NOT the Best 3D Printer!!! – Tristarbot M1 Review

The Tristarbot M1 is a great 3D printer for flexible filament and works great with ABS and nylon thanks to the high quality heated bed. However, everything was not perfect and
in the video I will share my experience with the $580 Tristarbot printer from Amazon:

The packaging looked very nice, with a lot foam covering the vulnerable parts. However, I quickly noticed that the X and Y axis rods (rails) was bent, probably because of the shipping.
This was a huge problem as the motors wasn’t able to smoothly slide the X and Y gantries, but actually got stuck! I used a combination of force and a lot of lubrication. Eventually I did
manage to make it slide freely and after numerous failed prints I successfully printed a pretty good looking Benchy boat.

I forgot to mention the build volume in the video, ops my fault. The build volume 200x200x190mm (8x8x7.5′), which I would consider a fairly small build volume for a printer at this price point.
However, the heated bed was exceptional and heated all the way to 130°C! It also comes with pre-installed X and Y belt tensioners, and it prints flexible filament extremely good at 40mm/s!

Though there was a couple of things I didn’t like about the printer. It doesn’t come with any filament, so you will have to get that yourself. The hotend was not able to hold a certain temperature.
If I was printing at 205°C, it could fluctuate between 195°C and 215°C. The knob for the LCD display is way to sensitive, very frustrating!

No, I would not recommend this printer as I know the CR-10 or Anycubic i3 performs better for less $.

Thanks for the view and have an awesome day!
My Favourite 3D Printer:
Creality CR-10 Golden:
Creality CR-10 Blue:

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MC's Creations says:

10 hours left. Good luck to me and everyone else. :S

MaxSuper says:

Hej Kan du ge mig några anledningar att köpa en 3d printer?

flyespresso says:

Hahahaha! I had most of those issues…. and more! My hot end was rock solid, same with the bed. That was it.

You ended up with the “older” not as good power supply, so there is already a revision (mines twice the size, metal, and twice a brick…).

My Issues:
– All Y axis black printer square rod adapters, broken.
– Other printed pieces showed layer separation/cracks
– POWER SUPPLY SUDDENLY CUT OUT! I actually fixed it, the power connector to the mainboard was… not properly connected (inside the connector…!) [Also, internals of the newer power supply are unsafe for this class of printer, no MOSFET either, which is dangerous with this bed’s heat range]
– Bent Rods
– Missing Spool Holder
– Missing Screws for Spool Holder
– 80% of the zip ties used to ship it were broken at unboxing
– Nothing was properly screwed in, locking nuts weren’t tight (they just spun in place)

Sending it back to Amazon, just entirely a sketchy machine. I tried, it’s my first personal machine, and I really wanted to like it. Got a Monoprice Maker Select Plus same-day’ed from Amazon instead, spot on prints in less than 30 minutes (instead of two nights past midnight, solving one problem only to find more)


zendell37 says:

It looks absolutely huge for what little it does…

The Best Stooge says:

BOOM, I knew you were going to do something like this because of all the flack you were getting that all of your videos had the best printer in them. You are being too predictable now.

BlackWolf says:

what to buy Anycubic Kossel or Anet A8?

Kan nån svara mig?

Lee C says:

very odd I hear music and muffled words but not really hear you

Leo U. says:

Why do you zoom in when you sneeze etc. and keep these clips in the Video. In my opinion it is unprofessional, not funny and annoying to watch… But the part of the video about the printer was good.

TimeSmoke says:

I think the “random” Tube is the Tube to Bring the Filament to the Extruder

Lugoxoo _ says:

@RCLifeON I really like your videos! I would buy a 3D printer myself but i dont have the money for it… I hope i get lucky in the giveaway! Plz continue making these great videos!

Jamie says:

Chinese ripoff of LulzBot Taz. Went as well as one would expect. All those problems can be solved but $380 is a more reasonable price for this level of quality and parts. It’s basically a Tarantula with another Z frame.

Sensei Dekkers says:

looks like a knockoff lulzbot.

nightfate wolf says:

Plz do a review on the Monoprice maker select v2

Diler Khalsa says:

you give me one 3b printer

RCLifeOn says:

The build volume is 200x200x190mm (7.87×7.87×7.48′), I just now realised I forgot to mention it in the video, haha! Have an awesome day and see you again soon!

Infosec Val says:

As always, very informative (and humorous!) honest review of a 3D printer. Cheers!

nicolas stevanovic says:

How are you man? you seem to be a little bit more tired than usually but nice video as always, keep going, it’s a pleasure to watch

TheShadow Gamer says:

What’s the cheapest 3D printer and how much does it cost (Swedish crowns)

Huib Schippers says:

Good honest review!!! I like your style and the humor that you throw into your editing!! Re-doing some tongue twisters making your point of not being a native English speaker and not trying to hide it… Great!!

Alex's Tech says:

Hello Rclifeon, I made an order from GearBest for the Anycubic 3d printer. I want you to tell me if the GearBest is safe to make orders. Please answer to me. Thanks

Maciej Buczak says:

when the winners will be announced?? Good luck everybody

illuminant777XtX says:

I want to win that giveaway so hard

Khalid Jabbar Almayah says:

Can we say
It’s the first lulzbot taz clone?

Info Mario says:

sd-card is a kingston? wow..:D

Kyle L says:

now compare it with the taz

Swag Videos says:

Pls reveiw the einstart s for 375 dollors on Amazon it’s great printed have one

Bram Vanden Bempt says:

90% first layer speed is by far too fast in my opinion. 30-40% first layer speed should give you a nicer and more secure print

TheBludgutz says:

Love the honest reviews!!!

Dave Saldub says:

Love the sneeze

阮铱 says:

@RCLifeon I have written a email to you,can you check it?
I love your video so much

Alex L. says:

Thanks for your honest review! Good video !

Glenn Lin says:

As a member from Tristarbot,I have to make it clear that,when you receive a faulty 3d printer from us,such like bent rods or other matters,please don’t try to repair it yourself without our help,we use very accurate graphite lubricating brass bearings for all axis,that also mean slightly bent rod could cause big problem.In this case,you should contact us for parts replacements and tech support,or return the printer,we response pretty fast to our customers,NO our customer should experience a faulty 3d printer as this video show.

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