Formbot TREX2+ 3D Printer Review / Dual Independent Extruders at gMax Build Sizes, Is It Worth It?

The Formbot TREX2+ is an interesting 3d printer. Dual independent extruders on a very large i3 frame. It boasts a lot of features for the price, with upgrades a plenty. Does it deliver? Does the Formbot TREX2+ deserve to sit on your desk? Watch and find out 🙂

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Agent 007 says:

hi joel can you do a vid on making a filament maker so sthat you can grind faild prints or suports and melt it in to filament again becase thare is not a lot of info on and if u have a parts list so that its repeatable it will save u and all 3dprinters a lot of money i have almost 2 spools worth of waste and im finding it hard to make one all the pre bilt machines cost $500 or more so i you can do it for $100 or less it would be amazing

Anton Kiriwas says:

The pressure to publish so much content seems to reduce the amount of info you bring to the table. This was mostly just an advertisement. Complete with reading from their web page.

Joesf prusa says:


brian whittle says:

After spending 20 plus mins setting the bed levelling, not having a removable print surface so you don’t unsettle the bed releasing prints seems a dumb idea.

Phillip R57 says:

It would be nice to know your Top 5 Printers and why… maybe even set 3 different videos on Starter Units, Semi Pro Units, and units you think are Professional under $5K…

FullTiltOn says:

I really want to try a laser engraving add on to my I3, but I understand you are not interested in it. Maybe you will give it a try one day 🙂 I want a large 3D printer and these reviews are helpful- tanksumuch Joel
#nowthatyouarefulltime I expect you to try out the laser engraver (SIC)

c s says:

You need to review a really good Delta printer. Check out the Ulitbots D300VS Plus. The best printer you can get in my opinion.

sinformant says:

I want that octopus!

Mig Monkey says:

That printer was fun to look at, not really the printer for most people though by the sounds of it.

Luke David says:

That blue is absolutely gorgeous. The light reflections are insane!!!! What kind is it? I need to grab some!

RJ_Make says:

Hey Joel, “Now that you’re full time, I expect…”

You to stay awesome… ;~}

Provocateur says:

Why don’t you say its not good for the price? A tinkerer fdm printer it is not. An anet a8 yes thats a tinker printer. FOr this price? Come on. I know this is your livelihood, but be honest with your reviews. SO much wrong with this, all the things you say about “not for you”. Then yes for the tinker again? Smh. Disappointed in this review.

Wekster's Geeky Stuff says:

I was watching this video and my wife looked at the screen and said: There’s no way You will bring this printer into our house! 🙂

Ron Floyd says:

Looks like a fun machine Joel – but, as you say, only for those who enjoy tinkering. Way above my pay grade though.
It’s so good to see you looking well rested!

Knarf Sreirb says:

Joe fix the holes in your wall. I get crazy i always think it my screen.:)

Michael Saucier says:

Who else keeps wiping their monitor thinking the holes in the wall are dust…. lol Joel I’m about to send you some plaster! Do you plan to review any machines capable of printing high temp materials such as Ultem or PEEK? Anything in the works with Airwolf?

Diederik Huys says:

I would *love* to see your review of the new T-Rex 3.0

Pete Vegetabile says:

Love the vids Joel…Like to see more with the formbot and working dual extrusions… I purchased the 400x400x700mm and can’t stop using it even if its a toy for my grand daughter….and for those that think it has a lot of problems i would have to differ…..the only time I ever had a problem with mine is when i tried to upgrade to community firmware or upgrade a part then it was a mess to work with…set everything back to factory and haven’t had a problem since. Now Formbot just released a version 3 with a lot of great upgrades but only comes in a 400x400x500mm.


Joel, thank you. No sponsors and feels like the old days!

But it’s rushed and not complete. I never wanted the laser crap or high temp etc. but after waiting I think, I’m gonna go with a Prusa MK3 and get the MM upgrade. Thanks

joshua banigan says:

How do I become your friend to get hand me downs.

zodak9999b says:

I’ve got a spool holder on my Delta that’s a lot like those… the difference being that I have a pair of printed tubes that the bearings poke into, so it doesn’t really matter how wide the spool is. Just make sure they’re longer than your widest spool.

