Tevo Tornado 3D Printer Review

The Tevo Tornado is a lot like my long time favorite CR-10 3D printer… but which is better? Check out this review to see how it stacks up!

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US Plug – https://goo.gl/PRnSMn
$329.99 with coupon ‘GBOCT1210’
(Exp. 12.31.2017)

EU Plug – https://goo.gl/SXRuj9
$329.99 with coupon ‘TornaNEW’
(Exp. 11.30.2017)

or visit https://makeanything.design/favorites for my full list of recommendations!

Get the files featured in this video at https://mmf.io/makeanything

Thanks to TEVO for sending me their printer in exchange for an unbiased review.


11Argetlam11 says:

so why not just use tape on the heated bed so it wont stick, too much?

Sean Edwards says:

It would make a good water fountain with all the holes and a power pump

T. Greening says:

LOVE to get one. If you could actually get the damn thing. Took my money almost a month ago and since it’s been “so sorry, back ordered but next week for SURE”, except for sure never happens. I’m trying to tough it out but irked they took my money with no product to deliver. I’d cancel but at this point I’m guessing it would take months to get a refund anyway.

reznoire says:

Heads up, the images of the printers on the favorites page don’t work.

Hazel Suttill says:

A lamp wold look great

Ahren Gann says:

Hey Just tried the code and it wasn’t working for the 110 V US Version

3a3Rayko VanAcker says:

Please make dolphins jumping out of the water!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Schran says:

I say make the vase a lamp

Raghav Kothari says:

make a VR pumpkin as it is Halloween.

CJ outwest says:

What if you turned a smaller version of that blob vase into a camera flash diffuser for photography? I would imagine it would both diffuse the light nicely as well as possibly cast some cool shadows

Motor rider says:

Can you try and review the form 2 printer. Their usa HQ is in my hometown and I got a free sample the part looks nice.

arthur1129 says:

What is your first layer height? AFAIK for all buildplate surface sheets like yours the first layer can not be lower than 0.2mm. I usually print at around 0.22-0.25 for the first layer depending on the surface area. Your logos might have needed 0.3 – 0.35mm.

Somar Alnawaqil says:

Please review Zonestar P802QR2

lexpee says:

Hmmm this is a CR10 3D printer with some changes.

plc268 says:

I don’t know if it’ll work on that build surface, but when I want to remove particularly stubborn stuck prints on PEI, I spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the edges of the print. Doing this with PLA will have it almost instantly self release, and doing it with PETG makes the removal super easy, even on large surface area prints.

victorius2006 says:

3D “prinner” 😛

Becca Turk says:

Definitely a lamp!
Can you make an adjustable spanner on one of your printers? One that actually functions?

Gaurangajyoti Gogoi says:

The Tevo Tornado is this better then creality CR-10 S ?

Neverseenasinger says:

Pear lamp

Peksyk says:

That sound like minecraft music xd

aQuayQuay says:

I’m never going to buy a 3D printer but I love all your videos

Narian TheBear says:

I don’t have a 3D-printer, I don’t Even understand How They work. But, I still love your vids, so Please Keep on doing What You are best at. (PS: plz make that green vase into a hat :p )

krixLight says:


Daniel Roibert says:

Unfortunately gearbest is not the best. My first and last order was not delivered because the ‘flash sale’ was a fake.

jerry lim says:

I’m not a guy with a printer but I think you could use a tissue with cooking oil on it to wipe down th base plate

Victor Loss Bolfarini says:

Plant some herbs on that vase, maybe they grow out of each little hole that the vase have

MakeShaper says:

Love the video! Definitely, make a lamp out of the vase.

Tang michael says:

Thank you for your comment, As far as I know, TEVO hot bed is 220V voltage can be heated quickly, but leakage is fatal to people

the German Printing Nerd says:

Damn cool Devin, That´s my next Printer , coming Nov. (I hope) so I can finish my Johnny Five Project .. Oh and make a Lamp Shade that would look cool when you turn the Light off :-))

HappyTaco56 says:


Alluvian says:

Nice review! I feel so spoiled having been 3d printing for about 3 years now and never having to level a bed on my Lulzbot mini, then again 3 years ago that set me back $1200 for small 6 inch cube build area. I want a cheaper and bigger printer as well, but I keep getting pulled in by fancy new features like all the cool stuff on the Prusas, that self leveling / centering and quad filament setup has me drooling so much!

ExtraArmedSquid says:

So my channel is deleted for literally no reason, and months later, I realize I’m not subscribed to you! I can’t believe I forgot!

ByteOfBlender says:

By the look of those bowden couplings, I have a feeling that the titan and hotend are not official E3D parts. I may be wrong, but they look to me like clones.

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