My Review of the Creality CR-10 3D Printer

The Creality CR-10 3d printer is starting to become THE printer to get if you want a large print volume for not much money. Is it as good as they say? Let’s find out!

Buy a Creality Cr-10 from Gearbest:

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PRESSRESET and the CR-10:

Uncle Jessey and the CR-10:

RCLifeOn and the CR-10:

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bozoTclown666 says:

Woo Hoo ! .. My CR-10 arrived yesterday !
(After a 3 week wait from GearBest to California.)

Not my first printer … but my biggest, baddest printer.

Jeffery Peck says:

Been using the CR-10 for almost a month now and I will say I am very happy that I bought it. Glad that it’s not just me that really enjoys this printer.

Orville Wright says:

Are you going to get the dual Z axis upgrade from tiny machines and or change the print nozzle on it to print like metal filled filaments?

clifford adam says:

Very informative; Nice review and in-depth analysis.

Gavin Poulsen says:

should I get this instead of a maker select plus?

Joe Archuleta says:

the heated bed go’s to 85, nuff said!!!!! no thank you another Chinese cheap bearing printer ,so how long will it last is the question, cheap steel bearing why, because good one’s cost lots

remy hefe says:

i agree..coming from an older prusa i3 i bought about 3 years ago, got a cr-10 a few days ago and I have never seen output this good from a FDM printer. its also extremely reliable..just completed a 19 hour print and it came out flawless

William Murphy says:

Just going to put this in before I watch the video, thanks Joel.

David Minford says:

Bought one from gearbest.
But they sent me an email saying they couldn’t deliver it using my preferred shipping method(free postage with coupon).
I asked how much to ship via DHL and got a reply email stating they couldn’t ship at all.
I didn’t mind waiting, as I’d ordered on the 9th of this mth.
But gearbest just decided not to ship , they are refunding my money but I wanted the printer.
They took payment even asked me to wait a while as they were out of stock, finally they just wouldn’t ship.
I live in the UK btw.
I’ll try banggood or Ali express, but if I were you stay clear of gearbest.
Cheapest I’ve found but no good if they don’t ship.

Macca's Tech says:

Has anyone here had a good experience with GearBest? Did your 3D Printers come unharmed?

Joel Goodz says:

Awesome video Joel!!! (I am also Joel lol) After watching your previous video and the others mentioned in your description I ordered on of these 2 weeks ago and received it on Thursday; it has been printing almost constantly ever since. Very good user experience, especially considering this is my first 3D printer.
I will be uploading some CR-10 videos to my channel soon, hopefully I can share my experience and (limited) knowledge to help grow the community as you have been doing..HIGH FIVE!!!

Jerai Bernard says:

I thought the nozzle was a mk 8?

SgtStinger says:

Nice little detail with the labeling of the things you were talking about on the machine. That will certainly help a newcomer who are watching.

Where Nerdy is Cool! says:

Can’t wait for mine to arrive! Thanks for the superb review!

Jailcee says:

Nice analysis on the rocket print Joel. I’ve found that when printing things big by scaling them up small artifacts, usually invisible, become apparent. It is especially the case with curves that start looking polygonal.
Another thing to mention about the CR-10 is that there are loads of customization options and a big community. Check out the facebook group as well as for loads of examples and info.

Austin Buchanan says:

Still amazing to me. Great job man!

Sam T says:

Ribbed for pleasure.

Dan300891 -print&go- says:

I love the fact that when your printing the rocket at 2:12 onward, theres a second one on your other printer printing in the background 😀 lol

Even better, is that while the head is moving up on the CR10, the bed is moving down in the background

Edouard Lorenceau says:

I’m one of those ppl that bought the CR-10 with your coupon code on GearBest. Glad to see it’s helped, and sad to hear it might delay my shipment :/ Can’t wait for it to get here though !!

Kevin Rank says:

Hey, I love the new graphics. Just one really minor critique. Could you make the lines a little bigger? I had trouble seeing them on some of the images, and even ones I could see, were not the easiest. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. Just wish they were a little bit heavier and easier to see.

