MostFun Pro 3D Printer Review

APOLOGIES FOR THE AUDIO – It’s only weird for the first couple of minutes

After over a month of printing, i review the MostFun Pro, a pricey printer, but possibly worth it…

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zimmy1958 says:

well done video thanks for sharing

Chris Kyriacou says:

Great review! 🙂

MikeOnTheBox says:

On the wrench there are some layers inconsistencies on the moving part. Just pointing that out. All the prints look amazing, but something funny happened on that print. At 6:58 you see what I mean.

Antonio Salotti Neto says:

Congrats Joe on yet another thorough work reviewing a printer — you definitely pointed pros and cons with what you got out of the box. Having watched Devin’s vid over at Make Anything, I cannot help but feel somewhat sad for him — it looks like quality control failed him… Keep it up buddy!

Karsten says:

Another great video. Wasn’t expecting that conclusion going in, after Watching Devin’s review. But as You mentioned a lot of factors affecting that. For remote access, You can just do port forwarding in Your router.

Shelly Stone says:

Thanks for the review! (Holy edits Batman! I love your vids but dem edits is killin’ me!)

Matt Fisher says:

What do you do with all the test print junk you make? Seams pretty wasteful, makes great videos just feels like a lot

Donald D'Egidio says:

Great review and prints. Hope the unit wasn’t hand picked for you to review. Guess a work around for the power off resume is to run the printer off a UPS to allow time to perform a save and then resume later when the power is restored.

R. M. says:

If you looking for something very exclusive and brutal – 3D print models
Only on
Download all models without any limits

Kevin Lumoindong says:

okay. this is like the polar opposite experience compared with Devin from Make Anything.

Performance 3DP says:

If you look at their website, find the accuracy over time chart. Follow the curve and seems like after just 180 or so days the quality will be unacceptable! That is of course if it keeps progressing the way it does in the chart. It’s a company chart. Hmmmmm…………………………$1600.00?

Esteban Amaya says:

do you have the stls of the prints you show? great channel btw:D

Jason Ledon says:

Man what happened to Devins (MakeAnything)? Did he get a lemon or are you just incredibly lucky?

Robothut says:

Is it quite in operation ? would you say the print quality is as good as a ultimaker ? Seems like the print bed size should be bigger at that price point. Love your vids. Keep up the great work.

Z4phyr says:

Well review Joe, Thanks

David Berkowitz says:

do you have connections that you can share on mostfun, are trying to do more reviews like you, are also helping education, autism too. @itechnewszone on twitter. Are fans of yours, working with Dagomaus, snapmaker, proforge and a few others too. IDeas to grow our channel let me know.

The Gentleman Scoundrel says:

Joe, thanks for another great review! I am sick with envy at how your T-Rex skull turned out. That is breathtaking. I was about to ask about your feelings on the wire brush when you got to that. 😀 Also, thanks again for your disclaimer.

Also, i wanted to say a big thank you for your Fusion 360 video. I made some camera filter caps for the eclipse coming up, thanks to you!

Practical Printing says:

Does the camera allow you to record time lapses and export them?

Dylan Nokell says:

12,000 already this is cool your channel is growing so fast!!!

MrGurkentomate says:

did you see Make Anythings review of the printer? It’s interesting how he says that the prints are really bad and you say you never had a failed print :O

craazyy22 says:

yey so early i can watch it in a solid 360p

Paul Cumber says:

Hi joe how you doing my friend

MikeOnTheBox says:

I would like on this reviews, footage of the prints and also what time the prints took to complete.

Dartanan says:

Darth Vader with headphones is awesome 😀

Charles Snyder says:

Not first…

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