Scott Cress says:

I have the exact same shirt from the build video.

Gianna Giavelli says:

this will be the first purchase for noonean when we get some dollahs, because being able to print the ligaments inplace 3d for our hands will allow us to do things no one else can do vs adding them later, especailly internally routed ligamenture.

Umake says:

To expand my printlab I was looking into this printer for a long time, but this review makes it a big nope for me. Way too expensive for a system that is not engineered well enough. Thanks for the review Joel!

Tylactate Brorn says:

Anyway I can get your gcode for the duplicate printing? I keep having troubles with mine, thanks!

Theressa says:

It sounds like it tries to do everything but get’s overwhelmed by it all. IT’S ME IN 3D PRINTER FORMAT

Ethan Breen says:

Um so I spent some money on a 3d printer from GearBest. Yeah and it sucks it doesn’t work or anything. I have watched so many vids on how to fix it and it still won’t work. Do you know how I could send it back? There service kinda sucks.

Shut-in Gaming says:

so having TBI ball screws is better than having lead screws; but what he doesn’t tell you is, having sex is better than having ball screws or lead screws !

Howard Price says:

Please, please, please tell us what that glorious blue satin filament is. Squirrels never looked so good!!!!

Felipe Acevedo says:

Joel, most of us are 3D printer hobbyist, we can’t afford a ‎$1,599.00 3D printer, can you stick to reviewing printers that are at a reasonably price range? These companies want you to review their printers that’s understandable but let’s get real no one is going to pay such a high price unless the individual was born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Greg Johnson says:

This was a pretty low-effort review. I expected you to come out of the gate with some awesome detailed reviews now that you’re full time, and you had this monster with all these extra features, and you just mailed it in. I hope we get an actual review of this machine.

Shawn Honken says:

Much better!

Robert Pirlot says:

After watching this video, I’m thinking of watching this

Bondy says:

Don’t like the idea of spools on top of the printer. Seem like it would add inertial instability. 1KG of weight that high up.

DisjointedImages says:

Which specific filament did you use for om nom? I love that gradient look!

WorldOfNock says:

They legally have to provide you with the firmware. Creality is doing the same thing with their firmware as well which is a blatant violation. Timothy Hoogland with TH3D is trying to implement the resume feature after a power loss but they are refusing to provide him with the source firmware.

DCD Laser & CNC says:

Hi Joel! Yes, ballscrews are better and more accurate and nearly wear-proof. For example, the higher quality CNC routers for the hobbyist will use ballscrews instead of leadscrews. That looks like a nice machine.

John Cummings says:

I’d love a machine like this. Too bad it costs so much.

Thanks for the review!

DarkDekieon says:

I really liked that moon city print. was that done without supports?

a nightlurker says:

I have had one of these for nearly a year now and it is great! Big models, small models (I have the 0.25 nozzles as well, E3D nozzles and heaters fit perfectly) and giant models all from one machine. Duel extrusion works really well if you take some time at the start to set it up, don’t expect to just print perfect out of the box at this price it still takes some setting up (if you want that go spend $4-5000 on a machine this one starts at $1600, you don’t need all the extras but the heated bed is a worthwhile investment) . With duel extrusion for both extruders to purge and do a skirt it is just a setting in S3D, I’m surprised Joel didn’t know this he has much more experience than me with S3D. Also you can do duplicate with minimal resetting of the slicer.
Formbot used to put a buildtak surface on their older printers and customers complained about it so they give you a clean metal bed with the heated version so you can use the surface of your choice, there are loads of them out there and we all have our own preference.

Paul Pardee says:

If you’re a tinkerer, surely you could build a better printer for $1799.

Adventures in 3d Printing says:


*but still pricey*

and really cool!

Terrence A. says:

Hey Joel. Since you’re a free man it’s time for you to build a printer from scratch. No Kit.

Dan Simpson says:

Thank you for the review.  I have been considering upgrading to an IDEX type machine.  I am trying to decide between the Format TREX2+ and the MakerGear M3.
Do you or anyone watching have any experience with the M3?  It is quite a bit more money but it seems to lean more toward the professional side.

Eric Archuleta says:

I will pass………………………….thanks for sharing!!!

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