TEVO TORNADO 3D Printer Review. Chuck reviews two TEVO TORNADOS in this episode, one from TEVO and one from Gearbest. He gives you his honest opinion of the printers and compares them to his Creality CR-10 3D Printer. He reviews the TEVO TORNADO design and the 3D Print quality. If you are considering this printer for your next purchase watch this review along with others to get an idea if this printer is right for you.

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I received these printers for free as review units and gave you my honest opinion on the quality in my videos. I still use them everyday in my shop. Purchasing through these links does give the channel a small royalty but we do not have any control over the shipping or service from these providers. Please do your homework. Ask around and buy based on your comfort level.

CR10 Mini
From Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2jpt3zT $298.99

Original Single Z-axis Printer from Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2ki3dyg $339.99 with coupon:11CR10US

Dual Z-Axis, Filament Sensor from Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2zJJcDM $459.99

Tevo Tornado:
http://bit.ly/2D5k1ND $319.99 with coupon code: Tornados

Anycubic I3 Mega:
US Plug from Gearbest $289.11 with coupon:1111GBI3MEUSTN http://bit.ly/2vvkODa

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Ron DLH says:


Stan Cook says:

Hope you are feeling better Chuck. I’m still not out of the woods yet but getting close. I hope another 10 years go by before I get that again. Hell, I hope I’m still here in 10 years. Merry Christmas.

Michael Rankin says:

Merry Christmas

angelshce says:

The big question 2 tevo tornado or 1 prusa mk2/mk3

Uncle Jessy says:

Great review man. I’ve been printing with mine for a few weeks now and thankfully haven’t seen those shifting issues. It did drive me crazy that it didn’t come with a spool holder and I will for sure be printing those wheels for the bed!

Print 3D Channel says:

Awesome review Chuck, interesting how different the printers were. Thanks for the awesome shout out, too, I appreciate, sir. It has been an interesting project to say the least, and I hope I was able to show at least one person how awesome 3d printing is.

Tc Berry says:

I had the exact same issue of shifting. I shorted my Y axis, and had to order a new card. Hard to find the original software but finally got it. It runs good now to to install the smoothers.

I also adjusted the acceleration from the CR-10 cuts settings from 5000mm to 200 and it’s very nicely produced. But I am still trying to find a good Cura settings.

I agree with the white it was a pain.

TheBlackBeltPanda says:

Great review; thanks for the video!
TEVO sent me one to review, as well. Just a heads-up; the power supply went out on mine after a few prints. Waiting on TEVO to send me a new one but it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a better power supply, maybe a 20a model, especially if you’re going to increase current to the stepper motors. =)

Maverick CCIE says:

Good luck getting one I order a Tornado on Nov 8th still has not shipped! Gearbest customer service is the worst. Chuck your not doing your self an favors dealing with them.

Fettinator Industries says:

Given you have just about every printer I would consider buying (other than the Prusa I3 MK3), is the tevo comparable to the CR-10 in print quality? What upgrades if any have you done to the CR-10 and tornado?
What do you plan on doing with your old davincis? I may be interested in a few parts if you decide to scrap them. While my davinci is a pain, it does print and until I have cash for either a MK3 or a Cr-10, it will have to do.

4FunRC says:

The glass print bed you mention is 310mmX310mm and is larger by 10mmX10mm than the beds of tbe CR-10 and Tornado, yet it didn’t appear that way. Viewed on my Android phone so maybe that’s why?

Warren Van Nuil says:

Merry Christmas Chuck another good video thanks

Papa Tech says:

Another honest review. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Short to Ground says:

beware the sdcard, its fake, it’s just 128Mb or so

Nerys says:

Would be nice if you measured the voltage for both and see if they are “set” differently from the factory.

As for the purpose of thst sampme print. Yes i got mine off intact yes it was a pain in the ass 🙂

The point is to show the glass plate is flat. A bowed print surface as you well know is a real pain. 🙂

Brian Knight says:

Like many others Chuck, I started with my DaVinci 1.0 AIO in April 2015 & learnt so much watching & looking forward to your weekly Filament Fridays !
I bought a Prusa i3 MK2S kit in July this year and the DaVinci didn’t get a look in since, so I’ve moved her on to another ‘Forever’ home until she becomes obsolete. The DaVinci was quirky & limited in use of slicers (without reflashing etc) but once mastered the levelling ‘a la Chuck style’, repaired the glass bed by reversing the glass (and final replacement), I had a lot of fun (scanning was a waste of time).
I thought I’d miss the DaVinci enclosure but the Prusa (kit) has performed flawlessly even with ABS (and no enclosure !) .. and when it comes to levelling .. ‘What’s levelling’ ?
Anyway Chuck, has a lovely Christmas with those who you care for, and look forward to seeing you in the New Year !
(ps. also trying to get over a snotty cold here (UK) – and exploring the CNC kit world for 2018).

Ron Floyd says:

VG review – thanks! Merry Christmas Chuck to you and yours.

The Best Stooge says:

Tevo is thumbs down as a company.

Krank is de Eerste says:

The Tevo Tornado is a nice machine but you need to do things to get it working right. like set the stepper drivers to .95 volts.

R Salomon says:

Hi, That shifting might be caused by a lose bell on the y axis. Cool video. Thanks

DIY3DTECH.com says:

Nice review Chuck and since doing the Smoother series, have got quite a few comments that smoothers are a must for the Tornado so this means (at least IMHO) that the drivers are sub-par and likely you are on the right path with stepping up the current. Also your comments are spot on, as for many of the printers you have I also have and we see differing results and I think this is a quality control issue and one place where I think (again IMHO) that Creality has done a good job as for a cheap easy too use BIG printers, nothing beats it “yet” 🙂

Jarkko Aitti says:

does that new bed have more weight? that would explain skipping in that axle and then you need a stronger motor (or “more current”) or slow down it’s acceleration/deceleration. if that is the case, it is not right to pin it to be this printers problem.

the German Printing Nerd says:

Wish GB would send me one Chep, I need a new Printer and the Tornado would help me to finish my Projects

Darren Anton says:

Sorry you had so many problems with TEVO TORNADO, from the Videos I seen its a real good printer not sure why you just had some bad luck with them. Also you said the heat bed is 24 Volt AC its 110 Volts AC ! or so I have been told, Mine that I ordered is in HUNSTVILLE AL right now so I hope it gets here soon

Jim Davekos says:

I got my first XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 in November 2014 and found you very quickly on YouTube not sure when I subscribed but you helped me replace my glass when it was chipping (I have done that twice now) and Change the connection in the heater bed (it kept failing) and just recently an over all tune up and it’s still going. Thanks keep up the good work!

pikas4 says:

You probably need to manually set acceleration travel to 1250 and jerk to 10 in cura or other slicer. Also maybe low voltage on Y motor, I had the same problem, the voltage was 0.81 volts at the factory, I changed to 0.95 volts and the problem disappeared.
I am looking forward to your solution.

vbart1776 says:

Hey, the days Of people fiddling to improve their printers to get them to print right is fast coming to the end. I think we are running out of tinkerers and the product has to work. I have bought two kids printers and the next ones I get Will come mostly assembled and with a real Customer support system

Jose Berruezo says:

Merry Christmas

Ejal Nvt says:

Didn’t you receive a cr-10s yet?

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