Raise3D N2+ 3D Printer Review

I was finally able to get my official review thoughts about the Raise3D N2+ 3d printer shot, edited, produced, and published!

The fine folks at Raise3D provided this printer for me for review. As with all reviews, this is unbiased and the opinions I state are based on my experience with the printer and the company that provides it.

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shadowck5000 says:

Interesting thing about the spool holder and door, I have not had that issue on the N2.

Juan Granadillo says:

Hello, What about your experience with the Raise 3D N2 +? I´m a Visual Artist and Sculptor and I have a Makerbot Replicator 2 from 5 years ago and I´m so happy with my PLA print models but now I need to go for a higher level of my sculptures and I need to increase the print area, I was looking for what is the best option for me and I´m so enthusiastic with this N2+ but I´d like to hear from any real user what they think about it or if you have any other sugestion, I have around 5.000 US$ of budget for that. Thanks for your time and I really appreciate your answer.

Andrew Petereck says:

Joel, thanks for the awesome reviews! My son and I really enjoy them. I’m looking to buy a new 3D printer since our Solidoodle Workbench never really worked well and has sub-par performance. I have heard great things about the N2 and N2+, but I wanted to ask would you recommend any other printer over this in this price range for a fairly inexperienced designer like myself. I have only had my solidoodle for about 2 years, and have been working on it in my spare time to try and get the print quality decent, but nothing ever panned out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

hovigp says:

Yo Joel! You helped me out a few months back with troubleshooting my unit in regards to skipping. In the end Raise took it back and shipped me a new one. No issues yet with the new one. Working like a charm with fantastic quality. 🙂

But…It’s a huge print using ABS and there were a few cracks. Maybe it’s the cooling/shrinkage? So you recommend having no fans running during a ABS print or just have one running on the extruder you are using? Also considering a more premium ABS filament which hopefully helps. Thanks bro!

Flex RC says:

I own Raise 3D N2 printer and it worth to point out that their QC is terrible, printers come with leveled printing platform, hot end is not properly assembled, in my case rods were not aligned and it is a huge pain to fix that.
It also has a number of design flaws like absolutely useless extruder feeding mechanism which also comes unadjusted so it will either smash filament which will then clog the extruder or it will slip and won’t be able to properly feed filament. It took me couple of months to be able to adjust all the bits a pieces of this printer in order to be able to start print anything decent with it.

Raise3D N2 looks good from the outside but implementation is just unacceptable for the money you pay. Also worth to mention warranty, if you buy it from reseller then you have to deal with reseller to get replacement parts which then will have to wait for parts to be sent to them before they will send them to you, which increases wait time and makes communication even less efficient.

I’d suggest people to avoid it if you are looking for a good out of the box experience, but you will enjoy it if you like to fix something more time than you actually can use it.

Richard Nix says:

Hello Nerd,  I’m a semi-retired CNC shop owner. Had to retire because of some pretty serious medical issues that came out of my military service in Vietnam. I have a really nice home shop at my ranch. I’ve been teaching myself  solid works and auto desk fusion 360. Don’t really need a printer but that’s never stopped me from buying stuff. What’s the recommendation for a printer in the 4-6K $ range. Build size and quality print are no doubt important. I like the looks of this one but the fan and table leveling look hokey.  I just hugged my wife, and I’ll catch some of the grandkids later today, so help me out.  Rich from Oakland, Or

Curby Wang says:

Hi~~I’ve watched your four videos about Raise3D N2+ printers, in the very beginning, you seemed to have problems printing large-scale models, they could be knocked down in the middle of a printing job. And you mentioned some possibilities like bad leveling, loose screws, 0.5mm longer of left extruder…etc., but i still not quite understand the cause of priting failure. Could you explain how you fix the problem again?? thanks a lot !

Bruce says:

Nice review. Maybe they will fix the issues with the fans, bed leveling, and the spool placement in their next versions. I will wait to see what they fix.

Mathias Højbjerg says:

Print the eiffel tower with the printer 😀

jelle buyckx says:

hi i have a problem with esun abs. i cant get the layers to bount wel. i tryed like low tem really high temp i screwed around with all the settings and stil the layers split when some force is introduced to them. printed it as low as 220 and as high that even the teflon tube in my extruder kinda melted. the higher tems make it a bit better but stil just regular pla is stronger. and i get al sorts of bad things if printing it so high couse i litaraly burn the abs in some places. i cant figure it out. i use a prusa but i got a really good kinde box around it its like a litle oven so i should be printing it like a boss. but its just not. anyone hase some tips? i am the one that can not give up on some things if they not work as they should and really tryed already. its driving me crasy. its the esun black abs. maybe someone hase the same problesms? i found printing it on 250 degrees and 110 bed in enclosed envoirment is giving me the best results alrady but its stil just way to weak…

Sidney Grant says:

A battery indicator on a 3D Printer… Interesting… 3:33

DarthSmartt says:


Sorry, got a little carried away there by that benchy.

Hazdazos says:

gMax or Raise3D N2+? Or possibly some other larger format machine. Of the ones on the market right now, which would you recommend?

Mike Fas says:

for 3300? eh….

