TEVO Little Monster 3D Printer Review – 800$ Big Delta 3D Printer with direct extruder?

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You can get a TEVO Little Monster 3D Printer here: https://www.goo.gl/mh9n5f
You can also join their Facebook group: https://www.goo.gl/nMlOjp

Thanks to (goo.gl/qKumY3) for providing the tested unit free of charge.

Utilized example prints from Thingiverse:

In this video I will have a look at the TEVO Little Monster 3D Printer and find out whether its large build volume, direct extruder and overall quality justifies its 800$ price tag.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

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Ram Raja says:


Top Gagets says:

hey greatscott what is the best 3d printer you have,tevo liitle monster or diy delta printer .I want to know for buy a 3d printer

Ray Suave says:

I built this printer about 3 weeks ago and was able to get really good prints with minimal software adjustments. The only speed factory settings I had to adjust was the infill speed, it was set at 150 mm/s and I moved it down to 120 mm/s…thats it. Also it looks like the extruder was installed too close to the hotend which diminishes the advantage of having a “flying extruder” setup. I believe the manual recommended that the extruder should be hanging in a range of 10cm – 12cm above the hotend. Adjustments to the tension and alignment of the sliders is the most important part of putting this together, since they will have a huge impact on print quality and is not easy to adjust after the printer is put together.

Zahier Mahoob says:

I really like that printer’s parts. But you should not use timing belt to hold the extruder. Something that has an dampening effect would give you a lot better results and faster print speeds. Like bungee cord, try out different tensions. 🙂

Joel Robert Justiawan says:

Zentimeter is found!

Aggelos 003 says:


vlcekmlcek says:

You could use ESP8266 modules instead of Arduino, it is much better and more powerful, so you can do a lot of things from IoT with it. I would be very grateful if you will do some IoT projects! 😉

electronic world says:

when you are going to make Q&A&C?

bechir brahem says:

i love your videos can you make a quadcopter
keep it up 😉

Henry Nguyen says:

Hey Scott, can you make a Arduino based TV-B-Gone? They’re a bit pricey.

Tomi Hanecak says:

try to build your own ECG/EMG with arduino

Federico Cecchetto says:

Hey Scott, I am going to buy a 3D printer and I have a 1000€ budget, do you have any suggestions on what printer I should choose?

Circuit's Everywhere says:

BJT as a amplifier, Any video?

Jørgen Karlsen says:

I was wondering if you could try to make a overcharging board for ur rechargeable battery

Chaosstifter87 says:

Just wrong.
I print Nijaflex with 50 cm bowden.
You just need a good extruder.
I cant print faster the 20 mm/s thou

nikolaos stavrou says:

GREATSCOTT can you make a small battery spot welder? portable perhaps? thanks for the great videos.!

Israel Apilado says:

great Scott can you make a video about making microphone amplifier because in other channel I can’t understand what they are saying. I wonder you will do this…

Et Discover says:

plz make a sarvo…. plz make a sarvo… plz make a sarvo… for any motor …. and i want to calculate all digri ….plz make a sarvo…. plz make a sarvo..

Bil Johnson says:

A delta that can’t even print at 80mm/s is definitely not worth the money. For the quality this thing produces I think I would rather have anything that was even half its price.

Abhijeet sen says:

can i replace earphone wires with normal household wires?

theredredstone solar says:

sweet 3d printer

sebi T. says:

Had troubles finding datasheets tonight for a certian circuit board/componet. Is there specific information one must look for to find that specific datasheet or schematic?

jim3nigma says:

For this money the print quality is beyond bad. Watch Thomas Sanladerer or makers muse about print quality. I really hope for you that you can improve your print qualitiy with slicer settings or some mechanical tweaks because at this point this printer isn’t worth the money

Pillar Productions says:

I saw the quility controller stamp at the begining and knew the video might be worth something. Good shit. Still expensive for a DIY kit.

Jay Rathod says:

Great Scott! great works as always.
thanks for your time and efforts ..

TechEd says:

+GreatScott! Please make a CNC machine!

Jastis Jim says:

you should do light up speakers that sync with the beat of music

Ilario Audisio says:

what program do you use for the printer?
can you make a video about it?

ProTurials says:

Please practice your pronounciation of the letter “r”. I really got problems listening to this, ist kinda annoying because i want to watch your videos and this little thing is keeping me from it.

Master of code 101 says:

I have a tevo tarantula and love it. Hope you enjoy yours

Heimdall Midgard says:

My Anet A8 does much better prints with up to 90mm/s. It costs 140€ + a lot of updates = around 300€. If you know what you doing( I didn’t when I started) you can build a much better 3D printer with less money. Only because a printer costs much it doesn’t mean the print quality is good.

Cliff Matthews says:

FYI – I am adding a lot more links (about 200 more) to the List Of Electronics Youtubers and this channel close to the top!
That EEVblog thread has been referred to over 14 thousand times and I think it really helps the electronics hobby community. Thanks for your contributions!! The list is here: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/other-blog-specific/dd/

c fahy says:

Quick video idea. A list of the components you feel would be worth bulk buying for a beginner. Of course there’s the obvious stuff like resistors, LEDs, potentiometers, capacitors.. but there are other components and ICs that may be good to bulk buy. I have a bunch of NPN transistors and am thinking of buying a few 555 timers, but I’m sure there are other things that’d be good to stuck up on 🙂

Dzikri Science says:

can u visit my channel please

Sarreq Teryx says:

that “Direct” feeder needs to be directly attached to the hot end assembly, that shaking is frelling awful.

Timber van den Hul says:

Hey Scott!
in a previous video of yours i saw that you used a ersa i-con pico, right now i am looking to buy a soldering station and i was wondering; what do you think of the ersa i-con pico?

thanks in advance,
greerings from the Netherlans!

misperry says:

I am thinking about getting one of these. How has it been printing and what are some of the issues you have run into?

Yonatan24 says:

So everything about this one is good except for the 3D prints!

Mr. says:

Can you make a HEARTBEAT Sensor Project !?

Umar waseem says:

can you make a fridge for a car ??

Sahil Nikam says:

You can use your conductive 3D filament in it.

Guy Friedman says:

can you make a sous vide machine?

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