Testing my first 3D Printer from 2012! Is it STILL any good?

The UP! Mini was my first 3D Printer ever! Let’s dust it off, discuss it’s history and test it out with the same models I use for my 3D Printing reviews today.

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infango says:

You have the technology you can rebuild it make it better faster 😉

Ian Morris says:

I still have my first printer which is an UP! Mini. I always hated the perf board as it was a pain to clean and would also tend to bend when doing large prints. I still have a good stock of ABS filament for it, so to make use of this and to reduce the risk of injury when removing a print with a sharp scraper, a glass bed was installed and seems to work quite well. I just wish that I could talk to it with my slicer software rather than using UP Studio.

Kester Belgrove says:

I have a cetus mk2 and love the ease of use. And with the anticipated upgrades for the board; so that I can use other slicers, it goes to show that Tier Time care about their customers.

juliangall says:

I’d love to see a comparison with a Markforged Onyx One (https://markforged.com/onyx-one/), which is a 3D printer costing a similar amount today ($3,500). I saw one recently and it has great print quality. It’s difficult to see why, though, as it still has stepper motors and filament extruded through a nozzle, just like every other 3D printer.

Imprenta 3D says:

By 2012 I bought an Up Plus after I realized that an Ultimaker original (my first 3D printer) needed to much tinkering, so I decided that what I really wanted was just printing my designs, and it really worked 🙂

Max Bainrot says:

I remember my first 3d printer, it was a sintron i3 clone, it’s heart and soul is now in my HyperCube which is my work horse which is almost car reliable

Collin326C says:

I started with a monoprice select mini and after just a few prints, I had the printer dialed in and had the confidence to click start print and walk away from it knowing there wasnt going to be a problem. Shortly after I bought the next step up, the monoprice maker select and minus the build time it took even less time to set up. I highly recommend both printers, so far they’ve never let me down and they’re cheap

goslmka says:

Your review on the UP! Mini 2 have given me the final decision when I have an offer on an used UP! Mini 2 in 2016 as a company was not able to utilize it to their need. Still happy with it after 2yrs and is still going strong. Other than their higher price filament but luckily I am not a heavy user.

Hawk 1966 says:

Heh, 2012 ‘a long time ago’ time just keeps speeding up. I swear it was just the 90s and I was jumping from BBS to BBS because if there was internet access is was $20 for 20 hours. And a blink before that and it was the 80s and I had a Vic-20, high school had Apple //e’s 3D printing was science fiction for most of my life.

GaminGit says:

0:43 – I thought this was a screenshot from Bill and Ted at first! xD

Gamer260 says:

I started printing back in 2016 and my first machine was a Prusa clone that lasted about 2 weeks before it started blowing up control boards. I returned that one and got another machine that made decent prints but I always had to fight with it for hours sometimes before I could get anything to actually print. That machine made me dread turning it on and nearly drove me from the hobby. Fast forward to the MK3 announcement at this point I was basically done with trying to use the printer I had and had basically given up. I waited a couple months and decided that Prusa has had a good rep with the mk2 so I figure I give it one more shot. I have basically been happily printing since and even though I still have problems with the MK3 time to time its at least been reliable for when I do want to print something it works with out me having to do anything.

Christopher Maschek says:

I appreciate pulling out your old printer. I did the same a few weeks ago and am in the process of getting it back up and running again. Thanks, for the video.

Steve McGill says:

Awesome. I was bit by the 3D bug through sheer chance by buying a cheap I3 clone. The learning curve was indeed steep even when I come from an IT background but now have a disability. Getting a Prusa in a few days and can’t wait. I agree that this medium has unlimited potential. I feel that it will someday be in everyone’s homes in a form we just don’t have yet.

John Ford says:

A fascinating piece of history. Thank you.

Marinus says:

I just found back my Prusa Air 2, a really old printer design that didn’t work as good as it should. Now I am going to completely take it apart and rebuild it with the knowledge I’ve gained in the past 7 years to make it into a superprinter 🙂

Xonor13 says:

Such a weird coincidence. I own an Up Mini that is a little bit of a “new and improved” model, and i found myself using it to print something, the same day you posted this, after years of not touching it. However, something about mine is broken and it fails to connect to my pc and will just randomly stop working. It actually really pisses me off trying to get this thing to work now.

Fivenights Dave says:

Our schools have two of those and they are still going great, they are used once a month or so because of the strict teachers

blaze365 johnson says:

Im getting a cr-x as soon as i get my taxes back

snickersbar2 says:

how funny i just pulled out my up mini 2day as well, testing it out with the new up studio I think i can print down 1.5 layer hights now lol

Wesley Bantugan says:

Now I’m not one with a large budget. I’ve always been concerned with getting scammed by some 3D printers. So what is a good starting place for me to start my interest in 3D printing?

skaltura says:

No, that is not insanely high for ABS at all. I regularly print as high as 295C. Higher the temp, less warping and better layer adhesion.

