FLUX Delta+ 3D Printer Review – Part 1

Testing out the new Delta 3D Printer from FLUX Inc! Is this gorgeous machine any good? Watch to find out.

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harry campbell says:

try to use cura 2 default setings and 180 degrees the flux team uses that they say so pls try it

Chris Muncy says:

Angus, where can we download that test print of your with the various gap sizes that are movable?

iDeNoh says:

I’m getting some crazy solidoodle vibes from this, reminds me of the press with some really odd limitations. Does look really good though.

Der Ed says:

I’ve downloaded a .stl file – but the Units of that is in Inches so cura doesn’t Import it right .. how can one work around that?

Charlie Sanders says:

would love to use your tolerance test could you upload it for us? maybe show us how to build it?

AtrumNoxProductions says:

Also, if a magnetic joint comes undone, the printer will stop.
When you re-attach the joints you can hit the FLUX button, or hit the dialog box in the software.

DeadOnImpact says:

I bought this printer and now I am thinking of refunding it.

Schwifty Vibes says:

Cool video mate 🙂

Bradley Mathie says:

this sounds like a very bad printer… I’ve loved my prusa i2 printer and any faults have been my own, not the printers. soon that will be rebuilt into a i3 variant.

Why would a company release such a product that clearly will fail unless you modify it and maintain it after every print. Sorry but with the market of printers, this appears to be a failed attempt at something that could have worked if the just kept it simple.. price wise seems to high for the build size.

besser32 says:

I hate to see all these wonderfull printers that you review but only to see they print like crap :/

Ham Nusa says:

hi, the machine is pretty new but I don’t really get bad print results, I got the all so popular 3D benchy great and as Jeff said the stock filaments are… well…. not so good. and I got this torture test good too: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2064029 but with a little stringing, I don’t have simplify 3D(gonna get it) so I don’t have retraction settings right now. And oops, I’m not subscribed even after recommending you this printer…. 3.. 2.. 1.. subscribed, anyway please give me a worthy torture test and I will post my results, and flux has been a little wobbly on keeping it’s promises lately so I had my on this, it’s a little pricey but looks good: http://www.makerarm.com it has more tool heads than the flux(much much more) and most importantly the chocolate extruder head. anyway, thanks!

exonusgod says:

Try printing two arms that can stablise on the top of the printer to hold a spool on the top.

Keith Feickert says:

Any chance for a review of the Monoprice Mini Delta on Indie Go Go when it comes out? Im starting to get an impression that delta printers arent very good?

Manuel Gozzi says:

Could you please do more Onshape videos. They are really interesting. Thanks

Mariusz Stanisz says:

can you share your tolerance test ?

Ian Maddox says:

I have the original Delta and I absolutely love it. Mine is the kickstarter edition and the only ongoing problem I’ve had is base adhesion and laser posts popping up. Both of these issues were fixed by parts they sent out after they released the Delta+.

Mine hasn’t exhibited any of the strange skin issues you experienced, but I don’t use the Cura slicer. I’ve found that Slic3r was the best before they added Cura2 and now Cura2 is easily the best way to go. With a little bit of tuning, you can get rid of stringing, raft separation, and retraction issues. It would be nice if the printer had better defaults. I’d also love if it allowed you to identify different filament spools and supported changing of a few specific parameters (temp and retract at least) per roll without overwriting your entire set of print prefs.

I use the 2nd bowden tube along with a filament lubricater to enable holding my spools right next to the printer. I can hold 4 spools in these caddies I made out of Ikea magazine holders. All of this sits on top of a small nightstand which has drawers to hold all of the spare bits, extra spools, and scrap plastic.

Pica Delphon says:

Well I just final got around to opening my Delta + and about to try it out on a few ideas..I like the Quick Head Remove / Replace Build, and Spool, (The Wake you up at 2:30 AM Crunching Down Noise with the Filament Feeder Gear..

Clavey Kelleher says:


Ham Nusa says:

oh and if you uploaded this yesterday then how do you have 0.7.6? 0.8.1 has been released and there is new firmware, you should update it through flux studio. thanks!

Xander Zoolander says:

If you have a machine big enough, just print a cover with a lip for that hole at the top with a spool holder and a small hole for the filament to pass though. Only idea I have for a third party spool holder.

On another note;
I’d like to someone toy with the idea of a Stewart Platform for a printer. Originally they’re meant for 6 axis movement, 3 axes of linear and 3 of rotations, but they could be used for just linear movement, though rotational properties could add some cool effects to printing if someone found a way to utilize them. Their basic design is 6 legs that meet at two triangles, one offset 180 degrees, and they’re hinged at both ends. Most designs utilize pistons for these legs, but I’ve seen some using servo motors with solid legs.
But think of six axis printing, you could print slants as like a normal vertical print.
I’ve wanted one for the longest time for cnc work, due to their six axes of movement, and I’ve wanted them for other uses that I have yet to mess around with.
I think the biggest problem is controlling them, due to their movement being synergistic, which requires complicated algorithms to control.

