JGAurora A5 3D Printer Review // The Most UNDERRATED Printer of 2018

GearBest Flash Sale ($319 EU Plug, $345 US Plug) : http://bit.ly/A5gearbest
or via Amazon : http://bit.ly/A5amazon
I’ve had a lot of time to play around with the JGAurora A5 Upgraded 3D printer and it’s been an absolute workhorse! It may be the best 3D printer for people starting out in terms of ease of setup, reliability and size all for under $500. Check out my review to see what it can do.

For more information visit https://makeanything.design/favorites

STLs for my hardware upgrades : http://bit.ly/A5Upgrade


Tongsheng Wu says:

I just got the CR-10……..

Vintage Bricks says:

in the UK they are £239.99 so I brought 1

5thString says:

Probably under rated for a reason; crap quality prints.

Belen Hedderich says:

Why for a beginer? You are advanced user and still advice on buying it?

thejkhc says:

Has the audio of the printer been ducked? Or is that how loud it is in real life, if so, WOW!

Vertiqo says:

I bought an Ultrabase for my Printer half a year or so ago, never made it work reliably… whats the trick? …

Finnean says:

An you do a video on the Creality Ender 3. I’m thinking about buying it soon and I would like a really good comprehensive review on it.

I have no idea Why says:

Hey makeanything you should make a kickbike version of your half penny board

arcee corso says:

i need that skateboarded please make them and sell em please …

Amir Fairweather says:

Why the stroy whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

MichiX5 says:

What the crap that video got deep really fast

Benson Ye says:

doe sit have filament runout sensor?

xan nation says:

I just got an anycubic i3 mega and I’m printing a twist container right now

Joe Mangini says:

This printer look amazing I know what my next printer is going to be

Henry Scott says:

I never thought I could get to a point where I feel emotionally connected to a story about personified 3D printers. We live in a strange and wonderful world folks. A strange and wonderful world.

lef 149 says:

Would you buy this over the prusa i3 mk 3?

Kellen Bluestein says:

this is pretty cool, I just bought myself a monoprice maker select V2 (manufacturer refurbished for $200), and I’m pretty happy with it, and I’ve gotten some really nice parts out of it. If I had more cash though, I would have gotten a CR 10, or this, if i had known about it. Keep up the great videos!

Festivejelly says:

Did you get this printer for free? I didnt catch a disclosure would be good if you could clarify.

Samyak Shimpi says:

Make Anything Favorites is’t working.

Dragbot says:

Make Anything also thanks to your video I did it I bought my first 3D printer and since I’m new at this it going to be great learning how to build it anyway thank you for you video I bought it 2 day and hope to see it arrive soon one more thing when you buy it from gearbest how long would you say the wait was for your printer or anything from that website

PassionatePotato says:

Please test out the mono price select mini v2 3D printer

Martin B says:

My only complaint about the printer would be that long as hell bowden. You probably need to push 8+mm of retraction for that to reduce stringing in any meaningful way. Just looking at the snail near the end. That is really the kind of hairy stringing you usually see when the bowden tube is that long. Looks like there is also a bit of extrusion inconsistency in the layers. Could just be slight over extrusion, could be a weird layer height issue or it could be something to do with the long bowden and having a non geared extruder. Can’t quite tell without seeing it print right in-front of me. If I had to change anything I would find a way to bolt the extruder to the back of the X axis moving frame, to the left or right. Maybe get a geared extruder on it. Then we are talking an excellent machine. Yes I would prefer the bowden to twist a bit rather than have it so long. You could probably cut the length down to a third

Otherwise it is a good printer. I did consider buying one to add to my collection a while back. Joined the JGAurora A5 Facebook group to have a look what others there were saying. I suggest everyone that wants to get one have a look there first. There have been some issues that Devin clearly hasn’t gotten. Whether that is because JGAurora made sure his are perfect or whether they have fixed the problems (on-top of the ones he did mention). I am really not sure. here is the facebook group link facebook(dot)com/groups/1981078355494500/ <- (just in case youtube decides to be a pain with links. you never know)

DuckTape717 says:

Only Devin would come up with that story

Ibakon Ferba says:

Damn, that story of the Love of the printers was so emotional! xD

Hunter says:

Great review, I might get it, however, could you do a review of the Ender 3? It seems really good but I haven’t seen much about it, similar to this.

Juraj Rusnak says:

you should totaly make the horns in the pattern that you made the snails i dont remember the name of the pattern but i think that the horns will fit well with more holes.

Karl Johnson says:

Finally some love for the a5

WaterSlime says:

Do you have a machine that can recycle old materials? Because i know theres a machine that can recycle old prints into new spools and it might be usefull for support material

Shade says:

Excuse me? But what is the soundtrack you USUALLY use in your intro… i really like it and would love to find it… idk its just something ive been looking for but only you seem to have it… if you could please tell me that would be amazing!!! thanks

Marcus Mravik says:

Part of me wishes I would’ve seen this before buying my CR10… lol the other part of me thinks I will and have learned more about 3d printing by having to deal with the CR10’s bullshit XD Is it useful? I don’t know lol

Simon Pilet says:

I absolutely love this bed, can we find it alone? I would like to buy it for my cr10, since they both have about 300mm of length, it should work, right?

GiraffeOkapi says:

can you do a best 3d printer for beginners

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