MASSIVE 3D Printer Comparison – Best 3D Printer 2018

Hey YouTube! Which 3D printer should you buy? In today’s video I did my best to cover everything you need to know about these 3D printers:

Anycubic I3 Mega:
Black Widow:
Anet E10:
mGiraffe Makeblock:
Anet A8:
TEVO Tarantula:
TEVO Little Monster Delta:
TEVO Tornado:
Creality CR-10:
Creality CR-10S:
Creality CR-10S5:

In the video I tried to have a good balance to show some printer between the $500-1000 range, as well as the cheap $200 printers. Here’s a quick conclusion of which 3D printer I think you should go for. The Anycubic I3 Mega has been working so well and always produce good results, for less than $400 it’s a good deal in my book. However, an even more affordable option would be the Creality CR-10. I calculated my all time usage to around 500h and is by far the 3D printer I use the most. If you want a fun, safe and good performance machine you should pick the mGiraffe from Makeblock. The Creality CR-10S5 with a massive build volume of 500x500x500mm is great if you need to print really large things. I hope you found this helpful, have an awesome day!

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RCLifeOn says:

Love you guys, here are the shortcuts:
Anycubic I3 Mega: 1:25
TEVO Black Widow: 2:46
Snapmaker: 4:55
Anet E10: 6:15
Emotiontech Rework: 8:13
Makeblock mGiraffe: 8:49
Anet A8: 9:51
TEVO Tarantula: 9:51
TEVO Little Monster: 11:03
TEVO Tornado: 12:03
Creality CR-10: 13:20
CR-10 Upgraded Version: 14:29
CR-10 500mm Version: 16:28
*Testing Printing Quality: 17:29

Jim Carpetburn says:

I can see why you have a lot of these they look really nice

Dave Wilson says:

What is the difference between the Anet A8 and the Prusa i3? Looking at them on Amazon they look like the exact same units.

Asger Vestbjerg says:

Thanks for sharing, And a Happy New year to you 🙂

Majestic King Kazma マジェスティックキングカズマ says:

Thanks for the Anet A8 profile sir!

Jesse Foreman says:

There was an issue with the PCB heater on the S5 so creality opted to go with the standard CR 10 heat bed PCB the CR 10 S4 actually has the biggest pcb heater. It would have made more sense for them to use the S4 PCB heater but I’m sure they had more 300x300x300 heating elements laying around at the time of production. Love the content. Awesome channel

Peter says:

can you write in spanish? for question you in sapnish

legoman says:

how do you use the .fff file

Kleiton Barcelos says:

thx for this extreme useful explanation

Sub To Everything says:

As always, you have such a great Quality Video, and still convey the info I need. Keep it up! I do have one suggestion though, your RC videos seem to be getting a lot of success, so what if you tried to completely 3D print a massive working Drone or a massive RC-Style Car?! 🙂 I believe that you have enough 3d printers that if you used them all at once, you would be able to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you!
(Please like so Simon can see this)

Seeker44 says:

Time for a giveaway perhaps!?

HikaruWDM n/a says:

How do stop your prints from lifting or getting layer separation with those open air printers?

mike muniz says:

What the best one

Dufisthenics says:

Great job dude, even with longer videos you do well at making it entertaining and interesting.

VegasGuy89183 says:

Great, great video! But then, I love all your videos. I was LMAO watching you begrudgingly admit the Anet A8 did a nice job at printing. It’s the printer I have. Right before Christmas I saw it on sale for $119.00 US.

Byron Clarkson says:

You should take a look at some of the newer off brand highly featured printers. I’ve been looking at one from flsun that’s a dual extruder, big print volume, self leveling, filament detection, colour touch screen, ECT. It’s called “flsun I3 3d Printer Touch Screen Dual Extruder DIY” on AliExpress. It’s probably crappy but it has decent reviews and even if it’s hard to get it to work perfectly, all those features could make it worth it?

Niels Willemsen says:

I wanna buy my own 3d printer thanks to your videos 🙂 . Should I go for the anet a8 or the tevo tarantula? Keep up the good work!

HL ModTech says:

Love to see the A8 get some props. I added one to my classroom and it has been great. The learning that can occur while building and working with it is awesome. Great Video!

danijel124 says:

Where do you get the money for all this stuff? Do you get them for free? Im confused…

Paendabear says:

Thank you for the video and the tips!

This comprehensive comparison video convinced me to go but the tevo tornado. Use the coupon code tornadous on gearbest for 329.99 I don’t know if the coupon will still be live after this week.

AfroTechCompany says:

Hey dude can u share the profiles in CURA? I dont have de s3d and I´d like to see on cura
Hope u help me
Best regards

ItzZerv says:

You should get a Jgaurora A5 I have one and it has a huge 1ft by 1ft build plate and great quality it’s awesome

CaleBarlow says:

I just bought an Anycubic i3 mega and i printed one print and it started jamming. Any ideas?

Stig Berntsen says:

Files works just fine. Thanks for sharing, will compare for my own AnyCubic and CR10 printers. Tackar Tackar 😉

Grim Engineer says:

Prusa I3 Mk3 FTW.

Infosec Val says:

Nice video!! I really enjoyed it. 🙂 Even though I like your other videos where you were out of the studio these are my favorite. Especially when you compare printers (including the Tevo Tarantula, which I own as well). Keep rocking, Simon!!

Destinie Diggs says:

@rclifeon Do you recommend the FLSUN Kossel Delta 3D Printer? I’m looking for a budget delta printer. Btw love your vids

mikeTECH says:

Great content as usual Simon. I’m itchin for a CR-10

Justin W says:

It’s a shame you had so many problems with the Anet E10, mine has actually been pretty awesome, no bent print bed or anything really. I’m using PET sheet on top of the metal bed and it works wonderfully.

Kasparas Martinkus says:

In your video , did you use lipstick because your lips are so red and bright.

Eo Tunun says:

Upgrade tip: If you pick a somewhat bigger and thicker sheet of glas that overlaps the heat bed, there’s no real issue in printing up to 250×250 in X and Y direction on the A8. Only the locking latch of the heat bed’s connector required grinding a little dent into the lower side of the glass, which is bog standard window glass, no borosilicate. Be careful to not get pretensioned glass, that will shatter on the first scratch, though. Just make sure the glass isn’t too thin, some 5 to 6mm will do very well. The sheet of 250x250x5 I got cost 3 quid at my local glazier’s. Works a treat. To be on the safe side, preheat the heat bed before the print fore maybe 5 minutes, and bob’s your auntie. I check it with my infrared thermometer. Once the glass surface has the set temperature, I start the print. I only used it with PLA so far, but with it, I had no issue whatsoever.

Arvid Norberg says:

Nice video

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