Tested: Dremel 3D45 3D Printer!

We review Dremel’s third-generation 3D printer, the Digilab 3D45. Sean runs it through its paces and goes over his likes, dislikes, and how he adapted the printer to work with a variety of filaments. Here’s why the 3D45 is a good fit for schools and maker spaces.

Shot by Gunther Kirsch
Edited by Norman Chan

Spool Holder

Dremel FAQ

Best price we could find:


Pumpkin Monster – Pontus on Pinshape

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Cole McM says:

Has this guy actually ever used a 3d printer properly? Who decided this video would be good? Shitty quality, proprietary filament ONLY HALF A KG TOO? Double the price of filament. The prints he did look awful, and they look like optimization settings and not at all the printer quality.
The idiot keeps saying “printhead” instead of hotend as well, jesus.

edit: also the camera quality on the printer is AWFUL! And NO WIFI to other devices other than their shitty app? Seriously?

Chris Cherry says:

I’m surely missing something here because the print quality looks below average and the price seems excessive….

Wrecks says:

Proprietary filament? Are they trying to be the inkjet printer of the 3D Printing world? No thanks.

R.J. Sharkey says:

A printer review without at least a short time lapse of the machine working seems wrong somehow…

SilentS says:

Not a fan of that moving microswitch for levelling. Sounds like it would be super precise……

Merrick362 says:

Proprietary spools? No thank you

Jean Guittet says:

“Established, well-known tool company”… but the quality of even the basic rotary tools these days isn’t what it used to be. Our 15yo tool is still running after years of abuse, and minimal maintenance. My less-than-3-years-old rotary tool died two months ago while it didn’t have to go through what the older model did. So… more than 1500 dollars for something which on top of that uses proprietary filament? Hmm… No.

Kevin Morrison says:

I refuse to be slave to a manufacturers offerings! Great way to trap the customer and force them to make purchases directly from them but then you are slave to their pricing and their material offerings. Thanks but no thanks!


Subscribe to my YouTube plz we do prop video and movie reviews. Thanks

peter hansen says:

Get an ender 3 instead of this overpriced mediocre printer.

BirdsEyeView says:

Proprietary parts is how Kodak killed themselves, Dremel has been heading the same way, making investments that won’t pay off. It’s simply not a smart buy.

Pprokop87 says:

Will You ever test anything like the “Flying Bear – P905 DIY” printer? as advertised “Its print size is 220*280*210, print size is bigger, and at the same time it has automatic leveling sensor, hot bed can automatically leveling, with 2 extruders, hot bed is double Z axis support”
it is a open scelleton type printer for about 260$ plus shipping.

Jay Doscher says:

I know the reviewer is trying to be as kind and fair to Dremel as possible here, but a proprietary filament interface is a huge red flag. Remember Makerbot anyone? Like others here, buy a Prusa, seriously.

Phill says:

Why would i get this overpriced printer that forces you to buy their expensive filament? Especially when there are other printers with the same features for much much less.

rensole says:

so it’s like the old Makerbot replicator 2’s but worse…. why buy this for 4 times the price then ?
Also proprietary spools hell no that’s a deal breaker

Sirus says:

Not gonna watch this, I bet a new nozzel will cost £50 and come on a shrink wrap card. FO dremel.

Gaviscon says:

Who else was waiting to see the thing in action but it never came…

kor'vre says:

demanding excursively buying their material is an instant kill

Jim Bragg says:

Get real Tested

Prusa i3MK3 with a smooth PEI spring steel removable build plate costs HALF as much and is a MUCH better printer.

Folks Dremel is ripping you off if you buy their printer.

Travis McGee says:

the only reason they made a filament spool holder smaller is so you have to buy from them and can jack up the price. It sucks big time.

Eric Groslevin says:

Tested really need to re-center the videos to the audience, TOO EXPENSIVE !!!!!!

Juan Ritz says:

10″x6″ by 7.5″? Who in the world talks about printer beds in anything other than mm? Also, that’s tiny!

Slpk says:

Sounds like corporate shilling
Tastes like corporate shilling
Smells like corporate shilling
Should I spit it out?

Michael Eisenhut says:

I wonder if it’s possible to fool the sensor that detects the proprietary filament spool. Sure, you may have to use a profile that is dependent on an RFID tag but if the profile works for your favorite cheap PLA then so be it. Proprietary does suck but it’s also a challenge to overcome. Or I suppose you could get a fully assembled Prusa for less money, or get the kit for even cheaper.

Got memes? says:

I don’t get why anyone would buy these expensive printers there are plenty out there under 500 bucks that print just as good

Sam Holmes says:

I hope they paid you guys well for hawking this overpriced, problematic printer so positively. I get it that you need to make a living but this is embarrassing. Tested honestly took credibility hit here by suggesting this is a good printer for your audience.

James Muirhead says:

It’s amazing how companies charge you more for a closed environment!

My printers use any spool of 1.75mm filament and give me excellent print quality and I’m nowhere near the price of one of those!

Also, I don’t think any printer should exist that doesn’t work with OctoPrint.

TheBrothersCompound says:

Please tell me where I could find that shirt!

Taunter Atwill says:

Adam Savage’s Tested
How much did Dremel pay you for this garbage talk? Have you been living in a cave for 18 months? You should know what’s on the market, STOP KISSING (overpriced) DREMEL ASS!

CyberPirate2008 says:

Nice video. Awesome T-Shirt too.

Androdades says:

want a good 3d printer with lowest price ; join oour groupe FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/androdadas/

Adam Savage’s Tested says:

Looking to buy one? Here’s the best price we could find: https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-Digilab-Winning-Printer-Resolution/dp/B073MRVXN5

AL408 says:

Need recommendations for a printer to print custom parts for cassette decks and old vintage receivers, basically small to medium sized parts I’m a beginner and have never used a 3d printer before. Thanks.

cosmicrdt says:

What a disgusting printer… Hey you guys should have full disclosure at the start of your videos saying you haven’t been paid for the review because it sounded a lot like an ad.
Surely you’re all smart enough to see how bad this printer is right?

Pprokop87 says:

“SANDISC”? yeas, i know, the sandisc is the best.

BH Prototyping says:

For $1600 you could get a far better 3d printer

Lufferov says:

Guys, I don’t think he mentioned this, so just so you all know… This printer is noiser than most, and it’s noisy. Finally, it’s a lot noisier than other 3D printers, but you have to bear in mind that it’s noisy.

Breaking Toast says:

over priced not even 100 dollars worth of gear in it

Zachary Sherman says:

YES about auto-leveling. Like Sean said, I often feel that I could level a bed manually better and faster than an auto-leveller could.

offbeat says:

nope no thanks lost me at Proprietary filament

twitte0king says:

the print quality is pretty bad compare to my original CR 10….

Eric James says:

For regular people interested in 3D Printing this is not a first choice product – I have several Creality3D printers that I would say are better than the Dremel – I like the enclosure but I wouldn’t pay all that money just for a case, and locking (or trying to) me into buying my print materials from Dremel at a premium cost is a non-starter. I mean really, $200 – $500 for a Creality Ender 3 or CR-10S Vs $1700? It’s not even a fair comparison.

jrhees123 says:

Can I ask what settings you used for ABS as well as what filament you tried? Thanks

Opin-Eon says:

Only uses Dremel filament? Nope. Not buying any protectionist products (Apple being the daddy of all) – Next…

That 3D Print Guy says:

Did you say tempting? …..oh Sean I’m so disappointed. You know in your heart it’s not…..I know tested needs revenue, but please take money from companies with good products.

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