MostFun Pro 3D Printer Review ( SPOILER : NOT the most fun )

The MostFun Pro is a 3D printer with a lot of promise, but lack of attention to detail leaves it short of expectations.
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Joshua Wilkin says:

I bought my Printer From School As A Broken 3D Printer But It Turned Out it Was Not Broken As The Teacher At My School Did Not Understand How To Use It, I Bought It For £50 Broken But After Down Loading The Correct Slicer It Worked Perfectly Fine. The Printer New Cost Around £3000Now I “Fixed” It, It Cost Around £1500 (On EBAY)So I Would Say I Did Pretty Well And The MostFun Printer Is A Huge Rip OffSo I Would Recommend Just Finding A Cheap Second-Hand Good Printer, Not An Expensive Piece Of Rubbish.My Printer Was A *Bits From Bytes 3D Touch*

Tim Meijers says:

Hope this doesn’t happen with de Obisidan printer from Kodama :O

Elyse Swelsen says:

Hey Devin! Is it possible for you to make a review about the different strengths of the filament with one design? It’s handy to know how much weight a printed piece can carry 🙂

Oh_Herro_ says:

This is an H-bot not a CoreXY.

Dima Pudar says:

He has extremely high expectations…

Laura the Memelord says:

What do you do with printers you no longer need/use? Do you just have them stacked up? Use them for parts?

Julian Poole says:

Not a good printer

Alvin Gozali says:

That printbed is veeery wonky.

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

The CR-10 has really changed the game. Its going to be interesting to see how it effects the high end printer market.

Andrew Sparrow says:

Shame intel have just discontinued the Edison…

Lucas Surgeon says:

1600 DOLLARS…. I THOUGHT IT WAS 200 DOLLAR PRINTER BEFORE YOU SAID THAT…. just get a prusa mark 2 for way less… geez

Mahmut Arkawi says:

3:27 I don’t want my extruder to be eaten 😛

A Weird Vlogger says:


sqass pax says:

i was like “yeah its a good cheap printer”. Than I heard the price. HELL NAW TO THE NAW NAW!

Ren_posted says:

Can u test the monoprice printer

reggiep75 says:

They need to fix the print quality, fix or relist the features it does have and disable some of the ones that are known not to work and then rethink the price but the quality is seriously lacking.

Any manufacturer should look to fix their product and make sure it actually prints and not next on what non-print features it has and would probably have worked with an ARM CPU or an aruduino and not made a big gig about having intel CPUs!

someoneinthedark says:

just build a dbot/cbot or hypercube if you want core xy design

GordonGEICO says:

This is one of my favorite channels on youtube. Thank you for not using click-bait titles and including pointless filler in your videos.

shahaf shvarzman says:

52th comment

Amysaur Huish says:

Hello Devon (Sorry if that is not how you spell it:3)
My name is Amy-Jean.
I’m a young artist from Denmark who is still experimenting with LOTS of different materials and medias.
So you can of course understand my interest in 3D pens..
Your videos have really inspired me to get my own 3D pen.
I want to buy the 3Doodler create but I have some questions I want answered before I spend a lot of money on a pen and filament.
1. How quick do you use a stick of filament? For example how many ‘sticks’ did you use on the flexy sea horse? I want to get a feel for how quick you spend the filament.
2. The reason I want to 3 doodler create is because i like the fact that you can use flexy. And of course it is cheaper that the pro. But I was wondering if you think there were other 3D pens I should consider buying before going with the create?
3. When I was looking at filament for the create on their site I saw that they had abs and pla and I was wondering if there is a notable difference?
4. Can you mix and match pla and abs? Like use both on one piece?

WildRose Builds says:

a race to the bottom!

cybunny25 says:

I watched a 2 minute ad so Devin can get some of that sweet ad revenue



Nathan Schlenker says:

If I have 1500 to spend on a printer, I’mspending the extra and buying either an ultimaker or a gmax 1.5+

TinyTom8 says:


Theo says:

For 1.6k just get 2 prusa i3 mk2s

Er Huht says:

When will the next vase exploration be?

King Pikachu films says:

I’m going to show you a trick

Read more

Bio Toa7 says:

I would say buy a Prusa i3 mk2 instead of this. You can get it assembled for less/ around $1000 with much better quality

Monster Pumpkin says:

Isint this one of the worst 3D printer ?

Benji Stuff says:

I only have $250 what is a good printer for that much money

Spike Kent says:

Great honest review Devin.
Before trying to add bells and whistles, ensure that the printer does the most basic … Print well.
You’re right, if it can’t even print, why bother testing the trinkets.

Jonathan Kayne says:

Seems like a Makerbot 5th Generation 3D Printer as far as the Mechanical build.

Chase Hanson says:

This printer is a joke
For that price you would at least expect it to look great and support the features you listed

Lady Aj says:

now even 3-d printers clickbait

Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

ouch its a dremel. also not great for its price. 🙂

Performance 3DP says:

I would be happy to take it off your hands!

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