Newmatter MOD-t 3D Printer Review – Is It Worth $299?

The Newmatter MOD-t is a small, all-inclusive 3d printer system for $299. The price is right, and the listed features seem good, but, is the printer worth your hard earned $299? Watch and find out.

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Fyre8 says:

Cant print offline? OH HELL NO

Reggie Reginato says:

I’m really not impressed with the quality. :-O

Konanva 04 says:

Why dont you do one whit the MP select mini T^T

Ralphie Vigg says:

8:15 Accurate representation of the reaction of the people who made the mistake of buying this machine

Infamizer says:

Can you do a review on the MonoPrice select mini 3D printer? I believe it is only $220

Charkel says:

OMG that way of moving the bed is BEATIFUL! My biggest issue with printers are that they generally have to move both the head and the bed for x and y

octavio lagos says:

It happened to me on the anet a8 until tightened the belts

Charles-A Rovira says:

1,875cm3 build *_volume_*, not *area.* Even at that, I’m using other machines with up to 300mmx300mmx398mm build volumes. Sorry but the bar has been raised. You gotta be bigger, faster, have more filaments or be more precise.

LanocReviews says:

The Eris ends up just under 15 cents per cm3 as well. (14.63)

maria39866 says:

I have this printer, It’s alright for absolutely new beginners but Has its problems. The build plate wears really fast and then the prints will de-stick mid print. I’ve had a nozzle clog (which is how I found your channel) and ended up having to buy a new one. Along with quite a few other issues. I’d definitely suggest getting a higher grade one.

DragonFire370 says:

I think the grooved rods are causing the texture because of inaccurate measurement when designing the bottom of the board that rides on them and their own imperfections.

Max Terminate says:

so… it’s a piece of shit

Legomore says:

What is the cr-10 ¢/cm^3?

M3ta7h3ad says:

Wonder if that texture is due to the grooved rod method of bed movement.

Raza says:

the “texture” is obviously from the poor decision to have the bed not moved by belt and linear bearings, but with the geared bars that are bouncing it all over the place. more weight on the bed could possibly reduce the amount of bouncing but the trash can is probably the best fix.

Mark Faulkner says:

As with any 3D printer you have to tweak settings to get better prints. Using blue tape on the print surface, slightly slowing the print speed, printing via USB, and using Cura all have improved quality. In addition, Mod-T support sent me a different firmware to help address the texture issue.

TheCommandMaster says:

can you rereview the flashforge finder its the best printer I personally Have ever used. 🙂

Alex 1193 says:

really clever design for x and y do

3D Printing Iceland says:

Good honest review from you as always. – Thanks for your efforts.

Anirudh Vasudevan says:

The texture is due to the slotted gear mechanism. the steps are too obvious (as in it appears obvious on the print)

Daniel Turner says:

Everyone should check out the Monoprice Mini Delta. A beta tester just posted a fairly in-depth video reviewing it today (should be one of the top results if you Youtube search it). $160 and 120 diameter x 120 height (what’s the math on that build area, Joel?).

Diamond DiggersHD says:

how much cents per cubic cm is my wanhao duplicator i3 plus

Max Shankland says:

this makes me a little in secure about my choice

Victor García says:

It is not bad, it is an experience

Dan300891 -print&go- says:

I’ve never printed a benchie… maybe I should lol

zendell37 says:

Speaking of cosplay and texturing. Would standard print layer lines be covered up by airbrushing or thinner paints? I know you’ve mentioned airbrushing in the past. Is there enough meat there for you to make a video on that sort of thing?

ace4311 says:

Joel could you do like a summary review of reviewing the more budget friendly 3D printers say around $.20 per cubic centimeter? Comparing them to each other and what they do great and what they are not great at. I think it would be a great vid.

TheCarLovingSwede says:

My 3d printer is about 9 cents/cm3

3D Printing Nerd says:

UPDATE: Shoot, a few have mentioned this and it looks like I missed it in my show notes. You CAN print with Cura, Simplify3D, or any slicer you can print tethered from. There is a USB port on the back that lets you hook it up to a computer to print from. That said, you still get the texture when printing.

Anirudh Vasudevan says:

<3 Angus.. 2:53

Matt Fisher says:

decent 3d printers are still way too expensive

Jeff Millard says:

hey man i love your videos and im fairly new to 3d printing ive had my printer now for about 2 months im just curious as to what causes the little holes in the benchy you showed after it was polished is that some type of extrusion setting i have this happen in some of my prints its weird the whole print goes fine then ill have like one layer that gets these holes. i run an anet a8 which i love its prints are as good as ones ive seen on maker select i3 and the mini.

Jared Smith says:

Where is the link for Fan Shroud Joel????

LOHTEC says:

Got the MP Select Mini instead. Heated bed, $.13 per cm3

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