Tested: Ultimaker 3 3D Printer Review!

After extensive testing for two months, Sean reviews the Ultimaker 3 3D printer. We go over what makes this FDM printer appealing for professionals, the capabilities of the dual-head extrusion system, and stress testing this printer with an intricate replica of the Zorg ZF-1!

Find out more about the Ultimaker 3 here: https://www.matterhackers.com/store/printer-kits/Ultimaker-3-d-printer

Printable ZF-1 model here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2206144
Sean’s GoPro Print Bed Mount here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2181734

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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Syd R says:

i have an Ultimaker at my school and i have been designated to keep it running, IT IS BUGGY AS ALL HELL, and it breaks ALL the time, it is fun to use and print things but if you leave it alone it tends to start printing a western tumble weed and physically break itself by bending and breaking peaces like detection triggers. if you aren’t willing to spend all of your time fixing it and watching over it DO NOT BUY ONE. And it cannot in any way print flat horizontal faces. Also the option to automatically support your object just encases your print in a brick that you cannot open(i guess it is supported though).

Arron Bates says:

Tested’s reviews are next to worthless, no information here that would separate any casual viewer from getting the same value from a $500 dual extruder kit… Tested have come across as novice on every review I’ve watched. Stick to model and thing making is my recommendation.

Dennis Premoli says:

Just like apple, adding more “modules” to sell you more stuff.

kanjimasteryugi says:

So the dual print head problem… just try that with a Prusa Mk2 I3 with the multi material upgrade! Up to 4 materials with 1 head!

Adam McGee says:

Meshmixer from autodesk for supports, free

Knightworm says:

Did he really just say ka-veets instead of caveats?

Idtelos says:

Meh! For this price range, I rather get a Airwolf 3D AXIOM DUAL Extruder printer.

logisticsninjistics says:


BangDroid says:

Ahh the purge, need to get one myself

Nergling says:

Oh man I need me one of these. Incidentally you guys should totally do a series called ‘Makers’ and feature a different small channel in depth each week, I think that would be pretty cool 🙂

twitte0king says:

I just wanna use this so bad!

lasersbee says:

Too expensive………….. When you need to dip into your own pockets.

Oyuncu Dedeler says:

can you look at the pre-production Moai SLA 3D Printer Kit from Peopoly! It is in Kickstarter

Scott Brinkmeyer says:

If they didn’t throw Adam in every couple of days would we all really be watching this…..

r1tual says:

Kind of a tool for recommending this printer at all. Dual extruders, dissolvable supports, purge towers, capacitive leveling is not an ultimaker exclusive. These options are present in much cheaper printers. The Ultimaker is not capable of printing higher resolutions or at higher quality’s then other FDM printers. This printer is overpriced, and you would be a fool to buy one.

SteveandLizDonaldson says:

They mention running carbon fiber through the print heads — I would love to learn more about that, to make structural parts, not just props and form/fit checks. Thanks.

Khxxx Wxx says:

Lots of talking it’s so boring. Was expecting more action on the printer.

Drew Rmz says:

Can a 3D printer print a 3D printer is the real question

Zackeryeh Jamal Wahid Salloum says:

I’m sure u can connect the ethernet cable to a computer and use that as a direct feed, almost like a local network

Ronan B says:

We run severals for our business. Amazing 3D printer.

Levi Sitton says:

Does someone want to count the uses of the word ‘like’?

subodai85 says:

it would be great if tested could try and test some of the cheaper reprap i3 style clones coming out of China right now. ultimaker are great but when you can pickup a kit for $150 and get started at home, ultimately these $1000 + machines are going to die off. I have great respect for those companies, but 3d printing is finally becoming affordable to every day Jo’s now just as it should have been. RerRap is coming into its own and these big companies aren’t beating China in the race to the bottom on price

Eliot Brown says:

Compelling review.

mjncad says:

I like the
PVA (Elmer’s glue) supports that melt away in water.  But pretty pricey for a FDM printer.


I’m happy
with my Form2.

Tamas Marcuis says:

Disprovable print material.
That means you can make ” Lost Wax ” moulds for casting metals.

Rice Crash says:

$5249 here in Australia

Ronan B says:

FYI the tower issue has been fixed in the latest firmware version. Heck you don’t even need it for more dual prints anymore!

DigChaos says:

Ultimaker was able to remove the need for a filament wipe tower in Cura 2.4

Niggy _2445 says:

And that whole thing is ignoring the fact that THE WHOLE GODDAMN THING IS 3000 FUCKING DOLLARS.

VALIS Machine says:

Norms been with hookers again

Crispy Tiger says:

is there a service to print for u? in LA?

Midwest Teks says:

I love the Ultimaker’s but the cost is so outrageous.

twitte0king says:

my wish list, 1.time machince 2.this thing!

John Wayne says:

Reminds me of Dot matrix printers. When Bi Directional printing was a big deal. Come on let’s stop with the step by step upgrades and get to Laser 3D printing. Ok Why can’t you connect directly to the printer? It’s not an expensive option.

magnetar02 p. says:

My Robotics teacher has this exact printer for his high school class.

kyle eaton says:

Paint it!

2000jago says:

I guess Joey was signalling you to end the video there at the end? What happened? SD cards full? Battery finished?

David Haldane says:

Try an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning bath for faster results. Add some drano for even faster results.

Robin den Hertog says:

cool to see this review!
The print cores should actually come calibrated out of the factory though (at least the AA that is in the printhead with the BB core that is in the little accessory box), so that is odd that they weren’t and a firmware upgrade shouldn’t delete that data.
BTW shame on you for unplugging hot (orange/red pulsing) print cores.
that is exactly what that colour was meant to prevent 🙁

IMRROcom says:

I have that same T-Shirt LV-426

Thomas T says:

hears price, comment and leave.

Penny Loker says:

Love having the Ultimaker 3. Next project will be trying to make my own eyeglass frames!

3D Printing Nerd says:

Great review of the machine, Sean! I loved your creative approach to fixing and refixing the purge tower. For me, my purge towers seem to fall over as well, but, I’ve yet to be even half as creative as you 🙂

Tylenole says:

I can get a i3 select plus that prints just as good for 400

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