Flux Delta+ 3D Printer Review // the Plug-and-Play 3D Printer?

Check out my review of the new Flux Delta+ 3D printer and 3D scanner, a surprisingly straightforward machine.
You can pre-order the Flux Delta+ here : https://goo.gl/VeaQDZ


Wallywutsizface says:

You should try printing some fractals. I’d like to see a 3D printed Menger sponge.

cornonjacob.com says:


KmcK says:

Very interesting printer. It’s worth noting that your print module is now no longer covered by their warranty.
From their FAQ: 3. Do I have to use the FLUX-brand PLA? […] In addition, using 3rd party filaments will void the warranty of the print module.

ravenclanx says:

Would you do a review on the dremel 3d printer if you can get your hands on one.

TheKishinhunter says:

The Monoprice Select Mini is also really plug-and-play. at least the V1 was, dont know about the V2. printed right out of the box, you just needed to have a full spool of filament ready when you got it because they dont include enough filament to print the first test part.

P Jones says:

I am really happy with what you said about this printer.

J Girl says:


Foxgamer X says:

It looked like there was another laser in the back

fucken killer jason says:

it seams it’s picking up its own light from the laser that might be an issue

MetalGearMk3 says:

That matte blue filament is so awesome! Is it PLA?

Ryan Fuller says:

You should try using makevr on the vive store

Duke Magus says:

Is there already a mod to use normal spools of filament?

two_furry_pets says:

Can you make fidget spinners in a video with 3d printing? I’m sure you can come up with way more interesting designs!

Dr_Awesome101 Gaming says:

how do you think it would be for a first 3D printer?

Quarry Man says:

There are much better printers out there for $1100

תומר סעדה says:

i dont even have a 3d printer…

Franny says:

Please make a fidget spinner where the weights are candy that are detachable like air heads or jolly ranchers

Clavey Kelleher says:

you did the video’s I said at the live stream for the anet 8

Justin Vasconi says:

Make a ambiguous cylinder springo

Ernest Chan says:

Devin, can you copy the whole expert setting script and paste it in the description or in this comment?

Emily Kirkman says:

Great video as always 🙂 It would be cool if you could review the original Prusa i3 mk2s 🙂 I about got one but a trip to Turks and Caicos came up and I had to cancel it to pay for an airline ticket.

Aaron L'Heureux says:

Have had the original edition since the Kickstarter. They’ve come a long way with the software already and made upgrade kits available for us. It’s an awesome device.

Joshua Wood says:

always lube the rod and balls

Py Thon 3D says:

Looks interesting but not available except the knockoffs …. any suggestions?

arckmarou says:

1500$ nope

Tobias A. G. says:

That printer is beautiful

TheEvilVargon says:

Id love to see a scanner-printer version of broken telephone.

Print an object, scan it, print it, scan it, and repeat until you have an end object.

The Crafted Warriors says:

Hey Devin! I was about to get myself a higher quality 3d printer, but I couldnt decide on what model I wanted. I figured I could ask you! Can you recommend to me a high quality printer with 2 filament extruders for around $1000? Thank you! Love your videos!

Justin L. says:

Proprietary spools? Yeah no thanks.

evofx says:

Still no idea what this printer is good at?

akash kumar says:

Anet A8 review coming up?

Ross Newnam says:

Laser engraving please!

Mr. Frogman99 says:

Hello! I love your videos, and was wondering if I could get any tips printing with flexible filament for a makerbot replicator 2. We have tried using it but the layers didn’t stick very well and most of the bottom came off when we removed it from the build plate. The build plate is just standard, with makerbots tape stuff on it. Thanks From Kane ^-^

Qwerty 13 says:

Do a top ten printers

New Romanian Mapper /NRM says:

am i the only one that saw he didnt put up the back laser for recognision?It looked exactly like the others,not attached the hole thing completely,but he didnt put it up,so yeah,i think the recognision deserves a pass because he didnt do it fully (at least i think so)

Maria Louise says:

@makeanthing you should make a 3D printed fidget spinner

I duddits says:

that will be my first 3d printer.

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