Kodama Obsidian – The $99 3D Printer?

Kodama has their second 3d printer, the Obsidian, out on Kickstarter and ready for backing. It’s a $99 3d printer that, quite honestly, is trending towards being a decent machine.

The Kickstarter for the Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer:

UPDATE June 29, 2017: Michael reached out and they have an official offering for the shipping questions on their Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1403065126/obsidian-3d-printer-high-quality-sleek-and-afforda/posts/1924524

UPDATE June 26, 2017: I reached out to Michael from Kodama on the shipping charges. He said, “The Kickstarter shipping prices included VAT and import taxes for the customer. I cannot change anymore and I will do what I can. I think adding a free spool of Polyplus teal to all orders (retail $36 or $25 on the Kickstarter) so it in theory brings the shipping down to $25 and $45 for Europe including VAT. Every new backer gets 10% Kodama discount for life after the campaign”

What is your opinion – does this help? Or is this enough?

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TheUnholiness Within says:

After reading comments saying shipping is the drawback, capitalism apologists often say capitalism gave us technology. The irony of this cop-out is-Capitalism is also what makes technology inaccessible to many.

NO, I am NOT saying communism is better, to kill any strawman attempts. No, all I saying is those apologists are defensive.

zoran galof says:

if black costs $ 150, please send me one immediately

Stupidity in Woodworking and Drone Flying says:

And ladies and gents, this printer no longer exists in production. Gotta love kickstarter lol.

Christian PIper says:

I would rather get the Anet A8. It can print all of the types of filament that this can, and I got mine for $120. Also has a bigger build volume.

Carlos Caldelas says:

Does anyone knows what´s the current status for Kodama printers?, I already googled it and also went to the company´s page but as an example I can´t pre order or do much inside their page

metzindustries says:

Paid shill

The Shibe Guy says:

I backed the Obsidian Plus


So would this be a good 3D printer for a beginner and what is a good filament or whatever the spools hold for models that can be primed and painted?

Inlakech01 says:

i want

Bokie 1 says:

This is the 420th comment

Dilpreet Singh says:

where can i get it? i m from india

Trumpet says:

why aren’t 3d printers 3d printed?

YoboiRBLX says:

Leave a like if you think this guy sounds exactly like markiplier

Chris Foster says:

everyone complaining about the printer being $100, $150-$170 after shipping thats just silly! The printer is amazing and that price is still WAY cheaper than most comparable 3D printers out there right now. The shipping cost is high because the machine has very sensitive parts. Higher shipping cost for better packaging and better handling. If people want to complain this much i would give an option for cheaper shipping and put a warning label *If you choose this shipping the company is not liable for damages received during shipping* then lets see if they’re more upset of having to pay $50 for shipping or triple for an entirely new machine.

Anonymous Person says:

400th comment

RED apple says:

I want to get into 3D printing I was thing about getting the monoprice select mini v2 or the delta.

somehuman-json says:

I don’t need it.
I don’t need it.

Hagan Du Monde says:

Seattle, so close Vancouver

SomePlaceForVideos says:

V4 hasn’t even come out yet.

Von Doom says:

Please remove the information popup ad from the video

UnrealVideoDuke says:

Can’t find it on their website, why the heck are they having a “Kickstarter” when it seems very abusive since they are already “Established”???

Rick Malone says:

I’m trying to find a low budget printer that can simply make detailed containers to hold ntag 215 cards. So about 1″ thick and 2.5″x3.5″.
What is the max size of that one/is there one you would refer?
I’m not very familiar with them so I don’t want to invest to much at this stage.

Ben Jackson says:

Not particularly impressed since my Ender 2 only cost $150 and it’s print quality is far superior. This is a cheap plastic box with mediocre print quality. No thanks.

