Lulzbot TAZ6 3D Printer Review (Finally!)

I’m now able to finalize my review of the Lulzbot TAZ6 3d printer, and WOW. The Lulzbot TAZ6 performs extremely well, and it’s supported well from a great company. What is my final recommendation for the printer? Watch and find out 🙂

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jockspice says:

I had the chance to get a second hand Taz 6 so I jumped at it. It prints like a boss and has added an extra dimension with the size of the prints.
Great video! #highfive

ms3bani says:

PEI is the future of print surfaces.

Habiteer Workshop says:

love my taz6, got 5 of them 😀

Targ's Workshop says:

I love my Taz5 and the Taz 6 looks like an awesome upgrade. Great Review Joel!

Scottish 3D Printing Guy says:

What a beautiful machine! This may have to be the next machine I get!

T is Good says:

wow you have a filament store behind you! nice, I’m jealous lol

Ryan Lin says:

are you rich?????????

CementRoots says:

is it just me when I see these “buy” printers like this, all i can think of is how easy this would be a DIY project for a fraction of the price… but I personally do think the TAZ great looking machines…. but, but, easily replicated…. like the prusa
isnt 3D printing part of being in the Tinkerer, Maker, Hacker hobby??…. unless your going to be a 3D print retailer…LOL… sorry that always makes me laugh ….. anyway,…. maybe it is just me…. maybe I’m just cheap, or do I embrace the hobby as a whole? …. as for customer support… when you make it yourself, you yourself are the support…. in the end its just a plastic squirter…
thats my opinion on the subject…

Builder's Mark, says:

Great review. BTW your pm on fb isn’t working.

Ahmad Ilyas says:

when is the bcn3d r17 sigma review coming

Karma says:

Love my TAZ 6!

Abuzz Designs says:

That machine looks awesome! As I said on twitter, I wish I had extra funds right now because it seems like a pretty awesome machine! High five Joel!

gamertag god says:

hey Jolene I’m 12 years old and I just got the ultimaker 3 and I wanted to thank you for getting me into 3d printing thanks

Jeremy Lopat says:

Can you do a video on the monoprice maker select mini?

Jack Hydrazine says:

Could you do a review of the FolgerTech FT-5? It costs $499 and has a print volume of 300mm x 300mm x 400mm (11″ x 11″ x 16″), but you do have to assemble it.

KewlN8 says:

great video left a like

powerKitten Unlimited says:

Hey Joel! #highfive
I want to save up for my first 3D printer but I’m a little scrapped on cash as a 16 year old.
I’m currently planning on saving up for the LulzBot Mini because I want one that’ll work well and that I can get a lot of use out of. I’m a little wary of that $1,250+ price tag, though, as my income from my allowance, grades, and holidays isn’t that great. The LulzBot Mini certainly looks like a great investment to me right now, but I wanted to ask you if there was a cheaper printer you would recommend that’d work for me. Thanks, and stay awesome!

TrendMend says:

TIKO!!! TIKO!!! TIKO!!!!!

(I have one)

Yoqsetioxd says:

Twisty stl plzzz

sandman logo says:

Hello! I am very interested in the info given in all of your videos, and I am very convinced to buy a 3D printer! The thing is, I have no clue how to use them, or how to use the programs. Do u have any recommended printers for a first timer who has done nothing?

Mark Hudson says:

When I bought my first printer back at the very end of last year, I was almost sold on a taz6. But, after watching your review and lack of follow up, I decided to go with a makergear. Oddly enough, I still went ahead and purchased a taz from matter hackers (where was my sale a few weeks ago guys lol) My point for this post is that when you give some relatively negative feedback and then dont follow, it leads people to develop their own ideas of why you didnt follow up, and most of them are not good. I just read so much over time I decided to go ahead, and now you validated my decision lol.

Popi Eyy says:

So… Should i (someone that wants to get into 3D printing) buy This one or the Original Prusa I3 Mk2?

Mitch 3D says:

Star Wars Pinball, you’re just getting cooler 🙂

Scott Lahteine says:

Good review, Joel. I’m a big fan of the Lulzbot and AlephObjects, especially as they’re such huge advocates of open source. They walk the walk.

So, I had a fun time demoing with MakerArm at SXSW today, but I didn’t see hide nor hair of Josef or I’d have given him a proper high-five (and not let go of his ankle till he tossed me an MK2 to develop Marlin on!).

In your review you mentioned the “old antiquated” UI. Well, the Lulzbot ships with Marlin installed (version 1.0.2-2, I believe). Happily, as time goes on newer versions of Marlin will continue to totally support this machine, and the next version (1.1.0, still in pre-release) does have some nice improvements (better support for the graphical display, improved filament-change, etc.). We haven’t done a huge amount of work on the UI but there have been some good tweaks and additions. Of course, you’ll still have to use the old push-knob to control the machine, but that’s a limitation of the LCD controller they use.

For a total revamp of the user interface, MagoKimbra (Alberto Cotronei) has published a version of Marlin that can interface with the Nextion touch screen, so that’s one possible upgrade route if you want a nice touch UI. I’d recommend waiting till after the 1.1 release if you do decide to try it out. So many things have been fixed… and broken… and re-fixed…

DeJongDude Gaming says:

Do you suggest Cura or Simplify 3D when using this printer? I have had experience with the Da Vinci 1.0 & 1.1 plus, but have never had an opened source, hardware, or software printer. Any recommendations about using either software would be great!

MatterHackers says:

Joel, this video was great – sort of makes us want to do a…FLASH SALE! If you like the TAZ 6 video, and you love Joel, follow the link in the description above and save $100 off the TAZ 6 – today only! (3/9/2017).

CreeperGamer2021 says:

How do you pay for all of your 3D printers????????

TheShistinator Vasquez says:

thank you, 3d printing markiplier

Kid Techie says:

I wonder what the Lulzbot taz 7 is going to be like?

TheCommandMaster says:

how do you get the pengilin to print in onre piece not a lot of seperate stls

DeJongDude Gaming says:

Do you think I should buy the TAZ 6 or do you know if they are coming out with a TAZ 7 anytime soon?

Panoreth 3D Printing says:

Joel, you should do another tour of your printer room and filament wall.

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