Review: Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

The MP Mini combines useabilty with affordability. It’s one of the best printers in its price class.

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Links to printable upgrades for the mini:
Push fitting Clip –

Tool Holder –

Dial Extender –

Links to Printed Models in this video:

Snap-Fit Saturn V Rocket –

Low Poly Fox –

To Make or Not to Make (Skull) –

Nautilus Gears –

Fillenium Falcon –

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rob viggers says:

Good review, I and a few others have had our eye on this printer for some time now but unfortunately its availability is restricted in the UK, shipping costs as much as the printer so at the moment it is not practical, but hopefully one day someone will stock it here.Regards

RodanChi says:

Quality control must have been on vacation when my Mini came off the assembly line. Struggled with adhesion for weeks to find that the bed was warped. Printer started nice and solid but made more and more noise over time. Loose screws in the X axis arm (took a while to identify but easy to fix). Then rattling within the tower which I could not pin point the location and was not about to tear it open and void the warranty. The fan even started making noise. All this over the period of 3 weeks. I did learn a LOT about 3D printers but expected more from a non DYI product. My confidence went to zero so I sent it back to Monoprice.

Saverio Venezia says:

too bad, currently unavailable from your link on amazon… nice review, subscribed!

edstar83 says:

Great review.

Lorri Carnevale says:

I work with silver & bronze metal clay they do have a mini metal maker however they came out with a separate part that they say can be used on any 3d printer and I was wondering if you know if this would work?

Paul Cumber says:

i just order monoprice select mini

Jax Bunn says:

What temperatures do you use for printing pls, and did you upgrade the firmware?

LowEndTech (MAD) says:

How’s ABS prints on this machine?

Keith1212 says:

Got this as a second “quick part” printer and it’s amazing. I ran it for at least 48 hours straight. Good review Joe.

Erfunden Südafrika says:

I will not recommend this printer based on the
following: I received my printer in February this hear (imported from
US) and very soon found the heating bed cabling to be ruptured and the
controller board burnt. Also, the printer started switching off in the
middle of prints which revealed very bad soldering on the On/Off switch
wiring. When I contacted Monoprice earlier for support their answer was:
sorry, since you imported your printer you don’t have a warranty.

Lorri Carnevale says:

Im a image transfer artist can I use this to make images from pictures, drawings & signatures? Do I need a special computer and software?

Jos Faulkin says:

i hear it actually does have touch screen its just not enabled. As well as the wifi.

Kaged Creations says:

Just got one of these as my first printer, i’m really liking it.

Dylan Smith says:

can you put a link to the cat print?

Dylan Smith says:

so I’m considering buying this or the new matter 3d printer, I like that this one is 100 dollars left, but I’m not sure if the other would be more worth it

rallekralle11 says:

seems like a good printer. i was thinking of buying one, but i’ll probably wait for the mini fabrikator 2.0 instead.

Tony Fall2Fast says:

I ordered from Amazon using your link. What type of filament would you recommend for printing racing drone parts (antenna holders, camera mounts, other small parts like that) Also parts like an ipad mini holder? Would this printer work ok in a cold basement? 60°F? Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

Neon Quad says:

I have one, it is my first 3D printer. The only, ONLY complaint I could have is the small build area, but I knew that before I bough mine.

I do have a complaint and warning about purchasing filament from Monoprice. I have purchased nine different colors from them. The colors that are pictured in the online store do not match some of the actua colors that I received. The red, blue, orange, and bright green all are see-through, translucent, or transparent, whatever you call it, it is clearly not what is pictured on their site.

The rest of the colors I ordered are exactly as shown, black, silver, gray, white, and crystal clear. The quality of the filament seems to be very good. I have only had two filament jams and the second was because the new nozzle I installed was not against the heat break.

I had good success with the stock nozzle for about 2 to 3 weeks until it jammed. I replaced it with a plated copper nozzle and have had great success since then.

Karsten Schulz says:

Sehr zu empfehlen es ist eine Wundertüte!

Eric Cox says:

Does anyone use one of these printers for project enclosures, where tolerances have to be pretty tight?

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