the X axis to flop around and some other fit and finish issues. After going over the machine and tightening/bending/fitting everything it now performs very well. At first I printed a filament guide for the extruded to help in loading filament, but ended up replacing it with an upgraded metal extruder designed for the CR-10. I did make a new block for the filament out sensor which moves it to the other side of the Z lead screw and keeps the filament inside a piece of Bowden tubing as it passes the lead screw. I also extended that tube to act as a feed-in tube to help the filament feed from the overhead spool holder I use without having to turn a sharp corner feeding in.
I’m glad to know about the Facebook group and the firmware upgrades. Hopefully they will fix all the issues. If I had realized that the firmware was being handled as closed source, I probably wouldn’t have bought one.

Practical Printing says:

Great review. I hope GB can resolve the safety issues you noted quickly!

CHEP says:

Good review Joe. Is the board a 32 bit micro? With the SD card update scheme I suspect it might be.

Bog dahn says:

Do you think the firmware is a marlin ? I think so, but i have no confirmation by gearbest…

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