Original Prusa i3 mk2 3D Printer Review – Fully Assembled Version

I found some time to step in front of the camera and give you my thoughts on the Prusa i3 mk2 3d printer from Prusa Research. It’s a wonderful machine, coming in both a kit form and fully assembled. This review is of the fully assembled machine, and hopefully, it lives up to what everyone else has been saying about it.

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Oliver Lavermicocca says:

Hey Joel and community! 😀 I’m currently studying as an industrial designer in Sydney Australia and have been an avid 3D printing enthusiast for a number of years however have never had the confidence to convince myself on buying a printer for the money that would be able to print consistently and reliably with a good sized print plate and quality in mind. I would love to tinker with printers that would be cheaper however i don’t have time to figure out problems and waste time when i have deadlines on my printing for assignments. After a year of my course i believe that a good printer is what i need and I’ve been able to save up $6k Australian after months of work. The printer that i had in mind is called the Cubicon single plus and my local printing shop said it’s previous model (cubicon single) has the best reliability printer they have had while maintaining quality and prints. With this in mind I want to purchase a printer now that has the best of the best in mind to last me hopefully till the end of my course easily as well as when i get into the workforce. Ive seen other printers like the Cube pro but to be honest that printer will cost so much to maintain with cartridges costing over twice as much as usual spools of filament. If anyones read this thank you so much for reading and leave any reccomendations for me to research if you think the Cubicon Plus isnt suitable for my purpose. 🙂 Thanks again

Carlos Serafim says:

2 quesrions: how much filament does it take to print those 60 pokemons, for instance, and how long?

Tim Brennan says:

Thanks for the great review. I am considering buying this machine as my first 3-D printer. The other option for me is the Zortrax machine – thanks for that review too. I am a product developer so surface finish and functional strength are really important to me. I am looking for something that is very good value for money and will involve little of my time fixing problems or picking off support material. I’m interested to know your comparison between these two machines. Thank you

Left lane FPV says:


Joel Real says:

Your video helped me to decide which 3D printer to buy. Thank you for posting this video.

Nick Henno says:

can we 3d print a 3d printer

Arnaud Erbs says:


I plan to buy a mk2s and mount it like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692666 with other bearing and with side panels

Ok this machine is a killer with PLA but with ABS and ABS with kevlar and thinks like that?
Can i have the same qualitat than a zortrax m200? Because i will print more ABS than PLA?
Thanks a lot

RS 1990 says:

I think this one can definitely suit my average needs!
I can make spare parts for toys like battery covers or ratchet mechanisms.

Marcus Jensen says:

I just found my new biggest wish for my birthday

CameroMan2001 says:

Same I hope to get it on my birthday

HonestSpiritual says:

Are you going to test the multicolour upgrade for this Prusa printer? They are supposed to ship preorders at the end of the month.

Michael Hubert says:

I’m keen on getting this printer 🙂

LogicalWaste says:

Great video. I’m in the market for my very first printer. This may be it.

Louis Cooper says:

Joel what do you suggest, this or the Lulzbot 6? I am a teacher and will be using it in the classroom, and I am a engineering designer so i will be doing some personal projects. I have no technical limitations.

CJ Scratch says:

great video review !!!

Kevin Thomas says:

On order currently – I can’t wait! Thanks for your review(s).

Tom Knud says:

Good video. thanks

iMeMySelf says:

I did watch the other reviews, but you did add to them in plenty. Often I will listen to reviews in the background and you have a good voice.

Da Meck says:

Holy Shit i´ve been looking for my first printer.
This one will definetly be it.
Thank you for the great Review.

Effect2o says:

So do you mean “best printer on the market for your money” at this price range? or this style? I really like this printer and plan to get one myself. Thanks for the review!



I am just starting out in the 3d printing world. What is a good starting printer under $500. 


