Form 2 SLA 3D Printer Review – Yes I Printed Pickle Rick

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Roger Williams says:

I reduce the touchpoints down to .1 or less. Otherwise the supports are too much of a pain. And you are better off buying prints from Protolabs.

Custom 3D Creations says:

how many takes was that intro?lol

Juscallmesteve says:

Many people want to make food safe products with 3D printing. With FDM (currently), this is not achievable due to the small gaps/crevices at the layers, where bacteria are able to grow and prosper. Would someone be able to produce food safe products using the Form2? I personally have not been able to look at the fine details of a print from a Form2, to see the extent of gaps/crevices.

3D Maker Kid says:

As soon as he said the only way to make a print fail on it I looked up at my CR-10 and it was printing the model that has been failing so much because of supports 🙂 Keep on making!

Marko 44 says:

Make DRS on f1 plis
If you don’t know what is DRS search on Wikipedia

Mustafa Assad says:

Great as akways

Michael Noeth says:

You did nail the intro until you said, “nailed it.” Just saying, it’s like explaining your joke.

Uels 369 says:

Love your videos

OmegaCO says:

There should be a Form 3 coming out soon

Sigi R says:

Just wait till you have your first resin overflow and it drips all over the internal electrics. Fun city! Despite that, I love my Form2 and the customer service is amazing!

3D Matter Makers says:

Great review guys. Still way out of my price range, at the moment at least. Surprised you didn’t mention the safety and toxicity side of SLA printers though (unless I missed it somehow)….

MrCarrellScience says:

Resin print strength versus fdm? Are these functional at all, or can resin only be used to print trinkets? I’ve only ever seen useless prints with SLA. I’m a functional print guy.

Joshua Pfeiffer says:

Over 9000!!!

Gareeb Scientist says:

Congo 200k

TheCarLovingSwede says:

And second

Jérémy Fasola says:

Really want an SLA/DLP printer for figurines.
Would be great to see a resolution comparison between the Form 2, Peopoly Moai and LCD based printer such as the Anacubic Photon (or the incoming Kudo3D Bean)!

Maximiliano says:

Too expensive tho, is like a regular printer in terms of price

Napier Photography In 3D says:

High Five Joel! Not that I’m even looking into these, but what does it smell like? Is it worse than ABS? That stuff is horrible! lol

Łukasz Sobków says:

recently Angus from Maker’s Muse made a video about SLA printing and quite a few times he made a point of the toxicity of the uncured resin – even before curing with the UV light. so on one hand I was really surprised to see you handle it without any gloves (to put it by the uv lamp), and on the other a bit confused whether it was you that didn’t take the necessary precautions, or it was Angus who was too cautious (imo. you can never be cautious enough 😛 )

agepbiz says:

Nice video! The Form 2 is on my wishlist, but way to expensive for me at the moment. One thing that I don’t think was mentioned is that these printers can create not only a lot better layer resolution but also sharper corners. Sharp corners are impossible to create on FDM printers

Silender says:


Dennis Premoli says:

we have those in our maker space at uni. Very messy though, and expensive.

Combobulator Man says:

Bill has the pizazz!

Theressa says:

I have wanted one of these since Angus tried to break it. And I could have sworn it was cheaper. Anyone wanna buy a kidney?

Spike says:

I loved that entrance Bill. Awesome lol

Rob Bough says:

Excellent Video guys. Very informative, really good to get both sides of the same story, Joel with regards to the machine and Bill with regards to the finished piece.
This is exactly the sort of video that is required to push this level of printing forwards. The quality is excellent, the current method of washing, curing, post process etc, as well as the high price is the only thing that is stopping me from investing in this relatively new home process.
Given time and development, I can see this as the future of 3d printing, exceptional quality, at home and for a relatively good overall cost.
Can I ask just a couple of small points not mentioned in your excellent video.
1.) Does this process require any special considerations due to fumes and toxicity.
2) Is the resin widely available at reasonable cost from different sources for this form of resin machine, so that you have the same variety of product and cost comparison in relation to standard FDM printing.
Again, loved this collaboration between you guys, keep up the great work. Liked and Subscribed!

ByteOfBlender says:

The printer looks so big on your desk! I didn’t realise that it was as big as it is.

Fsx_Master says:

Congratulations on 200k!!

Winning ThePooh says:

999 or 1499 for the supposed accuracy. definitely not paying 4,000 for a printer, and 1000 for a bucket & UV bulb. That pricing in and of itself says a lot about the company.

TheCarLovingSwede says:


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