Now, Everyone Can Afford 3D Printing (Monoprice Select Mini Review)

I’m a little late to the 3D printing game, but I finally get it. For $200 , the Monoprice Mini Select is a no brainier for anyone who’s curious about 3D printing. It’s an extremely capable machine with a small footprint. Best of all it comes pre-assembled ready to print, right out of the box.

No this video was not sponsored in any way. I just really like this printer 🙂

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From Monoprice:

For $180 dollars on – Use Coupon Triple15
No Longer Available

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Nikil Ragav says:

I’d like to get on email list thanks!

Colton Hanson says:

Anybody have a link to that box? The scissor lift box.

Danyl Bekhoucha says:

The V2 will be released in May 28, it will be more solid, stable and support WiFi:

American Pi says:

high quality footprint high quality footprint??
your words teally arent majing sense. u seem baked man, just way too much marijuana.

but thanks for tree vid!! really glad u showed the printer ij the beginning and the comparison with thr ring is exactly what im looking to see. gd vid overall and def helpful.

MikeOnTheBox says:

Actually, you did have to sit down and mess with the settings 😛 But it looks like an amazing compact machine. Really nice one, small, and you can do great stuff with it.

WeBDaEMoN33 says:

Yes and yes, great videos!

7o 7 says:

Hello. Which 3D program you would suggest for total beginners? I want something which is beginner friendly but only good for advanced models

greez from austria

BangSonor says:

GZ for 100k Subs

AmCan Tech Videos says:

I loved your video, I owned a printer for about a year and have been using it, finally got around to making a video. I am using an i3 clone, it was a pain to assemble but works really well.

Dominic Pinnisi says:

Does anyone know of any good tutorials that show how to use Cura 2.4? I am having trouble with scaling and whenever I try to run any GCode I create, my printer doesn’t do anything (it worked perfectly with the GCode included on the micro sd).

Richard Chassereau says:

At 1:35 the settings are very important for print quality… A few minutes later, 6:30, it’s ready to go you don’t have to worry about settings… Seems a bit contradicting.

Jet Gardner says:

I clicked on here to see a 3d printer. …not a nearly 9 minute selfie of you – THUMBS DOWN

ceejay Els says:

great review

Maggan Lindstrom says:

i would say printing computer papper is prohibitivly expensive.
I’ve yet to have a papper printer actuallly work reliably for any lenth of time for me… but i think i may just be unlucky..
Even my laser jet printer which i hardly used upp and died on me…

my longest surviving printer is my label printer X3 (and that one has always printed unreliably)

The Homeless Rainbow says:

how strong is the material once printed?

JSN Gaming says:

whats your opinion of the davinchi jr 1.0

Evraset says:

Rad video man, definitely gonna check this out. would love to see a MOD video

Connor T says:

i am thinking of buying a prusa with the multi material mod thing should i get it you can sprint 4 materials at once

TrionAlpha says:

I can’t find that scissor lift you printed on thingiverse. Do you remember what search term you used? Searching for scissor lift didn’t show it. Thanks.

Nathan Reservitz says:

can u send me the link to the 3d printed moving box thing. I am going to get this exact same printer and have watched your video countless times.

Chris Monk says:

Can this printer print TPU?

Johnny Gao says:

lol I have the same home phone!

gamingSlasher says:

Very impressive.

Techster says:

Awesome!! I’m gonna get it from your affilation link!!

MJ D says:

We have an old refrigerator and the stressed plastic handle eventually broken. I used plastic cement and super glue to repair, but a new 3D printed handle would have been really useful because the repair may not last long

Arthiem says:

aaaaagh, damn, I forgot to use the affiliate link when I bought one, sorry man.

Shane Liberty says:

Thank you for the link. We have this printer and the adjustment in settings will be a big help.

hojokono says:

the price is 220 on amazon ._.

Aden Harter says:


katrina garza says:

Does it have a wall plug or something?

Danyl Bekhoucha says:

MP Mini Delta: 150 dollars – 50 microns (lower is better) – speed: 150 mm/s (higher is better) – WiFi: yes
MP Select Mini: 200 dollars – 100 microns – 55 mm/s – WiFi: no

American Pi says:

please stop doing drugs.
u look so had in the beginning if the vid and arent even making sense.

Juanramon Hervas says:

Here is a cnc machine, Leo Laporte like the Nomad CNC

Christian Fletcher says:

Yes and yes

Carl Miles says:

not sponsored, they were kind enough to send me a new one. taqiya

Clarissa Lines says:

would that printer an image like human and how big will the image be thanks for your videos

WJK says:

Cut’s open box, dumps printer from box onto table and babels on and on about (allegedly) awesome prints, yet we never see the machine in action… how exactly is this a review??? Is there another video, with an actual review???

Richard Rodriguez says:

Thank you very much for the information. Never thought of a 3D printer at this price 🙂

Loaf of Bread says:

This video was great! Keep it up!!!

Kirby Sona says:

nice review really awesome machine their..surely wanna buy that as soon as i got extra cash.

Spam Can says:

this guy looks like he’s going to die from something. so sickly looking

Joseph Machado says:

Great video ..

Ben Burnes says:

Like you, I still thought that “good” 3D printers were in the $500-1000 prince range still. I didn’t know that I needed a 3d printer, but now I have one sitting in my Amazon cart. This was a great video, thank you!

jess robert says:

No sample of a print? this heresay, so what am I suppose to do? thumbs up or down?

james hill says:

HEY i have that one! it doesnt print at all though please help

John moores says:

A build guide would be great

Letters from Japan says:

Yes, yes, and yes.

Pizza Sub says:

I wonder if theirs a 3d printer that used metal instead of plastic

GoldiRock Records says:

“this is something I could not make with wood out in the shop…”…

I wouldn’t proudly announce that since many general tinkerers and woodsmiths can and do…….*raising an eyebrow* – However, I love the review.

There are honestly 9 3D printers that are UNBELIEVABLE for most general buyers and tinkerers…
This is definitely one of them.


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