Tested: Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer Review

Sean and Norm review the Lulzbot TAZ 6, a 3D printer with a pretty massize print bed size. We talk about how it works out of the box, features like the self-leveling PEI bed, and the benefits of it being an open-sourced design. But the printer does come at a premium price.

Find out more about the TAZ 6 here:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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Gunther Kirsch
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r1tual says:

Tested, sometimes you just need to call shit for what it actually is. Compared to whats on the market now, these printers are nowhere close to 2500$ in quality and features. You can get BETTER prints off of a 500$ printer, with more features. Support can be found on the internet for free.

odinata says:

Is that a They Might Be Giants T-shitrt!?!?!?!

shubus says:

Big money and too much plastic. I would want all metal parts. No sale!

Timothy Anderson says:

We use this in our lab. They are ok, resolution isn’t the best but because most of the parts are 3d printed we have been able to design custom parts to make new filaments and dynamic structures.

rockaholictom says:

So basically buy an ultimaker….

DJ legion says:

I have a few projects that are at the limits of my flashforge dreamer and the taz 6 was my dream upgrade, but it’s just too much money. As it’s open sourced are there plans online to make my own version ?

VioletIvy2 says:

So I got a Form 2 ad before this…..

Leandro Lopes says:

Norman Chan is the best Tested interviewer… But the worst in being interviewed. Lol

Adam Fitzgerald says:

They’re a well known brand, and known to be decent. However I think the price is a little up there.  Design wise,  it’d be better to change the nozzle for yourself (10 min work + $10-20 for a nice nozzle). The replace the whole extruder system instead is way too expensive and wasteful. I’ll stick with my Wanhao Duplicator i3 and Duplicator 6 thanks. Parts are cheap and reasonable, and you work on it yourself so you know your own printer.

Roger Garrett says:

Sean, I love that you printed out parts of the NASA Mercury Space Capsule. You might get a kick out of seeing my own FULL SCALE Capsule here, displayed at our local Maker Faire: https://www.facebook.com/rogerinhawaii/videos/vb.1464232189/10209682847215662/?type=3&theater

And to see the entire build process…

lasersbee says:

$2500 USD for that ????? Maybe 5 years ago…. I’ll pass.
There are much cheaper options available.. unless this unit prints in Gold for free.

Game of Knowing says:

You’re definitely paying a premium for the libre development process here, but, from what I’ve seen, these printers are especially good in production environments where consistency is the most important factor. There are smaller machines, there are higher-resolution machines, and there are faster machines. But these things just keep printing for a long-ass time.

Benbot says:

This is waaay too expensive for the lack of refinement. You can get a much better printer for that price.

MSC 製樂喵 says:

$2,500.00 USD !!!
I only have $390USD to buy the Creality CR-10!!

Fuzzycat says:

You do realise there’s better on the market for cheaper right?

FadedPilotProps says:

Would be interesting to see your take on the CR10, I have one and without any mods aside from a LokBuild surface since the stock glass is usually warped, my prints come out just as good if not better than the Ultimaker.

Thomas Kloppholz says:

Hey, tested, Why you don’t check the ANet a8 printer ?

Christopher Grisham says:

Stupid question but, could I use a 3D scanner to scan a model part (e.g. a Gundam model part) and then edit said part and use a 3D printer to print edited part and that part still work on the model kit? Sorry if this question is a bit long and confusing but I don’t know how else to ask this question. I’d appreciate any help you guys can give

krnxemb says:

this printer came out a year ago at least, and still sells at $2500?

Andy Zimmerman says:

Bought one, best thing ever. The only other printers I would consider are the Prusa i3 Mk2 or the Ultimaker 3

Maximus Nye says:

doo the pursa!

wi11y1960 says:

I will stick with my printrbot thankyou with zero ringing out of the box and $1500 less.

Tom Loohuis says:

the table is wobbly af

Andrew Delashaw says:

“Really solidly built…”
That thing looked as sturdy as a pair of rubber crutches.

$2600!!!! With all those shitty 3D printed components, including structural components, are they effen crazy!?!? Yea right. 3D printing is an inherently shitty process that yields shitty results, so $2600 for a machine that makes parts that are slightly less shitty than cheaper units… No way.
I couldn’t tell if it was just the desk, or if the gantry was moving all over the place while printing. (But the desk was definitely shaking.) You can see it rocking side to side in the first close up shot.

J. Michael says:

That 3D benchy doesn’t look that great for a $2,500 printer… rough looking when your looking at the smoothness of the outer surface.

Amin Donald says:


NicholasNSY says:

_Insert “LUL” emote_

Randall Bourque says:

CR-10 guys. You could buy a cr10S that has a 500x500x500mm bed for 1k.

Lucas Wilde says:

I have had 3 of these, they all ended up or started with bad print quality (horrible banding). Would not recommend (though their support is great)

UrsusMagnus says:

You can tether the LulzBot Mini to a raspberry Pie running OctoPrint which runs as a web print server, so you don’t have to use it directly with your computer.
I’ve used it for over a year now and it is great!

Efstathios Dimopoulos says:

You’re complaining about simplistic firmware. This is a reprap machine at heart running good old Marlin. You can get the 1.1.3 ver and have all the bells and whistles in the world imaginable. Change filament? check. Better screen graphics? check. Mutliple languages? check. Also you can use the regular Cura (the latest version is 2.6.2) that runs as well. My only complaint about this machine is the 2.5k price tag,

Jon Rudderforth says:

Got one of these and I love it. And there is a filiment change on the printer

Stuff With Kirby says:

The nozzle is very easy to change and shouldnt mess up autoleveling since the auto level uses the nozzle to close the circuit when it touches the metal washer. You just void the warranty on the hot end since you are taking it apart. But otherwise its super simple and I change nozzles often, heat up the hot end to 250, use pliers to hold heater block and with a wrench unthread nozzle

BI0FALL says:

“If you wanna print really big stuff reliably” buy a cr10!

Cody Bond says:

not everyone agrees on the product, but video-wise this was great guys. i enjoyed Sean’s enthusiasm for the subject and as in depth as i wanted it to be. thanks guys

Drew Larsh says:

Guys, 2500 bucks is just ridiculous. Why not do a video on affordable options? maybe the filgertech ft5? It is no suprise that you are happy with your expensive premium 3d printer. Anything less then amazing quality would just be unacceptable at these price points.

That video time guy. says:

My school just got 3 of these I’m so excited.

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