David Mc says:

My 3d printed robot Dave likes to hi five!
I will be getting one of these 3d printers to 3d print Dave’s friend Jen.
She will also be a real working robot.

Turner Hayes says:

Prusa MK2S is $0.67 per cm^3 for the kit by comparison

MarcoNoPolo says:

“Just choice” Showing your age there Joel. =)

Geilisa Almodovar says:

I just ordered one yesterday. LOL. I cant wait!!!

Dusty Langley says:

i want one

Tobias Riazi says:

anyone know the max layer height on this I can’t find it anywhere

Sean McGiveron says:

I really liked the sorceress print does Loubie have it posted for public use or has the file for sale anywhere. Also I bought the CR-10 using the code you provided. it is presently according the tracking information I have it is in Hebron KY. awaiting to be picked up by USPS to continue on its journey to my house.

Dave says:

I still love my Folgertech FT-5. It has the same print volume but does cost a bit more at 500 USD but it is a solid and rigid frame that is easy to enclose. Could you do a FT-5 review?

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

I ordered one 2 days ago. Glad I didn’t waste my money. I can’t wait to get it in.

Uncle Jessy says:

Great review man✋️ Glad the simplify3d profile worked well for you. I still use it daily for my cosplay prints. Here is a link for anyone that needed it.

striker light says:

I just got an new printer troxys X1 v0.02 and it only is printing half way and I’m using reptier host if you can help me that would be amazing

WTF BBQ says:

Gearbest takes a loooooooong time to process their orders. By the time I’ll get mine to arrive, I’ll be over 100 years old.

Sebastian Mueller says:

Thx Joel for your review. I really have to state that for me you are the most mind opening, easy to listen and well narrating tech reviewer out here on YouTube. Never thought I would become a YT channel fan, but finally I am. Keep on your good work! Looking forward to your next video and my CR-10 🙂

Mike Hjorleifsson says:

are you going to test the new bigger version? yeah bigger print volume can u believe it?

hans chueh says:

Can you compare this machine with your other printers?

Noah Falbaum says:

Which machine is running behind the Creality in the narrow rocket time-lapse?

TheWindGinProject says:

Warning: Do Not purchase from GearBest. If there is any issues PayPal will make you send it to China even if you purchased it from US Stock and Insurance. Of course GearBest has people in LAX / LA but they use the trick to ship to China for returns because they know it will cost more in shipping than a 3D printer Kit is worth. Your bank probably won’t protest you either. I suggest Amazon but whatever you do stay away from GearBest.

Emissary of Wind says:

Great, now I just need $400 more!

All About 3D Blog says:

Great review. I am still waiting for the delivery of my ordered cr10.

haxxx0rz says:

I ordered mine a few weeks ago with a coupon. Can’t wait to get started! It’s my first 3D printer ever and I already have some little projects waiting to be printed. I love this channel. keep up the good work! *high five*

antalz says:

I got the 400x400x400 version from EN3dstudios. They cost a bit more, but at least they got it on stock, and they test the printers. I removed the masking tape, and now print on the glass with some 3DLAC. I kept some masking tape on the front and rear so the clips holding the glass down have more grip. I still have some ugliness on infill, which is probably down to temps and print speed. I printed some vanity models and some gears, and so far it all looks great. Despite some imperfections on the infill, the exterior of all the parts is fine. Dimensional accuracy of the gears seems to be excellent also, the tolerance on my 145mm diameter sprocket is smaller than 0.1mm, I can’t measure it exactly with my callipers.

keninvic says:

Good informative video. All you other guys with the awful background ‘music’, take note, this is how its done.

TR1PpyNick says:

i bought a CR-7 last year and its AMAZING. printed beautifully out of the box no tuning at all. also about the same price, but no heated bed. im definetly getting one of these.

Aaron says:

I keep hearing bad stories about gearbest, kinda paranoid to buy a printer there.

Noah Gehlhausen says:

Want! But no Muns. 🙁

Umar Haque says:

Wholeheartedly agreed Joel!!! It’s da bomb! High 5!

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