gMax 1.5XT+ 3D Printer Review (from gCreate)

I’ve had the gMax 1.5XT+ for quite some time now, and with the recent additions of the BLTouch auto bed leveling probe, the custom BuildTak surface, and the heated bed – it was time for me to do my review!

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virgil warren says:

Has anyone ordered this with the dual extruder on it. If the dual extruder is any good there is no question I will buy this printer

no1Liikeglenn says:

that printer could print a pc case/chassis

javajoe88 says:

would have been cool if you made the Bender head in the silver/gray filament

The Gaming Geek says:

How much is this?

Kimchi Koalaa says:

Gmax and raise3D have roughly the same price, what are the pros and cons

Teddy Castor Jr says:

Knowing all that you do now through experience with it, would you buy one today? I am camped on the buy button at the moment.

hammyrocks69r says:

How did it take them to ship out your gmax when you ordered? I’m like a little kid I ordered mine on Saturday and its Wednesday no updates on my order lol.

Joey H says:

Nothing about this printer is worth $2,995. The temp controller is a $18 controller on Amazon. The Display is an $11 reprap xl. You’re paying $25,00 for a build plate and extra aluminum to just make a prusa larger. I don’t get it.

larry the lobster says:

how much is this printer?

Toto Guy says:

what is the best budget 3d printer 12 inch print area or bigger? im in the uk also. great video’s by the way i love all your reviews and explanations

Aksels Nemme says:

Where to buy it?

Sathyakumar G. says:


Disney Gym Girl says:

Yet another great review! Thanks Joel!! Happy holidays!

Anesco Omosco says:

Hello, please tell me a little bit about the Original Prusa i3 mk2 3D Printer vs 3D Printer gMax 1.5XT+. because,generally I’ve seen countless of 3D product in merchant business today. But, the fact is which one of these are actually good for a start?

William Taylor says:

I get a full 2 ft by 2 ft, make a b1 bomber to take to the park with styrofom, 10ft…_4000$ ..Sell some, make it worth ->> while? LOL! Just use a space morph of a f 22 and f 23, 33% mix.._glide path…12 miles?!!

MOTO-079 says:

the gMax 1.5xt vs ultimaker 3 what should i get : /

asfgfgh jhgfdsa says:

scan yourself and 3d print a lifesize statue of yourself

Chris Keilbart says:

why would a print “need” a heated bed and how long do you leave the heated bed on? I’ve used my heated bed to get good first later adhesion but that was just me fiddling around for a while. but I also turn it off after the first few layers.

chris randell says:

That is one big printer, makes mine look like a microbe!

speedsterwinston says:

wtf is the deal with 3d printers. everyone just ends up printing bullshit trinkets and pokemon bullshit. What kind of grown man wants a damn pokemon toy. All these videos show people printing mini Eiffel tower, troll heads, tug boats? huh. how about something useful.

Luke OBrien says:

These videos are AMAZING! Keep up the GREAT videos.

Tech Create says:

Print the biggest thing you can think of.

Mat Luschek says:

What happens when you run out of filament during a large print?

davonizdashit says:

What slicer software u use?

Sebastian says:

Haha your only real laugh came when you suggested to throw the G-max at us :0
High five back!

adam amaral says:

@3dprintingnerd Curious now that this has been almost a year, would this still be your top printer pick or would you recommend something else. (I have a lulzbot taz 5 and looking for an upgrade)

3D Printing Professor says:

I’m currently playing with a Lulzbot Taz6 right now and I appreciate the review to contrast this off.

So far the biggest minus is the user interface. It looks like the gMax has the same one. I can navigate it, but I wouldn’t want want to recommend it to others. It practically begs to be replaced with Octoprint or a mattercontrol, which if you add the cost of that into the base cost you see why the RaiseN2+ becomes a great deal.

OOO4xd says:

It looks to me like the company has took your advice when it comes to changes. I really like that, and it definitely helped with my decision.

TheCoffeeBibbs says:

out of curiosity, couldn’t you design and print something to modify the spool holder to make it actually work for you?

R. M. says:

just look this cool trick & forget hot bed
Enjoy & happy printing…

dpqbpqb dpqbpqb says:

Does it only work with their brand filament?

kaydawg25 says:

I just got a 3D printer. I build the frame and everything. But I I need help with the wiring. The manual don’t help at all

Mod Squad says:

Do you know what filament G Create recommends???

Ashton Animations says:

Me: oh that’s so cool.
Goes to internet: #### I’ll just stick with my cr-10

hugo nascimento says:

Hello. Is it better XYZ or Delta for Large prints as this one?

Tony Walker says:

Upgrade is never an option, it should be there from the start.

Rohit Pillay says:

Can you suggest some setting like temperature and material to get the best print results?

Chris S says:

There is a lot of competition for this printer now that are cheaper with the same or more features. The Formbot T Rex 2 @ $1800 , Multoo MT1.5 @ $1200 or the cr-10 @ $480 which is slightly smaller. All of them look the same as this one I guess Vslot is getting popular.

onine willis says:

hey where can i find the pika that you printed that is hollow?

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