Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer Review

I review the Lulzbot Mini 3d printer. Plus, I show off some prints made with the printer, and give you an idea of what I think about the printer. It’s good stuff, you should watch.

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Jonathan Gonzalez says:

Dude he looks and sounds like markiplier. Even has similar mannerisms…

derf 213 says:

do you have to use the the included version of cues or could I use simplify 3d?

matthew trn says:

So just curious, how has the 1.75 mm filament been working out? Any notable change in reliability or print quality?

Jeremy Lopat says:

How well does it print tpu?

Matthew813 says:

Do you get to keep it?

masterofmice says:

How many 3D printers do you have

steve c says:

3D printers today seem to be about where laser printers were in the 80’s, big, slow, complicated, expensive machines that didn’t work very well! I suspect that in another year they will be down closer to where laser printers are today, made mostly of cheap plastic parts and costing only $79 but working much better. This one looks like the best model so far but it’s $1200 so it looks like the $179 Tico beats it by quite a bit.

Ritesh Patil says:

i went

Paul Cumber says:

where can I order one joel

Jake Levy says:

Please tell me what kind of filament you use, like what brand??


Couldn’t you put in a thumb drive

balancenoptions1322 says:

Is this still your go to printer today?

Thomas Piccione says:

If only this was a review on the Taz 6, then I could make the pun it is fan TAZtic. 😉

Eric Shelby says:

Bought this back in November. Still works great!

CF zone says:

I just got a new anet a8. It prints great. Thank, Joel.


Base mode or Vace mode?

WysteriaGuitar says:

I need to print 1:400 scale airplanes and vehicles for a model airport I am making. Can this 3d printer make small objects like that?

Carl Calderon says:

Great review Joel! As a Lulzbot mini owner myself I share your pro’s and con’s. However; I have lately noticed that the automatic cleaning may fool you. Even with fresh new cleaning felt and a hand cleaned nozzle (pre-autocleaning), sometimes a tiny bit of felt gets stuck on the nozzle and hinders the conductive auto-leveling. My solution was to remove the felt-cleaning part and hand-clean the nozzle before each print, just to be sure.

Also; a single Nema damper on the y-axis reduced the noise from ear-bleeding to acceptable.

Villiam Heinesen says:

can you PLZ make a Giveaway with one of youre things you have 3D printed

Peter Woo says:

Did you have to calibrate the esteps? Our school has that printer…

Russeal Hagrid says:

Hashtag level… is over 9,000!!!!

3DPrintDay says:

Wow this printer really has everything figured out. Nozzle cleaning, auto leveling. So rigid, it feels like it’s made to last. This video made me look at my printer with disgust, mainly for all the time I spent leveling the bed and cleaning the nozzle.

Christopher Pilcher says:

I’ve had a Lulzbot for a few months now. It was my first 3D printer, and it’s fantastic. We did have a small problem where the RAMBo board broke, but the support team was quick and friendly. I sent it in, they fixed it, and had it back in less than a week, all free of charge. (Well, except shipping. Oh well.)

One thing you didn’t mention that I love is the carrying handle. That’s just a great touch, and shows how much thought was put in to this printer.

Goodmourning257 says:

I work with a FF Creator Pro at work and that dual nozzle is hard to beat! 🙂

Trung Le says:

looks like I gonna work my butt out this summer

TheIcemanModdeler says:

I would put this against a Craftbot Plus to see which is better.

jason todd says:

high five

jwrtiger says:

I have had a Lulzbot Mini for the last few months and have been very happy with it. No failed prints so far.

ImaginationToForm says:

Hi, With the PEI bed do you have trouble removing the part? I’ve tried different PEI sheets on my Robo 3d and the sheets always get ruined. I hope with it part of the bed it doesn’t

Hillbilly Herper says:

Rocket man!!! Lol

Jacob Franz says:

How would it compare to ultimaker or your gmax

J Mc says:

Is printing with ABS problematic with warpage due to not having an enclosure?

SomePlaceForVideos says:

Would buy for half the price.

Kurt DirtClod says:

You sold me on this printer – on order! With all the experience you have with different printers and materials could you make a movie about your techniques on removing prints that are stuck and How To get them loose and techiques that work best getting to stick with the different materials please

Todd Shoemaker says:

I’m a teacher and new to 3D printing. How well will this printer work with TinkerCad?

Brian Johnson says:

So… Don’t put this printer on a table with another printer?

Thanks for the video!

mortrem76 says:

I hate my mini so much…. I change the bed twice, I change the microcontroler twice (Now I use a alluminium bed) Now I use a mks base and it run smooth, less noisy by far. and for the same price of the mini-shitty-rambo, with a touch screen and a sdcard reader. It doesn’t wort is 2000$

Justin says:

Can i have the rocket print file?

Martin says:

Can it print petg

ben shinsky says:

I’ve been using this printer for about a year now and had no idea it’s supposed to take 3mm filament! I’ve actually ONLY used 1.75mm filament this entire time and it’s turned out quality prints each go.

Ahs Electonics Club says:

I love this review! Thank you!

Can you please give me a list of the best printers under $1500? Is the lulzbot mini #1 for that price range? I’m looking into buying one. 🙂

Shopless WoodWorker says:

I saw this printer in use and one big reason i didn’t get it is because its very very loud. I chose a flashforge clone, the powerspec 3d pro because the build plate was bigger, it was enclosed witch makes it easier to print with abs and it is really quiet. I’ll say this 100 times over, I do not regret it. #getthingsdone

Andrew Bok says:

Does this printer work well and reliably with prints with multiple components? My schools printer is rather bad about them so wanna know

Russeal Hagrid says:


Bruce Brachman says:

I have had this printer for a year and a half. I found that if the printer shakes at all, the prints will not come out sharp and clean. I built a solid, stand alone table for it with heavy materials. Once on this new table, any irregularities disappeared. I even have the printer sitting on a slab of marble for more weight. Dampeners under the 4 feet did not work. The solid table did.

Muzzary657 says:

Hey I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on the lulzbot mini enclosure made by TabSynth and if it would have any difference on my prints and if it’s worth it for $110. Thanks

EGGO says:

“Don’t mind the combusting motors, it’s meant to do that”

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