Blazicken says:

Bought one ♥

Austin Taylor says:

I know this video is really old so nobody will probably ever see this, but I am a recent subscriber. thank you for reviewing this printer. I want to build this printer as I do not have 600$ to pay all at once I am hoping to build it in installments. however, I am having an issue finding metric parts in my area or a full list online in standard measurements.

Jacob Cline says:

Funny you mentioned Darth Beavis, haha. I have known him for years. Used to go to PDXLAN and always played games with him and check out all his computers.

Leslie Spencer says:

Hi Joel! I’m a middle school Engineering teacher and would like to have my students use 3D printing to make hydroponic garden systems. 3Dponics.com is the website that allows you to download predesigned parts for the systems. Which 3D printer would you recommend? We have a budget of $1,500, would love a plug and play system. One that doesn’t run into too many problems and is user friendly as I am a total beginner when it comes to 3Dprinting. Thanks so much!

known man says:

I really appreciate your work in this technology and especially this review. As a newbie in the 3D printing world this is so helpful. I’ve had a bit of a rough start however in even getting a printer. I decided to buy this printer as a result of the good reviews especially this one. My experience so far has been very disappointing with Prusa Research. I ordered my kit the second week of February and it has still not shipped. They listed a 7 week lead time which is way too long for one to wait but after another failed attempt to buy a copy version from China I decided it would be worth the extra money and time to get the real deal. Prusa has not bothered to notify me of why I am still waiting 9 weeks later. I sent an email and received no response. Its to bad they don’t seem to care about how poorly they are communicating with their customer base. And why should they care if everyone who writes reviews has immediate access to their products while the rest of us have to drop almost $800 USD and sit and wait for 10 weeks or more just to get a kit?

Aaron Rogers says:

you should bottle up some of that enthusiasm for 3D printing, it’s contagious!

Jeff Dillon says:

Two handed high five and a hug, one for you one for Bob and the hug for Bill when you meet up at Bills next. He seems very huggable.

Joel T says:

Joel, what polycarbonate filament did you use? Also, the polycarbonate worked without surface prep or enclosure?

WNews says:

Представляю вашему вниманию электронного помощника в создании своего первого 3d принтера Prusa i3 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nik_wanish.a3d_printer_i3&hl=ru.Огромное спасибо автору видео!!!

Annie M says:

please tell me what slicer software you use to get these prints and the settings.My prints don’t come out as clean

Ken Voisine says:

90% Done the build on mine….

Saaif Khan says:

Hey Joel, how does this compare to your gMax 1.5? Are they even comparable?

Jerold Von Hemel says:

The printer is 12v. Is this a big deal?

Nick Henno says:

can you teach me everything you know about 3d printers

Yuri Myathee says:

Just ordered this! It’s going to be my first printer. I’m so nervous !

HunGredy says:

“It’s just poetic, how this printer fixed itself” – that’s a quote to live by, even if you break one of its plastic parts, you can do a replacement with it. Thanks to Makers Muse, Tom and you, and also the numerous videos by Josef himself, this will be my very first model in the following months. Until then I keep learning about the materials.

Ralphie20 Lee says:

how did u set it up to print 60 Pikachus?

Mr Life Hack says:

creality cr

amrshri1 says:

My prusa came in 2 weeks early and this video and your unboxing video are amazing! cant wait to get started on my own 3d prints

TheLaidukas says:

You have very appealing speaking meaner 🙂

Anwar Madrigal says:

I believe that it may be the best printer in its class, its class being the i3 design however in the category of “For the money” I’m afraid the MP select mini takes that prize! The quality and reliability you get from a $200 printer with a heated bed is amazing!

oddpodlbkk says:

this printer can fix problems but it cant fix me

Ken Kopas says:

Thank you for helping me figure out that it is worth spending the extra money for a good 3d printer, rather than a cheap 3d printer.

alzathoth says:

very cool. would you recommend this for a beginner? how about the kit? is it hard to assemble? thoughts on ABS printing. should it have an enclosure to keep the heat in? please excuse my inexperience. :/

Daniel Mezhiborsky says:

lol Alexa started listening right around 2:55

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