Geeetech A30 3D Printer review!

We review the Geeetech A30 ! Is it good or bad? Lets find out!

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Main Features
Build volume of 320 x 320 x 420mm
Full-color touch screen
Quick assembly
Wi-Fi connection
Bowden extruder

Dr Who Silence by Geoffro (Patreon only model)

Twisted Heart Vase:

Rest of the links coming asap!


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Matt Weber says:

No links for artist attribution??

Geoff W. says:

Gee thats an awesome Silence model, I wonder where I get it… :p

Asger Vestbjerg says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂

z1power says:

It looks like all these companies are hopping on the bandwagon of making this open-frame, moving bed, PLA-only printers. Can”t even tell the difference between this one and the Creality and the others that look almost exactly the same as these companies race to copy each other. In additional, with the all exposed wiring, cheapest possible motion system and the smell and noise that comes from open machines, these printers are doing little to advance 3d printing and make the tech look more like a science experiment than a real product.

True Tech says:

Now I feel qualified, because my name has Tech in it, that there is the chance you are saying it wrongly.
You say Geeetech, when it’s possibly supposed to be pronounced Geeetech instead. I could be wrong about that, one must realize that we both might be right about that! Sure, George is pronounced as George rather than Jeorge. Though there is also Jorge, and that sounds the same as George, if not to be more concise in written form. Depending on how you look at it, even upsidedown mom spells wow. Sorry, the time is 2:54 and I am a day sleeper. I might be a night sleeper if that was the case, if I too was from that island you live on the surface of that somehow defies gravity as we know it. A mom in Australia would be wow from this perspective.

Remember talking to someone who had more experience than myself with 3d printing and they said I should be using a slicer. That seemed unorthodox, but neverless do try to learn from others. I had to test out every knife in the kitchen until was able to slice my prints properly. That took a while, being a bit of a slow learner, and still they said I was doing it all wrong. I had to ask Shirley if she was being serious. She said yes she was, and to stop calling her Shirley, and to start asking surely instead, because her name was Deloris, oops, Delores!

This youtube approved message was written from the desk of True Tech, not to be confused with Trew Teck, and using 100% recycled comic sans based inks. Hopefully you got a chuckle from it.


reasonablebeing says:

As with all of these printers, “It’s a great printer after you….”. Great review. I like that the automatic bed leveling, filament run out, color touch screen, 32 bit processor, etc. features have made their way into these class of printers. But it is still very obvious that if you are not electronics savvy, this is not a printer for you.

The Hot End - 3D Printing & Technology says:

Want One?

Justin Bitcoin says:

Nice video !

Can you share your cura profile please?

Geeetech says:

Hi Anthony, thanks for your video. We’ll do better.

reflector36 says:

6:30 Loose filament run out sensor, John says “Shows they are thinking” , Geeetech designer is thinking he forgot to tighten all the screws, “Ummmm feature, yeah thats it, we will go with that” All jokes aside nice to have the run out sensor out of the box

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