Greg Thompson says:

A bunch of whiney bitches on here. I got the big boy, first printer for me. $300 shipped to Canada, all the bells and whistles. Buying these things in Canada is a pain as something big similar size and features costs like double what I will pay after exchange. Its probably not the best one out there, the price says that. But for anyone starting out this strikes me as more than adequate. If this isn’t nyiur first machine I’m not sure why you would want a lower end machine anyways. If I have fun with this and learn to use it well I will buy something in the $1500 range when I can. Even if that means making and selling knick knacks on this one to raise the cash

Michael Noeth says:

People like you and companies like Creality and Prusa are the reasons I’m inspired this year.

The Red Layer says:

Nice of them to send them to you for free. Too bad they can’t get their own crap together and actually do some honest business. You should reach out to them and ask them “what’s up?”. Your videos was one of the ones I used to justify my backing, yet there’s no product and they’re not answering any questions honestly or professionally.

Terribly bad endorsement

darkracer125 says:

i have to disagree with you on the 06:40 comment
the anet a8 support group has shown me that now the prices are so low. alot of idiots are suggesting nonsence and thinking they are actually helping.

like for example anti z-wobble kits that constrict the side to side movement of the leadscrew up top.

more people is good yes. but it needs to happen slow enoegh so the stupidity does not reach a critical mass where the idiots just reinforce what other idiots falsely think. and you get huge heated arguements between people who are wrongly informed and people who actually know what they are talking about.

new people are great but their oppinions can do more harm then good.

pg86131314 says:

250 nigha it posted 99.00 u lie for 250 I can get something really nice not that pos wtf b.s. ass fake video to get views that thing looks like a night mare pos

unfairlight says:

If this comes out and is going to be sold in Europe (Europe gets really shafted when it comes to 3D printers) it would be an instant buy for me. The folks at Kodama have their stuff together, it seems. Pretty solid prototype.


I need without camera and app model but with smart LCD and heated bed.

Love Dirt says:

What is the build area

George Parente says:

buy an Anet A8 has everything minus the camera for $160 shipping included and it works great

nanafalke says:

3:53, litle jam, probably nozzle too low.

3D Printing Nerd says:

I reached out to Michael from Kodama on the shipping charges. He said, “The Kickstarter shipping prices included VAT and import taxes for the customer. I cannot change anymore and I will do what I can. I think adding a free spool of Polyplus teal to all orders (retail $36 or $25 on the Kickstarter) so it in theory brings the shipping down to $25 and $45 for Europe including VAT. Every new backer gets 10% Kodama discount for life after the campaign”

What is your opinion – does this help? Or is this enough?

Daniel Wolford says:

Are you going to do a review on the Trinus in the background?

Rooddjy Murat says:

Feel bad for 3d printer last name is a mincraft block

William Wolfe says:

Going to pick this up will be a great xmass gift to my self

Alex Rowland says:

6 months later and still in pre-order? With a $150 w/$30 shipping (to the US) minimum price? Too bad. Also, a $99 3D printer could definitely help to drastically accelerate the growth of the 3D printing community, but not if it sucks. That would just help to cement the idea in some peoples minds that 3D printing is really more of a hobby with no real-world uses.
And give him a break for being cool with the CEO. I’m sure most of you would feel pretty humbled if the CEO of company spent that kind of time and money solely to pay you a visit.

E.B Productions says:

The 99$ doesnt have led screen

Mickey Kincaid says:

sooo hack it to run marlin and use Octoprint?


pickle head says:

OK I got 50 dollars for my 12th b day and so did my twin where can I buy this?

SkyDivingMoose says:

Lol I use 100mm a second on my anet a8

Alex Lozano says:

i live in seattle

Kanari Mentos says:

not available on stock

Little tiny kitten gamer Roblox and more says:

Hey guys go check out my channel

Pablo Fernández says:

the Preorder is now 199

boliussa says:

So basically you are just chatting to him repeating yourself obviously ‘cos it doesn’t work but he had some he made earlier with that kind of machine… I guess it’s tough though cos you want them to send you the machine to review.. you weren’t dishonest though, that’s good.

The Dark Rider says:

where can i buy it ?

Psycast says:

I didn’t really see the point of Michael being there since he didn’t say anything about his product. Just awkwardly sitting there drinking his coke.

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