SparkMaker FHD $250 3D Printer Review!

Sean tests and reviews the SparkMaker FHD resin 3D printer, which is currently available as a pre-order for $250. At that price, it’s an attractive low-cost resin printer, and we were happy with both its software and print quality. Let’s dive into the details of how it performs!

Shot and edited by Ryan Kiser

Find the printer here:

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser
Kishore Hari
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams
Kayte Sabicer
Bill Doran
Ariel Waldman
Darrell Maloney
Kristen Lomasney

Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis

Thanks for watching!


Martin B says:

Any half good reviewer or consumer for that matter knows you can never review a pre production model and call it good. Pre production are always way different than first production and final production models. The parts are usually better, higher construction standards etc etc.
Pre production is built as best as possible to the spec with no cost in mind. Then they cost it down to meet the target they have in mind. The pre production model could cost them $1000 for example and the final production could cost them $100.
Tested should know this and be using one of the production models for a review…..which would probably end in tears because the production models are such utter garbage.
That all being said, the fact that his pre production model was built like mildly warm garbage compared to a hot stinking pile that the production model is…well yeah
You are 100x better off getting a cheap Chinese resin printer. Hell, knowing some of the Chinese 3d printing companies they actually give better warranty on defective parts than these people do. And that is a fact.
SparkMaker team: “oh your vat is leaking or something is broken from the factory. Sorry we aren’t fixing it and don’t give a toot”
Some Chinese 3d printing company (Tevo, Creality etc): “Oh a part was damaged/defective or was accidentally skipped during packing? you had fast shipping on that? kk. We got you fam. We are sending a replacement and you should get it from DHL or FedEx withing 7 days and we will make sure there are no import duties. Have a nice day” <-Legitimately something that has happened a few times. That or they ask how much you would be willing to accept as a refund to be able to replace the part locally if possible.

Simon says:

Why are your prints taking so long compared to the form2? LCD based printers are meant to be at least 5x faster as they cure the entire layer once. Rather than running a laser over everything…

Typically 5-8 seconds a frame

Are you over curing your resin?

Christopher Grisham says:

Any suggestions on a 3d printer that I could use to make modifications to a plastic model? The plan is to 3d scan the part I want to modify, edit it in a 3d program and then print it out and hopefully it will fit exactly as the original part… or is that even possible

Mauro Tamm says:

I’ll give it another ~5 years and we will have most issues with printing cleared out and also made affordable for average person.

The special preparations, printing styles, manual configurations, errors, material limits will hopefully be solved/automated.

Makaveli says:

nice infomercial

Jeffemano says:

Ill never support kickstarts.

Red_Astr0 says:

This reminds me of the PeachyPrinter… Hopefully this one doesn’t share the same fate…

Gamex996 says:

I don’t recommend this It has terrible QC and bad customer service

Kyle Wong says:

Both my first gen SparkMaker from the first kickstarter and the test FHD sent to me work great. The first gen took me some work though, to get things aligned and a board and LCD replacement due to leak resin. The new metal vat that came with the test FHD looks good and no longer exhibit the same problem as the plastic one on the first gen printer. Currently getting ready to print mold with their high temp resin for pewter casting.

Matt Pilkiewicz says:

Friend and I went halfsies on one of these so we could print custom D&D minis and terrain, we’ve had multiple issues with the resin tank leaking, the fumes are toxic(?) and gloves+respirator should be warn while using this printer. He mentioned the stepping, which for $250 is acceptable. I am also very pissed there is no documentation, they also have no safety recommendations except for “Wear gloves, don’t drink resin or let children have it”. There is also a lack of documentation for properly cleaning the printer.

Also, when we first used the printer, it smelled like burning electrical tape, which it probably was. Safety on this baby is a 3/10 at best, but the D&D minis look great so…

Thomas Christopher White says:

This is crazy.. 3D printers went from millions of dollars to 250. I love our world.

John Matthias says:

Great review. Thanks, Sean!

