Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer Review – Still the best 3D Printer?

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You can get a Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer here:
Thanks to Prusa Research for providing the tested unit.

Thingiverse models in this video:

In this video we will have a look at the Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer and find out whether it is a worthy successor to the MK2. Along the way I will show you my experiences I had with the machine and its new features. And at the end I will tell you whether I think it is worth the money.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte


An Audi RS6 says:

Hey Scott,
I just can’t work out how to convert the 3.3v pwm output from my Arduino MKR1000 to 5v to power a relay. Do I use a transistor? A boost converter?
Have you got any advice?
Perhaps a video on stepping up and down voltages for noobs?
Thanks 🙂

karthik Shettigar says:

Make video on Cnc writing machine

Robin Glauser says:

What settings did you use for the woodfill filament? I’ve been trying to print with woodfill and my hotend always gets clogged.

Filip Ondo says:

World best printers and they are from Czech Republic yeah

Baerchenization says:

I am soo frustrated that every last BS is still shipped with a USB cable in the year 2018… seriously, you’d have to come from at least the Andromeda Nebula to not be drowning in them by now. Also, especially people who order a 3D printer of all things do not have a USB cable, right… know your audience. Jesus Christ 🙂 Well, sometimes, rarely-rarely, you just have to go out and get that extra bit, sometimes it is a battery, or maybe a USB cable. We could stop global warming, if manufacturers stopped doing this…

garbleduser says:

Would you please design/build a variable AC power supply that uses a saturable reactor to vary the current?

Jerrymonkey says:

I bought one but no gummy bears…

DanksFoSHo says:

If I’m going to pay a g for a 3d printer, id prefer that it didn’t get built with 3d printer parts

Down to a Science says:

GreatScott, PLEASE get the TEVO Tornado and see what you think. its by far my best printer. and for the price tag of only 360 USD, its definitely worth checking out.

Mike Wagner says:

Thanks for an “honest” review! I don’t have the MK3, but I do own an i3 MK2s, and in my opinion well worth the $700+ I paid for it. I can get consistently excellent prints with only a few extra tweaks, and I imagine that the MK3 will be no different.

The Up Late Geek says:

So tempted to get one of these! I really want to upgrade my old 3D printer, but I have no more room in my tiny apartment. ): As it is I have to pack it away after every use just so I have the bench space to work on other projects, so definitely no room for a new one! Maybe if I sell one of my couches…

FirestoneVlogs says:

Hey GreatScott! I have a problem. I am trying to make a circuit controlled with arduino, with the controlled appliance being 120 volts. Usually I would use a relay, but I want this circuit to be dimmable by the arduino. What could I use for this?

0512Nick says:

Cetus 3D is way better and costs half 😉

DLCom says:

Hi Scott, have you ever thought about doing something like an HDMI decoder/encoder with an FPGA?

delfabit1 says:

Haven’t assembled my tevo black widow due to building issues ;(

centaur1a says:

Noticed that the price on their website. It is in euro. Would they convert to whatever country currency they are sending to?

DerMax_HD says:

great old “Goldbären” 😀

Penurious Sierra says:

I wanted to get Prusa i3 MK2(.5) but its price still was too high for me, so I got the cheapest 3D printer kit with known good track record (FLSun, Anycubic was one of the candidates but the influencer replied too late)
It’s loud, it’s wobbly, it keeps knocking parts off the bed, etc.
I drowned the bed with glue stick and turned the settings to perfection.
It took me whopping 3 weeks of constant effort to get everything working at least a bit reliably.
Now you know why Prusa printers are a bit expensive. They make sure you will have the best possible experience with their products. One by one. And that costs money.

Miquel says:

Well it is from czech republic.

Käpten Iglo says:

Pls review the multi material upgrade

throne1001 says:

My 150€ Tevo Tarantula prints better than this overpriced printer.

Paul Arnold says:

Unfortunately, this Review is pretty biased.
Yes, the MK3 is a good printer. But Prusa is STILL struggling with the firmware (Linear advance disabled and fu*ked up microsteppings, not able to resolve ringing / ghosting, not able to solve overshooting issues) and is massively lacking communication.
The results you show off as “pretty decent” are actually really really bad, I’m afraid. But that all comes down to personal expectation. I personally would await way more from a 800 Euros printer.

Mandrake Fernflower says:

Cetus 3d review?

TheBruster123 says:

formlabs form2 review next?? Would love to know your thoughts on it 😀

Jeff Kreska says:

what printer would you recommend for 300$US? Monoprice mini looks good but I would like something that prints 250x250x250mm.

BLUUEER The home of music&simulation says:

Mr Scott I want to work with/for you but I live in the UK

SURE D says:

why not print an own printer and give the Prusa away for free to someone else, who prints an own printer and gives the Prusa again away for free and so and so on?

Matus Ste says:

Pls make rasperi pi leptop

HK89 says:

I need one of that!

Богдан Moldoveanu' says:

You are can build a 3D printer to a 3D Printer with Arduino ?

chgaurd7 says:

So they sponsored you what about installing the 3d printer

jobro 4103 says:

Please make an electronics basics video about heart beat sensors.

Homesickbutton4 says:

Are you an electric engineer

MrGeekGamer says:

It’s just far too expensive.

Jerrymonkey says:

0:28 POP!

bauernbrot mitwurstdrauf says:

Hast du eigentlich schon einen cr-10? Ist echt ein genial guter Drucker für das geld (300-400€)

Harsh Varagiya says:

Make a video on how you make videos .. like camera , stuff , editing rig , software , stuff !

Felix Dietz says:

I read about PETG bonding to PEI so well, it’ll destroy itself when removing. Did you coat the surface with something before printing the PETG cardholder?

Jacob R says:

Your biggest complaint seemed like it was ugly looking. I guess looks matter when trying to see something, but if an ugly clam can spit out beautiful pearls I think the printer can get a pass on its looks if it can spit out beautiful prints. Good review though.

misko 02 says:

How did you learn programming? Course or open source internet learning?


when the 3d printer is 3d printed itself…. nice

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