Flying Bear Ghost 3D Printer Unboxing and Review. Wifi Wireless 3D printer.

Hey whats shaking homies today I got an awesome 3D printer up for unboxing and review. So this is the new Ghost printer from Flying Bear. This 3D Printer is really awesome it can print wireless over wifi, it has an LCD touch screen, auto resume from power outage, a filament run out sensor, an insulated heated textured glass bed, and much more. This is by far the most advanced 3D printer in this price range and one of my only printers that can print high temp material well. To get this printer go to official store . Here is the direct product link and . To download that cool dragon I printed get it here . Thanks to Flying Bear for this printer I hope you like the video and thanks for watching.

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Will you heart this? I love your channel

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Hey bro can I have a shout out your next vid Man U inspire me to yoyo

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U should try building a Solid Eye from Metal Gear Solid, I saw one build in Japanese but I can’t read Japanese obviously lol, but yeah I saw someone built a solid eye on YouTube piece by piece and added led lights to it and everything

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Dylan Kowalski says:

Here is some more info on the printer if you want the exact specs here they are.
Machine parameters
Print size:230*230*210mm
Printer size:371*357*410mm
Layer thickness precision: 0.05-0.3
MAX printing speed: 150 mm/s.
Material type: PLA, ABS, Wood, HIPS .
Material specifications :1.75mm in diameter.
Positioning accuracy: Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Recommended extruder temperature: 220°C (the max 260°C).
Hot bed temperature: 60-120°C .
Extruder number: 1
Power requirements: 24V, 300W
Connectivity: WiFi,SD card,USB.
The file print format: G-Code,Stl,Obj
Compatibility: Windows, Mac.
Control software: Repetier-host,Cura.
Machine weight: 13kg
Machine features
1. Printer can connect to wifi, and it is more convenient to print with wifi.
2. Printing is made of 1.5-3mm sheet metal, and the frame structure is very stable.
3. Printer adopts 4.3 inch color touch screen, larger screen to make operation more convenient and simple.
4. Printer adds a filament loss resume function, printing process don’t need to worry about filament exhausted and print failure.
5. Printer adds a power loss resume function so that you don’t have to worry about a sudden power cut.
6. Printer Z shaft screw adopts anti backlash spring and end bearing to make the hot bed running more stable and improve the printing quality.
7. The parts of printer 80% have been completed and only need 10 minutes to complete the installation.
8. Printer adapts 300W 24V power supply, so that the printer can be maintained for longer printing time.

Steve Laminack says:

Any issues with cleaning (how do you) the special glass bed or getting models off after been used a lot?

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how is the printing of your army going?

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nice video

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I still trip out that things things exist

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Sup my man!

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Review the awesome yo-yo pls

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First viewed

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Do you have like a hundred 3d printers now

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Do you have profile file for S3D ?

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This is a new innovation it’s like a printer but doesn’t print on paper it creates those things in real life so cool xD

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First luv ur vids

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