Maker Select 3d Printer – Review

Geek Tripp’s review of the Monoprice Maker Select 3d printer.


MK10 extruder upgrade:!product-page/cv9c/29551477-6081-c30f-04fe-cece31e3ba6f


lolatron says:

hey fix for the screws
glue them
“drops keyboard”

Kevin Carlson says:

What nozzle size would you recommend for the Micro Swiss upgrade?

Jesus Aristeo Ponce says:

You should try to make a resume of what you will be talking about in the video then just remember and improvise over that, that way you won’t have to be reading the script , i’m not saying to memorize the script, just go over it and over that improvise, i use to do that.

Leighton Carr says:

get a better mic!

Nathan Lindsey says:

Excellent video. I’m looking at getting a Maker Select. Was this review based on the V1 or V2 model? If it was the V1, do you know if any of the issues you had were fixed in V2?

caner cakir says:

i bought one and in one week stoped working and then started to smoke with burning smell when i open the control unit i just saw that board burned down.. luckly i was in home and didnt left unattended prints… board of that printer sux do not buy it

Rogohoco Aguilera de la garza says:

it can use ABS?

ugzz says:

neat vid, sadly the title is a bit misleading, it’s less of a review of the maker select and more of a review of a modded maker select. Which is cool, but not what i was looking for after reading the title.

carolcheny says:

thanks, you need a screen in front of your mic, OK?

Steffan Haeberle says:

Dude, you are WAY too close to the mic. Step away from the mic.

JRmoviemakers says:

Hey I’m looking into buying this 3D printer. Thoughts?

davabran says:

good video, thanks for the mod tips will do them.

Chase H. says:

useful video. I just got this printer as well. If you are using a headset to record the audio it might help to move the mic down to where your chin is to avoid the “mic popping” during the audio recording.

Hiram Romero says:

Were you able to make it work with the USB?

AWD Kamikaze says:

Good review, but please invest in a pop-filter for your microphone. If you listen to this video on a high quality sound system (with a subwoofer) there’s an annoying pop of bass every time you speak, which made it difficult to pay attention to what was being said.

556todd says:

When it’s done printing does it shut itself off or anything?I’m just wondering how safe it is to leave running overnight or something where you won’t be back to turn it off for several hours after it’s done.

Nick Grishin says:

can you not tell us what a 3d printer is, it’s self explanatory and if i didn’t know what it was, I’d see the video of it printing and understand. also if i didn’t know what it was, i wouldn’t be searching for specific models would I? someone who doesn’t know that a 3d printer prints in 3d wouldn’t be searching “maker select printer v2 review” they’d be searching “what’s a 3d printer?” upon doing so they’ll get a visual explanation instead of you talking.

Sir Gillium says:

I have this printer and it just wont let any filament out, worked good for the first print then mid way into the second stopped, 3rd no filament would come out. Very frustrating any help?

Mike Colton says:

You need to put your mic further away or get a P pop. couldn’t watch this it’s bad for speakers.

RedLightningTheLegend says:

ugh its either this or a new matter modt im such a lazy fuck i might just get the mod t if this thing needs THAT much work in so few prints.

JtagHDModz says:

Did I hear him fart? Lmao

MatrixDM productions says:

Good video

Michael Scott says:

3 words. High Pass Filter. The rumble and plosives on your microphone are criminal.

Nathan Allan says:

Have you done much printing in abs? I am interested in hearing how the makerselect handles it.

Mr Blade says:

What are the advantages aside from flexibility of higher temp plastics?

I bought this printer a few weeks ago and it’s been a dream come true. I honestly don’t see a lot of the criticism you brought up.

Moxzot says:

1 word popfilter

Ty Yoho says:

great video. thanks for your honest opinion and fixes to common problems. subscribed

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