Raise3D N2 Plus 3D Printer Review – It’s HUGE.

The biggest 3D Printer yet on Maker’s Muse! How does it stack up and is it worth the price tag and immense weight?

Non affiliate purchase links:
Raise3D – https://www.raise3d.asia/collections/3d-printer/products/raise3d-n2-plus-pre-order-fdm-3d-printer
Bilby3D (Australia) – https://www.bilby3d.com.au/DispProd.asp?CatID=&SubCatID=87&ProdID=3DPr3dN2pdual

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bbogdanmircea says:

When will we get some image recognition based 3d printers? If not for the printing, for detecting when a print is failed and stopping the printer . What is the current consumption of this printer ?

Francisco Ramirez says:

anybody thought of using a laser range measure to lvl it

Abdullah Al-Dar says:

How does it compare to TEVO little monster?

Kimchi Koalaa says:

I have a N2, the touch screen is crap, but plug in the mouse and you are good to go. Everything about this machine is just so awesome. When I bought it, i was a newbie, no idea of retraction, bed levelling, or other settings.
I clicked print without those knowledge and 3 hours later, my 3D benchy came out beautifully 🙂

The real time progress and time estimate is only available if you slice using idea maker. Bed levelling sucks, they kinda warp.

adtawesome says:

clean your mirror 😀

Baneironhand says:

I have this vision of your house. Deathclaw gate posts in the yard Deathclaw garden ornaments. Tiny Garden gnomes hunting tiny deathclaws through lady muses flower garden. The deathclaw door knocker. and the death claw gravy boat for feast days. My favorite would be the giant deathclaw themed canopy bed and linnen set. 😉

Tim Meijers says:

pla isn’t cheap… filaments are so overpriced, there would be so much more people printing cool stuff if filament wasn’t as expensive as it is now. Yesterday a wood pla print of mine jammed. wasted 300 grams of wood pla. Price of the wood filament over here in the Netherlands is 500 grams for 32,50 euros… Wich means i wasted 20+ euros. Thats alot! BTW normal pla price is 22,50 euros per KG over here. still expensive..

Oscar McMath says:

love the voice crack at 9:43

y2ksw1 says:

Looks good and for such a machine the price is very honest.

Walter Bunn says:

It needs both a touch probe and an inductive probe.
Capacitive touch sensors can be used to detect missed steps, in addition to levelling the bed.
They can be overly sensitive to stray stimulation though, so you need the inductive sensor to act as a baseline.

Mark G says:

I’m looking for a printer like this, with a vertical Z for architectural prints, the bed size is perfect, but I don’t need this tall. I had a CR-10 S4 that had too much mass in the bed and cause way too much echo for architectural printing.

Couldn’t you use the second extruder with the same filament, so it would swtich to it halfway through a big print, or have the software know when it’s almost empty and switch it over?

Tam Gaming says:

I love that you are so honest in your reviews!!!!

F.O.G says:

Btw windows says there’s a problem with your usb disk every time you plug it in on android devices aswell even though there’s nothing wrong with it.

TexRobNC says:

I came to post that to some people, the manual bed leveling would be a feature, and it also cuts down on price…then I heard this is $3000+, and well, I think they just got cheap unless they truly believe manual is better and that’s what people want.

The Happy Extruder says:

Great review, as always you keep it simple but straight forward….happy extruding

Hillbilly Herper says:

Oh shit angus, if u keep printing LARGE stuff Joel is gonna come after ya!! Lmfao thats his schtik lol

reaper69007 says:

Swap the format type on the stick from fat32 to ntfs or ntfs to fat32 cant remember which is correct to sort your problem with the usb pen

zuluknob says:

Cosplayers maybe but not prop makers, they have industrial 3d printers.

Alex E says:

I tried out that slicer and it didn’t let me print with an different printer than listed

Nick Aichholz says:

Pretty cool but costs the same as a cheap used car

Spartan Made says:

Did that have to airdrop that in Angus 😉

If It Anit Broke Still Fix It says:

Hi Angus.
Can you take a look at this budget SLA printer on kick starter looks almost too good to be true for the price.Thanks

Mash says:

i love mine. its a great printer

Sensei Dekkers says:

Would it be smart to invest in a ups to reduce the risk of power loss?

Richard Smith says:

Good. I own a tablet which stays plugged into my 3d printer 24/7. It is the most convenient thing ever. I am surprised more 3d printers don’t come with a tablet premounted on it.

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