Multi-Color 3D Printing – Creality CR-X Review

In today’s video I “review” the Crelaity CR-X 3D printer and explain why the work behind multi-extrusion models are a pain to deal with. The dual extrusion on the CR-X can be extremely useful! It will allow you to make interesting patterns using different colors and materials with different properties to interact with each other. A perfect example of this is by using PVA supports which you can easily dissolve using water. Genuinely useful prints can be made mixing hard and soft plastics, like PLA and TPU.

Creality CR-X:
Creality Ender 3:
XINKEBOT Orca Cygnus:

2 colors bull STL:
Creality CR-X S3D profile:
Xinkebot Orca Cygnus 2 S3D profile:

An actual good guide of how to use Meshmixer:

Nekzlo – Pink Ocean
Ikson – Island
Childhood – Mike Chino


danijel124 says:

How old are you Simon?

Trance1999 says:

I’m a total 3d print noob. Don’t have a printer yet. But I have an M3D crane-quad on order. It can mix 4 filaments into a single hot end. The extruder is a mixing one. So with CMYW filaments you can theoretically get 50k different colors. And the waste tower on it isn’t that big because it can purge in like 4mm. You can also do different materials but they’d have to be in a common range of temps. It’s very new so there’s still some software advancements being made. They are also selling the extruders that you can put on a different printer like a CR10. Batch 1 is just now starting to ship. I’m in batch 2. I might have a coupon code if you want to get one let me know. But I’d love to see your take on it and get your advice and tips on using it.

Basil Abdo says:

Would be great to see how you chose the supports to be made from the PVA filament and the rest of the fan from PLA

Emily Louise says:

Hi Simon! I love currently loving your channel, new subscribers! Very keen to get my hands on the CR-10. I was wondering whether you had a current discount code for it that will work at the GearBest checkout please! I found your comparison video very helpful! I am looking to upgrade my UP printer so would be grateful of your help! Keep up the good work and can’t wait to watch your future videos! Thanks Emily 🙂

brainfarth says:

How do you get a good top layer in simplify 3d? and why isnt that a stock profile setting for cr-10 that works straight out of the box?

Sean Pook says:

you deserve so many more subscribers man!!

Alex Dunda says:

Isn’t X the Roman numeral for 10? Do this is just another CR-10?

Cat 3D says:

That bull came out really, really nice!!

fassenkugel says:

i think well, u can upgrade any printer with this hotend? (btw i saw similar Y dual feed hotends in a 2-3 years old video) here:

PracticalProjects says:

That print is amazing! nice video also of course 🙂

Sharath Naik says:

I thinking painting is still the best option.

Tech By Pete says:

Surprised how good the quality is!

M6 Jaguar says:

Can someone help, My 3d printers filament wont come out of the extruder. Why wont it come out to print?

Print 3D Channel says:

Awesome overview of the CR-X, thanks for sharing your experiences with this color mixing printer. Are you going to share your profile for the printer?

Bru Giova says:

Hi, I use the double extruder with a single nozzle
with two extruders / two nozzles, is it possible to print at the same time in two colors (mixing them) and to vary the percentage of the two flows to obtain a “shaded” effect?

Marco menardi says:

Great video! Are you going to test Anycubic Chiron?

Miles Mayhem says:

how many printers do you have

tubeMonger says:

You can model too. Nice!

Brad Cozine says:


Xanti Mashoba says:

How many 3D printer do you have???
And are you sponsored by the 3D printing companies??

GoRansom says:

So you removed the support material from the bottom of the impeller then show the top surface?

fassenkugel says:

5:00 this job called “niggering” in the photo processing industry. because it brainless work like grabing cottons from field.

Mega Kid says:

Please review Mp Select mini 3D Printer.

ProfessorM. says:

sorry but at the moment wouldnt it be better to just paint it. not just better quality wise, but also cheaper and significantly less time-consuming.

MrNlce30 says:

Why can’t the “Purge” be set as the infill or support?

jorgeneo560 says:

e3d multi tool system appears to be the best solution so far, no waste and fast change

Nerys says:

Absolutely phenomenal print!

Cameron Vreven says:

i tried to make a timelapse with my GoPro hero but if i make the timelapse i get pictures do you know a nother way or can you maby make a video about it i’m very interested to see and how you prepare, make and how you make the timelapses in such a great interesting way.

if you read this thx and keep up the good work.

Beltrán Pérez says:

How did you do it so your printer moves so smoothly in 3:12 ?

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