Matterhackers Pulse 3D Printer Review

Matterhackers were kind enough to send me a Pulse 3D Printer for review. I am soooooo glad they did, cause this thing is awesome!!!

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MatterHackers says:

Thanks for sharing, dude – glad you are enjoying the Pulse.

JJB says:

I can’t believe that as a reviewer you wont even mention the fact that that this is a prusa with a bowden and a bltouch instead of pinda…

Chris Skoufis says:

Seems like an A8 with a metal frame. Why the printed parts and the expensive “upgrade kits” ? The Mk3 is built better and is cheaper than this printer.

Short to Ground says:

Omg, I just came from another video that I had it running at 0.5x speed. It’s F…ing hilarious how you sound at that rate. You Look stoned! hahahaha omg! Try it.

Jackson Sherriff says:


Andre S. says:

Sry but this Printer is like a 3 Years old Graphiccard… it’s outdated and they want whey to mutch for that.
It should cost about 400 not more even with the Bondtech.
It is actually a Prusa Style printer so well let’s compare it with the new Mk3 Kit that is out now.
I get way more Sensors and at least the same amout of Support.
Even the Olson Nozzle can be replaced with a hardened Steel Nozzle with Carbonfieber Filament at the e3D Shop.

el_marto says:

Well, it’s pretty impressive indeed, but I don’t know about the price (sure, the quality is impressive but still a salty price) taking into account the basic one doesn’t even have a display (c’mon, how much can cost a smaller than standard, just for the basic needs?).
But well, let’s see if I can get (somehow) my Tornado (yes, you turned me you *** **** 😛 ) when it hopefully arrives somewhen… maybe a nozzle and a BLt for a start…
Thank you as always for the fantastic video, your style rocks!

hed420 says:

Ok, I’m impressed . I was wondering how does the print quality of the cr-10 compare ? I have a feeling it won’t even come close . Even though I really like the cr-10’s build volume, I think quality is more important to me . Do you happen to have a Zortrax m200 to compare print quality with ? I believe the m200 by far has the best print quality I’ve seen thus far but the $2k price tag and the really expensive filament scares me .

JAYTEE Tompkins says:

Hi Joe, thanks for sharing. We can tell you were very excited 🙂 Sadly it’s $235 USD shipping to Australia. Cheers, JAYTEE

kazolar says:

Bowden, can this print Ninjaflex, super flexible stuff, I doubt it would be able to.

Gamer Nick says:

$95 for screen. Pass.

TelliMantelli says:

Im sorry who agreed it the best benchy? tons of ringing sag on square window…IM not saying it nice..but best ever seen…eh

GeoDroidJohn says:

The best printer is the one that works.

Peter Adlam says:

I can’t get a real impression from a review where the printer has a ruby nozzle – realistically very few people would ever have one of those.

Gordon H says:

Hey Joe, could you please share the thingiverse links to the make tests you do on your printer reviews? Thanks in advance! 😀

Robothut says:

Joe, When you finally found the sweet setting for the printer, you did not say what they were, or I missed it. Add some screen shots of the slicer profile that you found worked best, we can pause the You Tube and copy the settings for use with this printer.

Peter Ellens says:

vopal hexapod!! Re the printer, its a clone of the Prusa mk2… unless they really stuff it up, it should print well

JAT.MN says:

Wait.. you said it has a orbit(?) calibration sensor which is identical to the bltouch?
The camera shows its an Antclabs BLtouch.. 2:01 (confused..)

Practical Printing says:

Great detailed review! I have also seen this printer running at Matter Hackers and was pleasantly impressed by it!

Jean Seb Astienback says:

For the latest discounts codes on 3D Printers from gearbest, check out the following link (Constantly Updated): your link
is dubious: youtube redirection displays a warning: Might contain malwares, virus etc…
Why do you use short urls? What do you have to hide?

GeoDroidJohn says:

Ugggghhh noooooo threaded rod! REPRAP NIGHTMARES

JJB says:

so another prusa ripoff….but this time, from a “respectable” company

Greg El says:

I find the Z probe for a z home switch a bit wierd. Other than that, it looks like a very well calibrated machine and it is cool to see that the bowden setup and stepper dampeners don’t impact negatively print quality if the machine is well calibrated. Interesting decisions from Matterhackers. I am making my own custom machine so I am not interested in the machine itself, but interesting review and a good video with information on the changes the machine had in 2-3 months time.

Joey Nuggetz says:

Post the gcode for that killer benchy.

Greg Allen says:

Thanks for the overview. I must say I can’t believe they are trying to sell this POS for $900… So lets break this down. Threaded rods and nuts for the chassis. (A couple dollars) LM8UU bearings zip tied, yes zip tied to the bed! WTF?!? ($10) 3D printed brackets, LCD cover, etc. ( A couple dollars) An LCD screen you can buy on Gearbest for $12 that they are charging $95 for! Nema 17 motors $30. Power supply $25. Control board $25. Heated bed $15. 8mm rods and lead screws maybe $40. The aluminum frame my local machine shop would cut with a water jet for about $60. We could probably build this with a one off frame for around $250. Remember this cost would be retail prices not the wholesale or bulk prices they are paying for the same parts. A typical markup is around 40-50%. Lets use 50% for simplicity. This means they pay around $100 for the parts. That means a markup of $800!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I understand that companies need to make a profit but this is ridiculous. For the record I wouldn’t buy an original Prusa for the same reason. You can purchase printers for less than half the cost that deliver the same results. Let’s take this a bit further. I would pay $900 for this or the Prusa if they set themselves apart from the competition in print and build quality. So what would that entail? Linear rails not rods on all axis. A 32 bit board with good stepper drivers for improved accuracy. A full color touch display. An extruded frame for rigidity. A 120v insulated heated bed. An original E3D V6 hotend. Good stepper motors. (maybe .9 degree) Built in WiFi…. Rant over. 🙂


GnuReligion says:

Am jelly of the 0.1 Benchy! Never been able to read the plate like that on prints from my A8.

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