Form Labs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer Review, Spoiler, it’s amazing!

This Formlabs Form 2 SLA liquid resin photopolymer 3D printer achieves an end result that looks almost indistinguishable from injection molded parts. The only big drawback is the cost of material since photopolymer’s are incredibly expensive to produce compared to filament conventional FDM printers use.

▼ The Pros ▼
1) Very accurate with no material shrinkage like FDM.
2) Insanely high resolution that makes prints looks injection molded.
3) Prints bridge’s perfectly flat with no sag or stringing like FDM.
4) The support material is very simple to remove with flush cuts.
5) Print speed at same resolution is much faster than FDM.
6) The printer is very quiet compared to FDM.
7) Swapping materials is very simple and fast.
8) The software package is amazing and simple to use.
9) The printer connects wirelessly making it simple to send jobs to.
10) Perfect layer adhesion with no gaps, lines or bubbles between layers.
11) Can print completely translucent parts with clear material.
12) Can print high temp (flame) resistant parts with certain resins.
13) Room temp and humidity don’t impact performance like FDM.
14) Materials are perfectly calibrated to the printer, no need to play with temps, speeds, etc like with FDM.
15) Can be set to an open mode to work with 3rd party resins (cheaper alternatives)
16) Highly repeatable printing, once you get a model setup right it will print the same over and over without deviation like FDM.
17) Printed parts are completely solid, no weak spots between layers like FDM
18) Frequent software and firmware updates to further improve printing performance. I’ve had 3 updates since I received the printer.
19) Machine tracks material use and automatically reloads and refills tank to ensure when you start a print you know it will finish.
20) You can print absolutely tiny things with massive detail. See my instagram for some example pictures.

▼ The Cons ▼
1) The material is massively expensive ranging from $150-$450 per cartridge (1L). For comparison FDM equivalent would be $30-$80 for 1kg roll.
2) You must clean prints with alcohol and UV cure them after printing (time consuming + extra consumable).
3) You need to use gloves when handling parts coated in resin.
4) The tanks wear out over time and must be replaced (~$60 USD).
5) Cleaning up after a failed print can be time-consuming if it goes really wrong.
7) The software will sometimes miss support on complex models so you need to manually check your layers before committing to a print.
8) More waste byproducts since you throw out cartridges, tanks and support material since it cannot be recycled.
9) After you experience an SLA print you’ll struggle going back to your FDM printer even though it’s cheaper to print on.
10) Your friends and family will hassle you to print them figures for their table top games like D&D and Warhammer. Not even kidding on this one.
11) Small build volume compared to similarly priced FDM printers however very large compared to other SLA printers. I will still keep my FDM printers around for printing very large stuff that doesn’t require amazing detail.

▼ XBOX One Controller CAD Model ▼
^ – modified top plate to remove duplicate surface and printed
^^ – Have not tested to make sure it fits on controller just yet, print at your own risk until I make that video.

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) How durable is the material?
A) Depends on which material you use, see the library of materials on website including some crazy materials like one that can withstand high heat, something FDM materials can’t do.

Q) Why not just print everything on this and sell your FDM printers?
A) Cost of material…


Bethie Boo says:

I appreciate your enthusiasm in making your video about something you care about, and I think you should maybe reconsider your opening? I have been hunting around to see which kind of 3D printer so of course, I chose to go to YouTube for the review and for resin printers yours is the first on the list of searches. I, for one, have my volume fairly low to medium sound and your opening startled the crap outta me from you yelling at me. I’m just suggesting this cause I had to pause the episode, go to the bathroom, then come back and now will be watching the rest of the review.

Sensei Dekkers says:

Would it be possible to fill the cartridge with 3rd party resin?

Sebastian says: you wanna take your time and do a good job.. ( referring to cleaning up a new part ) 
Scene cuts. NOW THAT TOOK ABOUT A MINUTE! HAHAHA lmao.. strangely different color print. XD

LongJohn Vllasaliu says:

I want this so bad. Would the Wanhao Duplicator 7 compare to this?

Brian South says:

I’d rather pour liquid than buy a 150$+ cartridge

GamingAddictions says:

The one bad thing about this printer is you can’t change the color

jordi de wolf says:

i wonder how ‘vinyl’ records printed with this would sound… would be a nice project to try out i think

Thomas Rose says:

Thanks for the review. Completely put me off SLA printers. Sub’d.

Nathan Moss says:

Ya cost are a downer, but all your other complaints could be solved with gloves..

OrneryPossum says:

The mouth still isn’t big enough for what I need it for.

Valoric Starlight says:

with the looks of that support material..
time for the ice rollercoaster

Bm138 millar says:

like the way the toys are made in the movie were the guy puts military grade chip in a toy

ElixTattoo says:

Does this program size up,, like say by 10% or 20% ?

Gaming With Green says:

Um, did he just say he started that controller cover a couple days ago…

Darkdeath #1 says:

ar 15 lower with it

Charles Grigg says:

Hows the hot tub!

Michael Chartier says:

With the cost of the resin, approximately how many of those action figures could you print with one cartridge? Is there an estimate for that? Or will it tell you the cost of material used like you can in s3d?

Mawo Duffer says:

Print an ar15 lower on it.

alienorbiter says:


Steven Jean says:

Form labs should hire you. Dope video.

kui Q says:

great review, looks like it’s not for commercial use

AJ Brackett says:

heyyyy question bro ? I’m using the tough resin do you know how i can shine up my finished up product ?

Sam Greaves says:

I think you should try and print the planetary gearbox that you did in a previous.

Raiden Dot says:

At that price, I wouldn’t bother to ask support to help me add support structures. Madness!

Theo says:

Is it possible to be sad while watching one of jerry’s video

Zef says:

I havent been to this channel in a loooong time. Anyways man looking good and the content is great as always

jonathan oxlade says:

sure that massive 3D printer is awesome but formlaps is still better for prints that need accurate details

xclimatexcoldxx says:

3d printing technology is almost there. But not yet.

3 thirty 6 says:


xX BOSSMAN Xx says:

Great Video, can you export autocad, inventer and 3dx max files on the form labs printing program and print it?

labradoolepapa says:

Please show a close up of the finest detail it can produce.

Thank you for this review!

david hampton says:

How long did it take for each part to print

vizionthing says:

well thats another for the ‘lotto win’ list

Carlos M bernal says:

what uv lamp did you sue? power? price? thanks ina advance 😉

Mario Anleu says:

I saw in another video that you printed a lower receiver. You mentioned several issues. Do you think you can make a functional lower receiver with this type of printer?

Nelson Baietti says:

yup, you just need a TON of money, time, skill…

…gonna go into cryosleep a bit and be back in 100 years or so.

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