Original Prusa i3 Mk2 3D Printer Review

The Original Průša i3 mk2 is without a doubt the most talked about 3D Printer of 2016 – but does it live up to the hype?

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Full Disclosure: Prusa Research the 3D Printer in assembled and kit form (coming soon) free of charge for the purpose of review – no money has changed hands and all opinions expressed are my own.

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ArduinoMakes says:

but is this video reliable?

Alessandro Piacqua says:

Hi..first compliments for your video and your passion..i use a prusa mk2s too..i see in other video you use Simplify3d with prusa but i can’t find good settings profile..can you send or link your simplify3d profile for pla and other materials? Thanks for all..best wishes

Reapster04 says:

Printers making printers, how perverse…

Mark Horejsi says:

We have one of those and two mk3s and I must say they are very nice

woofmaker2004 says:

new to the channel and your reviews, but i didn’t spot this answered yet: you talk a little bit about modifying the design for Daniel’s Military Ripper with base supports using another bit of software… any details? a video on that process for nubes looking to do similar things (and make one!) would be super Super SUPER cool 😀 thanks for the review. i think i know what i’m buying next.

Martin Beyer says:

I find the fact that they print massive amounts of parts on their printers rather than on big industrial ones very respectable

Propergander Productions says:

So I model a lot, but never had a 3d printer and am poor, I have heard prusa recommended but my friend recommended the cr10 instead for price, its overwhelming to know if I’ll have support and what to buy,

known man says:

I really appreciate your work in this technology and especially this review. As a newbie in the 3D printing world this is so helpful. I’ve had a bit of a rough start however in even getting a printer. I decided to buy this printer as a result of the good reviews especially this one. My experience so far has been very disappointing with Prusa Research. I ordered my kit the second week of February and it has still not shipped. They listed a 7 week lead time which is way too long for one to wait but after another failed attempt to buy a copy version from China I decided it would be worth the extra money and time to get the real deal. Prusa has not bothered to notify me of why I am still waiting 9 weeks later. I sent an email and received no response. Its to bad they don’t seem to care about how poorly they are communicating with their customer base. And why should they care if everyone who writes reviews has immediate access to their products while the rest of us have to drop almost $800 USD and sit and wait for 10 weeks or more just to get a kit?


twitch tv sevensevenseven says:

Which 3D printer do you think si better?

3D-ART says:

would you guys recomend this as a first printer ?
i realy want to buy a 3d printer

Kevin Miedema says:

true that I think the support along with the automatic features of the genuine thing are worth the extra money – some things they didn’t do well on my clone I had to figure out myself, but if you have the tech skills to work that out and don’t have the budget for a genuine one a clone works great for getting into 3d printing. I have to thank them for going opensource though else that wouldn’t be possible!

The Kaveman says:

I thought the extruder disassembly is a great point : It needs redesign. The extruder’s need to be easily serviced I also have had such an issue.

Beezqp says:

Not really sure, whether the fact, that the heated bed is “super cool” is a pro or a con. 😛

ROCKSTAR Pushkar says:

can it print a part having internal threads.
And is there any other printer with more build area in this quality.

NS360PS says:

Would you recommend this over the CR-10? Im not worried about the price difference or the build volume difference. I want a printer that is reliable more than anything so I can focus on learning CAD design rather than spending hours making my printer work.

Michael Skinner says:

Can it be modified to print in metal or glass? For instance, printing a whole new one that Is metal and possibly a glass enclosure to make one of those other ones (enclosed)

mistaecco says:

Wow, looks like prusa was listening to your criticisms in here. “my kingdom for a removable print surface”? Check. Filament sensor? Check.

The Wrights says:

Review a ante a8

Hexagon Sun says:

What is that blue/teal orb in the background? A version of iris box? It looks very interesting.

Wireline says:

Ahh 7 week lead time! I need this in my life now 🙁

Misael Rojo says:

ive been trying to buy a prusa mk2 from their site for the past month it seems to be down and throw errors when checking out im tired on trying to spend 800dls on a machine that actually is a pain to actually buy, any suggestions on where to get one ?

Joshua Evans says:

Did you have to add your own power supply for Australian use? Can you show how you dealt with this?

ROCKSTAR Pushkar says:

and what is the settings for printing carbon fibres.

Joseph B says:

Original Prusa i3 MK2First off “The worst customer support ever!!”
Secondly if your in a US time zone good luck trying to get in touch with them even via email.
It will be a back and forth brief one sentence email that will last weeks.
Thirdly, when you receive your box from Europe, it will most likely be damaged and a very good chance the printer will need not only adjustments from being banged around so badly, but likely cracked and/or broken parts.Now that we discussed the good, on to the bad.
Once you have a problem that you cannot fix or repair yourself without them sending you a replacement or replacement part.
They pull a disappearing act, or more realisticly, they completely ignore you!
Yes, you can try for days, weeks, now over two months, no response.
We are left with no choice but to take fraud measures against them.Im sure its a great when its working, but be careful with the praise until you have something go wrong that you cannot fix!
Then its a whole new picture of what this company is!

Arnaud Erbs says:


I plan to buy a mk2s and mount it like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692666 with other bearing and with side panels

Ok this machine is a killer with PLA but with ABS and ABS with kevlar and thinks like that?
Can i have the same qualitat than a zortrax m200? Because i will print more ABS than PLA?
Thanks a lot

boowonder888 says:

the price is too rich for me. Rather buy the 160 bucks diy one for learning and printing

Dean Jones says:

I’ve got my Wanhao i3 running after a year of not having the 60 minutes AND £10 I needed. I LOVE my i3. However last night I used the new Prusa Slicer. It really is a game changer! The variable layer height is fantastic, as is the ability to trim off bits of models.
I’ve had a quick look but can’t find much on your channel about the new (well 6 month old) slicer, Any chance of donating some time to talking about it.
I noticed you mention Simplyfy 3d a bit. For a professional designer like you it must be worth the cost (otherwise why use it) but maybe a comparison for us tinkers would be awesome IF you think there’s enough of us out there to make it worth while:)

MANY thanks and much kudos for creating this beautiful resource.

Muzz Litebeer says:

Any idea on total cost for the fully assembled model would cost delivered to Australia, including duty?

I believe that the unassembled kit version is below the $1k threshold so doesn’t attract import duty. But I want a machine that I can use out of the box. I’m not really interested in 3d printing as a ‘hobby’ – I need it as a functioning tool.

So… I have no interest in building the kit or tweaking/modifying/upgrading. If the ready made model costs significantly more than $1000, would I be better off buying a Lolsbot Mini locally for about $1800 AUD?

The items I will be making are quite small, like crown gears, nuts and those cam locks similar to the quick release on a bicycle wheel.

Would you steer me towards either machine? Or suggest something else?

mick0maticNL says:

Hey Angus, when is the review of the MK3 coming?!

Dentysta Statysta says:

arent you balding just a bit lol 😀

Terry McGuire says:

Hi. I am trying to buy a prusa i3 mk2 but in Aus (brisbane) all I can seem to find is a “reprap prusa i3” What are these ? and do you know where we can buy a prusa i3 mk2?
Thanks for your time.
Terry – Brisbane

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