HUGE Delta 3D Printer – TEVO Delta (Little Monster) Full Review

TEVO Delta:

If you have been thinking of buying a 3D printer, now is the time! This is a great value for an amazing 3D printer that will last you a long time.

The package arrived 1 week after I placed the order on the AliExpress website. I was happy to see that even though the package was huge, all the components arrived without as much as a scratch.

Compared to something like the TEVO Tarantula or the Anet A8, this was way easier and quicker to assemble. It outperforms any other 3D printer I have been testing. I’m stunned by the amazing printing quality and how fast it can print!




can you make a ball please

Tonny Lukongwa says:

How do you get spare parts for the Tevo?

Rachel Moore says:

Was wondering if you can make a fidget spinner on a 3d printer?

Infosec Val says:

Excellent product review! I want to buy one now 🙂 and I just bought the Tevo Tarantula DIY kit with all of the upgrades (dual pro metal extruders, larger print bed, auto bed level)..The fact that the Delta doesn’t require mains wiring and has a lot of pre-assembled pieces, not to mention the Speed and Size of the machine, makes it very appealling

Drew Paradis says:

I bought and assembled this printer and even after calibration, my prints start too high about the plate cause the first layers to be ruined. Any tips?

Ola Ruud says:

Quick tip. I usually do all my screwing with one of those tiny drills that cost very little money are much easier to handle both due to their smaller size and weight. The big heavy battery drill are usually reserved for construction work or drilling holes.

Try it, you wont go back to using a big battery drill most of your screwing tasks.

Rishab Sharma says:

i want to take part

RCLifeOn says:

Join my giveaway and win a 3D printer:

whats up says:

bro what if I need a 3d printer much wider then it and I don’t have any problem with something have less hight then it?

Tonny Lukongwa says:

What is the return policy?

Marcelo Giorlando says:

Hi, how are you doing to take off in PLA from the base ???

Jacob R says:

Does it take 3mm or 1.75mm filament?

Austin Kent says:

awesome video man! you remind me so much of david on flite test (are you swedish?)

Shamil Aiyubkhan says:

I am thinking to buy a 3D Printer on a budget(Tevo Terantula), all my concern is filament effciency. How much can you print in a roll of filament?

Teddy Bunny says:

Very Expensive.

DatOne Gamer says:

Mean while i am here with no 3d Printer D:

s737500 says:

Great review, thanks. Just ordered one. 🙂

manujpop says:

HI !!! @rclifeon Just One Question… did you pay any taxes or fee to DHL when you received the Printer ??

trenton cook says:

wish i had enough money for a 3d printer

Echa Reshya says:


Aman Sawhney says:

Tevo has really refined their product.

ömer yazır says:

vidalara yalama yaptırcan ayarsiz

Nerys says:

if you send me that rocket I will make it fly. really. fly. with a rocket motor.

Prof.Porpoise says:

..then I pushed it into the “titan” extruder….

sirbagin says:

Hi, thanks for review. I like it a lot but there are 2 things I would like to pint out:
1. This is not a E3D titan but a fake.
2. Your speed test does not seem to be right. This does not look like 100mm a second. More like 30mm/s. And as expected you can’t go more than 100mm without changing extrusion multiplier. Check your slicer for percentage slow down for vase mode or/or outwall.

Awesomness x says:

Hi, I’m a 11 year old beginner trying to become a engineer who uses these…… but I hardly know anything about it. Any tips?

Don Burkholder says:

Subed you ,please sub me

Thendral Digital&Prints says:

this machine full details and price send me mail id

Joshua Spencer says:

You may have already got this question but what are the details on the rocket? How long did it take to print?

Don Burkholder says:

OMG i wish i can win i am a poor Man

Daniel R says:

nice review man exactly what I was looking for

Samuel Adams says:

what is your favorite printer other than this one?

Parvej Chaudhary says:

can it print multi colour
i want big multi colour 3d printer

francisco antonio montoya bocanegra says:

hi thaks for the review can you make full tutorial for this machine and the software thanks

Echa Reshya says:

how many

Touseef Jamal says:

you always did cool things

Levisgil47 says:

Could you make a review of the Delta Rostock 301 3D printer? It seems a good DIY one as well. It uses a very fast 32 bits microcontroller on the GTM32 pro controler board.
Thanks for all your nice videos!

Don Burkholder says:

oh that would be perfect for me to review here in Germany

Leandro Filipe says:

hello, im in portugal, how can i buy this printer without customs and taxes?

PodestaBrothers says:

Hi , i enjoyed your video , good filming , good explain , realy good video .
I have a question for u , i want to buy my first 3d printer, i see so many printer and i don’t know how to choose. i’m very interested to buy the little monster, cos have a nice price and seems very good. i also see the delta flux + what do u think about?

Aziz Mudabbir says:

howz the durability of this printer i mean can i print it on regular basis like 6 to 7 hrs daily ?

Last-HERO- says:

Helo i am looking for a recommendation on what basic and chip printer to buy any thing good ?

Touseef Jamal says:

nice work bro

Dragon Is My Name says:

Hello Simon/RCLifeOn! I was just curios, and wanted to ask you a relevant question. You obviously live in Sweden, and buy things from Aliexpress (China?). The question sounds like following: Are there any taxes, since you buy from China, and live in Sweden?

Personally, i live in Denmark. If we buy for more than 80 DKK from countries outside Europe, we have to pay taxes. I really want to buy a 3D printer such as yours, but i really don’t want unexpected taxes in my face. Hopefully, you can answer this. Thank you. (I love your videos btw)

misperry says:

Did you have any mechanical issues that you had to go back and adjust later? How is it doing now and has it been working well for a while? What are some tips for someone that has never built a 3d printer before? Thanks.

Moritz Hüsken says:

Nice Video!!

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