Kean Maizels says:

I am still using my UP Plus purchased back in 2012 for $2,000. And I still get comments on how well my prints come out. I just had the first real issue with it, requiring a new bed heater due to broken wires due to constant flexing. I’ll be replacing that this weekend.

TeaBee says:

damn I’m old… I remember back in 1999 my graduation thesis was in Rapid prototyping using FDM and LOM 3d printing machines to create orthopedic implant models … extremely expensive at that time, used only in research and university environment

FullFledged2010 says:

I had one of these back in the days and other than the nightmare of getting the prints of those perforated pads it made pretty decent and strong prints.
And it was one of the most silent 3d printers i’ve owned with the cover closed.

Hunt Moorhouse says:

Your comments from about 10:50 in are spot on. I am a car enthusiast as well as a general hobby, and now 3D printer enthusiast, and it all is awesome.

John Robinson says:

I bought the UP Mini 2 because of of you! Love it!

Kieran Short says:

My i3 mk3 is a tool.

Kortt Wulfe says:

I’ve had my Anet A8 (yes I know…but I’ve made it safe with the proper upgrades), for 1 year now and I’ll probably feel the way you do in 7 years. It’s enabled me to do so much and learn a ton. It’s also let me embark on creating my own 3d printer from scratch. It’s just great.

redstone craft guy says:

I’m not really convinced that we can’t build modern 3d printers 7 years ago.

Paul Whelan says:

Great to see the UP mini getting some love Angus!
I found mine in the trash about 2 years ago. It was missing its power supply and spool holder, used locked down software and the hot end fan looked like an old boot that was left out in the sun; quite the hot mess.
Luckily, I found that a HP laptop brick had the same voltage rating and plug, replacement parts were easily printed on my delta and the software was easily hacked.

It’s been my trusty backup printer ever since so I’m really pleased to see it back in use on your channel. I’d love to see some upgrades (like a new heated bed) if you can find them!

perler animation says:

3 months of trying to use steel nozzles and getting bad prints constantly

Matthew O'Malley says:

Great video Angus, your videos have saved many near failures since I got my Cocoon Create ModelMaker at Christmas last year. Thank you for your vids.

KentoCommenT says:

Was just thinking if I should quit trying to “upgrade” my 2.5 year old CR10 and say farewell. This is the video I needed to inspire new hope.

Max Nippard says:

Still use my UP mini with Polymaker PC-max/Polymax PC as well as abs and pla. Super reliable and with Buildtak on the perforated bed popping prints off is easy.

Yosef Selim says:

Heh, it’s still my only printer.

Alarmingly, I was cleaning my little work space the other week and noticed some spiderwebs… Whoops, they were living in the printer.

Guess I need to use it more haha

Shur Murray says:

Pro tip for cleaning hot end from burnt stuff: preheat, slam into solid block of plastic, wait it to cool down. Detach the plastic – all the c*ap goes with it.

Bobby Keyz says:

I’ve only been printing now for almost 2 years. It was tough at first but theres a lot of support out there. You being my number 1. My #1 hobby is locksport but this is a really close second. How close, I have 6 machines running now printing lots of locksport tools for my community. I think what there capable of is amazing.

Jens Niedling says:

Hey there, I was one of the developers that did the temp hack and I also still have my UP Mini. Nice to see the tool actually helped some people 😉

Bobby Boy says:

Your printer reminds me the Davinci 1.0 from XYZ. Back in 2012, they were very few YT video on 3d printing. Cheers

Eddie Moser says:

nice look back

David Relich says:

I’ve actually bought UP mini (second hand) about a month ago. It was love at first sight! 🙂 Prints ABS without any extra effort.

As for PLA, well… They advertise it does PLA, but probably just their own brand. Still, after adding an extra fan cooler and finding the right temps, I actually managed to print the 3D Benchy with ERYONE rainbow PLA (not that it really matters because the colour changes are so far apart that the Benchy still prints a single colour, haha).

I’m looking into adding an extra fan cooler to keep the overall temps down as much as possible for PLA printing. And I’m going to create a new (ball-bearing based) filament holder because the one that came with the UP mini cannot take 1kg spools, and there seems to be some sort of friction that makes it hard for the extruder gear to pump the filament evenly over the course of the print.

chris cuts says:

i can whole heartedly agree with what Angus was saying about a tool vs hobby and can also agree that the up mini is a great machine,

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