GameSnippets_Jimmy says:

Tested is so in depth and on point with VR stuff and definitely the same deal with 3D printing related stuff. Awesome channel

Richard H says:

Okay you made a miniature castle, next mission is a miniature of all the castles in “Game of Thrones” … best of luck

Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding says:

Is it just me or is this video’s quality just generally not great? Do you have any reasonable excuse for not offering 4K video Tested? You’re one of the biggest channels on YouTube… 4 million subscribers… and you can’t upload 4K recordings? I’ll be the 1st person to admit that YouTube video quality is not great, but at least with 4K, we get some extra pixels to clean up the image, regardless of whether you are watching it in 4K or not.

Jason Honingford says:

Seems like a big waste of money. It doesn’t seem to have any plans to grow outside the indiegogo project…

Rm Blake says:

Cameraman – for god’s sake please increase that f-stop number.

Norse At Heart says:

Nah stay away from this garbage. The Prusa SL1 is 1200 bucks but sooooooo much nicer. Being cheap can get expensive.

Polly g says:

a reviewer should avoid making allowances for preprodution models,or assuming this maybe just”my” printer, you have to review whats in front of you,
A big issue i have is companies send out preprodution models to reviewers,then any issue found they assure the reviewer it will be changed/fixed on the retail version, this is a faulty way to do things, i personally believe you should never buy anything over $50 by what is said on a review of a preprodution model, wait till the reviews are out on the retail version,this can save money,heartache,and frustration

Polly g says:

this video is as boring as all get out BUT if 3D printing is your thing,its an awesome video

hob976 says:

I need something printed on a form 2. How do I find someone who can help me? Thx

Arien Van Stralen says:

Points for saying “Lego” instead of “Legos”

Charlie Bowen says:

How bad is the post processing for this??

Platypus2048 says:

Tested, I’m as much of a fan of shallow depth of field and “bokeh peeper” as the next guy, but there’s no reason to film this kind of video at f:1.2 It’s really eye straining to try and see the details of the prints and just watch the video when the presenter goes in and out of focus. Please stop down!

Otherwise, great informative video. Thanks!

thedementation666 says:

Got any more of them pixels ? Guys learn to use macro photography.

Joe H says:

I have a sparkMaker, it lives up to its name. The print quality is meh at best, a massive headache for the price. Save your money. The company has no support. The software is buggy all around not a good deal.

ofsamsonov93 says:

what about for flexible prints. is that an option with these.

Geoffrey Marchal says:

I think I would have liked to see the printer in action instead of word and videos.

Benjamin Brawler says:

Photon cubic is a better printer

Nobock says:

For macro put your camera on F8 or more !

Hayden Polglase says:

You should collaborate with the King of random

vfxforge says:

Get a Moai or Photon, both are much better printers.

Mark Burton says:

i never got my first kickstart version to print anything. i just got piles of goo. tried multiple times and even different resin. and then the plastic tank leaked and messed up the lcd on it . i ended up tossing it. might be better on the new fhd with metal tanks but i wasn’t willing to risk it. personally for the retail price there are better printers. the anycubic photon is a much better printer and is priced at 465 usd from 3dprinters online.

Sean Charlesworth says:

Here’s a small album of some prints:

Simon Spencer says:

Another printer by Dazz 3D has similar features to the SparkMaker, but with a number of great improvements, including an auto-fill mechanism as your resin in the tank runs low. Their Kickstarter campaign still has a few hours left, found here:

TheBMH28 says:

IYO which is the best mini sla printer please??

james corvett says:

idk if i’d pay $25 for this little pos.

OmniFox Aerial says:

This seems like an odd comment to leave, but I wanted to compliment you on how well you explained the effect of pixel projection and stepping. The entire matter-of-fact vibe was great, actually. Maybe I’m just grading you on a curve because you’re the first video I’ve seen on youtube that didn’t start with “HEY GUYSSS!!…..”

Wachomen says:

Hola y bieeeenvenidos a mundo desconocido punto EZZ.

ofsamsonov93 says:

thats very cool and all. but its way too small.

Syrus54 says:

zoom in zoom in on the action figures! What are you guys waiting for??? I want to see how high detail they are

RBL MIA says:

13:15 if you’re just interested on how it operates.

Polly g says:

well no mention of the price of resin,is it proprietary etc,i guess i assume it takes standard 3d resins, though assuming is dangerous,i think it should of been mentioned and the cost of any replacement parts, eg bath or the bath “Teflon” sheets how much is that proprietary

3D Kiwi says:

Show it printing!?!?!?

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