Kelly Painter says:

Hi Joel,
Great review. I have the N2 and agree with everything you said. I would add a couple more complaints:

1. You seemingly have to use Ideamaker to load gcode over wifi. I like Ideamaker and all but I would like to be able to bypass it to load files. i.e. why doesn’t it have the ability to show up as a mapped network drive? They are running Linux after all and that is not real hard since it is built in. ??? or sftp ???

2. They are microstepping an awful lot. This printer is very susceptible being deregistered due to a head crash. Maybe you experienced that already with your big mess? I don’t know. But you can stop the head very easily by just touching it.

3. The fans never shut off. I have to leave the printer on all the time because I am separated from it for weeks on end. If I turn it off, the battery on the tablet goes dead. If I leave it on, the fans whir up and down continually. It seems to me that the silence of the steppers due to microstepping (#2) is negated by this.

Overall, I am very happy with my N2 and for the money, it is a great value. The print quality is fantastic but there is definitely room for improvement.

Connor Fox says:

should I buy this or an ultimaker 3

Allan Co says:

compare this to gmax 1.5, which is better?

Sangrilus says:

If you need auto level bed,I done this and it works very well

RJ_Make says:

Oh man the things I could print with that beast!

Luxspew says:

Have you ever played with a Z18? makerbot


very interesting channel. thanks for sharing. and I hope you do not mind to subscribe to my channel , as I also subscribe to your channel. My like # 178 🙂 Thank you very much and may you always get all the best in each your time.

Andre S. says:

No Autobed leveling? o.O

Clyde Ford says:

I can tell you I have been waiting for the review on this for a little while now. I am hoping to buy this printer for my business because I can certainly see a need. I has both the build size I need as well as the ability to print flexi material which I am so glad you demonstrated. I will have to look more into the ABS stuff and the fan. I wonder if it needs to be bypassed for the vinyl as well since vinyl is such a troublesome filament. I wonder if there is a port to use for the autolevel system or probe? I remember hearing something about the camera in one of your previous videos. Thanks for the review Joel. High Five and secretly I hope you do the torture test and maybe a little more on this printer. Man hugs.

Justin Huang says:

Hey Joel! I’ve been looking for a rotating table for my 3d prints like the one you have. What brand is the one you have? Thank you!

Davide Rossi says:

I like how you cut scenes but you figured out how to keep your feet in the exact position every time. Anyway thanks for the terrific review, I was still considering where my money should go for our next printer, and now I am pretty oriented to a N2+

Abuzz Designs says:

So in terms of large scale printers would you go with the Raise3d or the Gmax1.5+? Thanks for the thorough and honest review. Can I ask what kind of filament that blue PLA was? Its super pretty!

Ryan Lin says:

how much does it cost 200000000000000000000000$ ?

KsiretsaEno says:

Can I get a loan of $3700 to buy this, please

Uncle Jessy says:

Brotha, I’ve been waiting to see this review… and you certainly delivered. Great job on the editing man and loving the little electronic lazy susan for showing off prints. That printer is definitely on my list. Keep it up!

True Tech says:

i like how joel looks shorter beside this printer.
you can tell he is jealous of shorter people!
if he wasnt, then he would review just the smallest deskstop printers only.
he is trying to be more like us. #jealousy

alphasxsignal says:

Like what you say about the Rasie3D N2+

Carcharhinus 751 says:

I am not goig to elabroate in all the fails that this machine has, if you are rich and are willing to waste money fine. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND, YOU´VE BEEN WARNED.

stanos says:

I got my N2+ during their kickstarter. I ended up waiting for them to finish their V2 print head and a few of the other upgrades they made from the first couple batches. I have had nothing but a great experience from it and probably have at least a few hundred hours of print time on it. I have had some issues here and there but nothing major.

My favorite filament so far to use on it is Hatchbox, but eSun which works great on my V2 and I3 is pretty much useless on this because it tends to be a bit too small in diameter for the extruder. Both the PLA and the ABS from Hatchbox work wonderfully with it and most prints come out needing absolutely no post processing.

I can also vouch for the customer service with them. If you are active in their forums, you will see that nearly all of the software complaints from the community are almost immediately implemented. Even had a couple of my ideas included and I’m a nobody so you know they are listening. Their Ideamaker slicing software has gone from barely useable to a fairly powerful program now. It still needs some work but they are constantly improving it with feedback from the community.

Of course my experience comes after a few years of experience building and running my own Repraps, so a lot of small issues I have had would possibly be complete show stoppers for new users. The bed is a complete bitch to level, but once you do, it tends to stay there without need for any adjustments.

Later down the line I will definitely upgrade it to bondtech extruders and E3D hotends.

alphasxsignal says:

Hope they change the fan speed functions and wish it had the auto bed level before I would buy it right now and Im looking for one right now.

JAT.MN says:

Wow.. for being such a great printer.. sure has some shortcomings doesn’t it..hmm

Arkyhead says:

Thanks for the review Joel!
I’m seriously considering getting this printer as my next printer. The large volume it can handle with the quality it puts out is amazing. Especially for the price range it’s in. I would have guessed it was at least twice the price.

When you compare it to the Dynamo3D OnePro I would more likely to get this Raise3D N2. The build volume is a bit more appropriate for my needs (prop building), the price range is about the same. And the quality it can put out seems to be way better!

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