Monoprice Delta Mini 3D Printer Review!

Episode 60:
I’ve had the Monoprice Delta Mini 3D Printer for a month now, and in that time I’ve come to understand a few things about this very INTERESTING printer.

First and foremost, for the price, this printer is absolutely worth buying. However, I would not recommend it as a first printer since it definitely has a few quirks.

The print quality is awesome and it’s a great introduction to delta style printing, but you’ll likely have to make some adjustments to get it calibrated properly. There are also just a few odd design choices (i.e. no power switch?!).

Check out this review, let me know what you think, and feel free to leave any questions or comments down below. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to The Enthusiasm Project for new videos and live streams every week!

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Where did you get your starting g code?

Ritz Engineering GmbH says:

i‘m in the decision, ProFab Select Mini+ or the Delta. The only criteria is print surface quality. Speed and Noise doesn‘t matter. A criteria is to print a part, add electronics and continue to close the case. I do not print that’s much.

Tomás MC says:

Dude this is sooo cool! Your B-roll is outstanding! Great job Tom!

Myvideogamenews says:

I could not get my settings right for this printer… I was so frustrated with it (I ended up selling it)… thinking about getting a cr10

George Scott says:

your printer was very loud….I just received one and it is right behind me printing and I can nearly hear it. The heat bed came up to temp very quickly. Is it possible they corrected some things? I agree having just having it run for a very short time I am excited. Thanks for your excellent review. By the way my other printer is the Monoprice Maker Select V2 and I love it.

Legodude935 says:

Great video! I’m curious about your slicer settings, any general quick tips for dialing in the quality on this printer?

Leo Monaghan says:

I’m having the same problem that you mentioned with the Z-Axis starting too low on prints. What G29 setting did you end up with?

James Woods says:

My vr services gave me this printer but I don’t know how to set it up…..any chance you could help me with that?

Joel Doyle says:

Love this review! Thanks man!

Commander Taylor says:

Finally, a honest review!! thankyou, +1 sub!!!
Is there an exact reading on the noise though?

Lestblue says:

omg it’s amazing!!!

Parker S says:

I am looking for a printer and think this is the one, but is the print area large enough for most prints? I have experience 3D printing, but am not sure if it has enough print volume. Any ideas? Other printers you would get instead that are around $250

joe flowers says:

i have this same printer i was wondering what splicing program do you use i use an old version of cura but i would like to use the newer version but dont know how to adjust the setting the same as i have the old version?

Mediatron Tv says:

It’s better this or the 3d nano from easythreed or the biqu magician?

John Jubei says:

The WiFi on the Monoprice mini printers does us the SD card. You transfer files to the printer over wifi, it’s stored on the SD card under a different name cache.gcode or something similar. There is absolutely no reason to fear it. It’s not any more “reliable”, and you’re missing out on remote management.

BK Hobby says:

Missed opportunity to call it a “Delta Heavy” at 4:09….or “Big (Falcon) Printer” 😀 J/k great vid, and great review!

Grimm Book says:

Temp irregularity, and learning curve. Not bad at all for the price.
Thanks a lot.

jeffrey G says:

wifi works fine on these printers, just to let everybody know. Dont know why he said that.

Ritz Engineering GmbH says:

power switch: make a switch in the cable. but sure, its also very easy for the producer.

Coffee Thief says:

Can someone help me set this up to cura

memtech3 says:

I’ve had no problems with the mp mini v1 with wifi

Modern Maximalist says:

So cool! First 3D printer review I’ve very seen. Love the b-roll! Do you print a lot of fun stuff or actually practical things that you use too?

Jacob Wilson says:

What do you usually set your G29 to? I usually have mine to the set mine to G29 Z0.4 and have had reasonably consistent 1st level layers. *I have had to make sure that there is not any old filament from the last time the printer leveled so that the level is set correctly.

Also, an enclosure could be attached to the printer via the metal screws that help hold the metal covering together, this would help with keeping a constant temp. on the build plate and the nozzle. I have noticed that since doing this the internal temp stays consistent and the prints haven’t warped off the plate due to fluctuating plate temps.

The Enthusiasm Project says:

Do you guys have any 3D printing related videos you’d like to see in the future?

ioReid says:

Just a heads up, I’d plug the barrel jack in first, before plugging it in to the wall. Quite a few people (myself included) have had it spark when plugging the barrel jack in last.

Also on the topic of power, if you search “power switch” on the Facebook Group, some people have linked to switches that just plug in between the brick and the cord.
Or you can just get a cheap smart-outlet, so you can control it with your phone. That’s what I ended up doing.

Ritz Engineering GmbH says:

its so easy to add a webserver and allow to control over the internet or bluetooth. i didn‘t understand why monoprice didn‘t choose this much better option.

Bobby Keyz says:

Great review my friend. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. I like the fact that it has a heated bed. I’m not really liking the fact that it has the Z axis problem with it jamming into the bed. Over all I think it’s a cool little printer for the money.

Taylor Parsons says:

Maybe a video using the delta or minis to make an object larger than print bed by making pieces and glueing or welding them together. I want to purchase the filament pen to see if you can weld parts together with it.

Chris Turner says:

Looks like a nice all in one but the smirk on your face when u say “this is a very interesting printer” hahaha! How does this stack up against something like the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus? They are similar prices here in the UK.

I3d_uae says:

One more negative thing no extra cooling fan , nice Video thank you

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