Linear Rails. Huge Build Volume. Kit. Flying Bear Tornado 3D Printer Review

The Flying Bear Tornado is a lot of 3D Printer for just over $500, but you know what they say… you get what you pay for.

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Full disclosure: This kit was sent to me by Flying Bear free of charge for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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its for any one who likes hard work angus we can rebuild it just hope it dosnt take 6 millon dollars lol

8Bit.Jay says:

Hey Angus, How does the Fake Tak compare to the real thing?

Ray Pena says:

Love the honesty!! This printer was in my cross hairs… but I’m not a masochist! Thanks again, I’m a recent subscriber and very much enjoying your videos!

ImaginationToForm says:

Well better you than me I guess for building that kit, thanks much. It certainly looked nice. It makes the Tronxy x5s look better. I had watched someone build that though not easy it did print good.

David Light says:

Thank goodness we are maybe finally getting past the YT Channels as sales staff for the industry. I get it that many channels use the commission model to survive but thank goodness Angus is shifting to a different business model to provide actual educational content unbiased and unconcerned about the actual content upsetting the manufacturers.
THANK YOU, Angus, and hopefully, the entire 3D YT channel industry will find ways to monetize their efforts outside of the industry commission sales model
Dr D

Unicorn 1 says:

Ball screws nothing new just look at old garage door openers, though stainless obtained new from industrial mechanical components supply might be pricey

Michael Hasted says:

I wonder how many have gone flying out the window. 🙂

577AllWell says:

There was an early tipoff that this was a crap machine.. “Flying Bear Tornado” It blows me away how much time and money some people waste trying to mod a garbage 3d printer into something as good as what they could have bought for $100 more in the first place.

Liang Jiang says:

pretty bad quality for so much money.

Steve Olmstead says:

I have the Flying Bear P905 and it’s amazingly great !

LazerLord10 says:

So… how does it compare to the FT-5? The FT-5 has almost all the same specs (minus core-XY) for the same price, and it’s my favorite printer so far.


This was a great review Thanks for recommending it, ordering two.

Spike Kent says:

Always loved your frankness Angus. If it’s shit, you call it shit. Thats why I always trust you and Tom above all.

Tarcísio Batista says:

Build a hypercube!

Luke The Mighty says:

I cannot watch it. Is it forbidden in sweden or something?

Andree H. says:

Capricorn is proven shit!

Dan300891 -print&go- says:

ouch.. That high pitch noise in painful, even over the internet… I’ll admit, I’m autistic with hyper sensitive hearing, but yeh, just painful

Baum Kuchen says:

Touch you later guys!

Obsidian Dimond says:

Pls do a review of the velleman vertex printer it is a very good rail printer kit

aserta says:

Assuming this is a rigid setup, throw all the printer components, source a cheap CNC setup and turn it in to a CNC with a large bay. It hasn’t been done in ages now, but you can build 3D items with these types of CNC by adding the layers as they are finished. From, example, polycarbonate sheets, or wood, or metal.

mitchell hirsch says:

i have this!!! isnt it a h bot??

Dewclaws says:

I wonder how long till the Thumbdown bots hit this. Thanks for the Review, it was just on time. I was just looking at one and reading reviews for one.

zodak9999b says:

“What could go wrong?” It’s funny how that question is *always* answered.

koitk says:

Oh my, reminds me of the Cartesio W, our lab bought it for a project back in 2015, on specs it seemed quite good. In the end there were probably few parts that remained original and even then it was an average printer. Well atleast after all we found out how not to build 3d printer.

GeoDroidJohn says:

I’m gonna make a home depot 3d printer. Would you review it? lol

Jtbman says:

Kind of sucks, because the Flying Bear P902 is actually a pretty decent kit for the money… guess companies can’t get everything right. :/

nicolas0065 says:


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