Alvin Gozali says:

Please, do not try to fix the printer with S3D! If you managed to fix it with S3D, then that means your review must account for the additional $150 you have to pay along with the printer, and it just shows the manufacturer can’t fix their own printer.
Please please please do not review printers with S3D, it is just UNFAIR.

NananaMan says:

Hey Angus,
i recently bought simplify 3d. i have a problem where before it even starts print it extrudes then when it gets to the bed it all strings and globs up on the nozzle please help. i am currently using the wanhao duplicator 4s

Kevin Thomas says:

What the Flux? Spool holder please.

Philippe Canavarro says:

Where do we find this tolerance test ?

Chris TheTimeTraveller says:

@2.46 “To lubricate the balls” … A, how did you say that straight? … yeah i saw a small smirk 😉

Naduk Kerensky says:

people always underestimate the importance of lubricated balls

jeemanx says:

I think it’s a shame how this turned out, overall. I still prefer my Reprap Pro Fisher Delta. Looking forward to a follow up though – maybe using a different slicer/filament combo.

Eric K says:

Question – I’ve been looking now for over an hour, and I simply cannot find the model of that cat (in white) sitting on the filament spools on the lower left of this video (the beginning). Does anyone know what that model is and where I can find it? That would make an awesome mother’s day gift for my Mom…

Oliver Lavermicocca says:

Hey guys I have a cubicon single plus printer that I recently saved up for as I’m a second year industrial design student who needs quick and reliable prints, however I’m now wanting to let others use my printer, anyone have any good equations for quotes so I’m not ripping my uni friends off while maintaining a profit to pay off expenses such as material and energy and time of print?

Simon Wall says:

“Lubricate you balls” ha,ha,ha,ha!!! LMAO

The Mouse says:

Looks like a nice machine but why not use the lid to create 1 side of a ‘tripod’ spool holder?A click-together halved “H” shaped filament support bracket could fold out from under the lid.

AtrumNoxProductions says:

Lastly, I never use rafts since it always stuck to the print.

Deathlok67 says:

That bowden feed tube is loong. Its going to be difficult to tune in the retraction length. Wonder why manufacturers dont put the extruder on one of the linear servos to keep the length down?
– Eddy

Benedikt Gunnarsson says:

when will part 2 come

NorxMAL says:

Angus, who lubricates your balls, so they nice and loose and smooth, and that hasn’t failed at it yet? 😛 (This is just a joke, I’m not asking for the job or anything 🙂 )

Dan R says:

Did you try the scanning feature

Charkel says:

OMFG we got the same haircut :O

Doxie Lain says:

To all the people who are asking for the tolerance file. you might want to consider designing it yourself on Fusion 360. It’s simple enough that it’s fairly easy to make and learn on.

Ralph says:

Devin from make anything got third party filament to work, if i remember right it worked much better with better filament

Alain Latino says:

Hi Angus,
First of all, glad to final see a review on the Flux 3D Printer as I own and have been using a Kickstarter version for a year+ now and do from time to time participate in providing feedback/fixes when time permits… and therefore also understand your comment regarding investing time doing these review. I, for one, appreciate your great efforts and feedback to the community. Yes, as you alluded, all kickstarter model comes with their “surprise package” and that is parts of the “fun” in my option. As long as Flux stays true to the Kickstarter mission and goals, and support their Backers with product fixes along the way, then as far as I am concern it is business as usual.
It is very unfortunately that Flux provided a bad batch of white PLA filament, and that due to the Printer’s spool configuration & constraints, you were only able to review the product as provided by the manufacturer. Manufacturer are responsibly for their own Quality System and need to take this seriously as opposed to just sticking a QC sticker on the item.
From experience, I am very pleased with Flux support and endeavers to improve their product and attend to the Flux community and command the Flux Team in that respect. So, well done Flux, and keep it up.
Overall a fair review given what was issued for the review (again Flux is responsible for the quality of their product, especially for a demo/review) with respect to your criteria and objective.
For those viewers attracted to the multi-tool heads capability (printing/scanning/drawing/laser) aspect of the unit, especially that of the Scanner (as was my case), please keep checking the Forum’s feedback and discussions before making a purchase decision based on that specific need.
Angus, back to you mate, and have a great time at the Bay Maker Faire… I am jealous!

Lagger Onesixfour says:

That top hole? Put a giant fan on it. CUZ WHY NOT?

Henry Vaudrey says:

@MakersMuse The laser cut acrylic spool holder from Anycubic (link below) fits across the gap at the the top of the printer when the lid is open and allows you to use 1kg rolls. I’m currently working on a project to try and install a heated bed on my Flux (I got the original one from kickstarter) , quirky is definitely the word I would have used to describe this printer. Great to see videos on this brand, Keep up the Great work!!


trefhi says:

Any opnion about Kodama (trinus) obsidian 50$ printer? Should we bake it?

HonestSpiritual says:

I think they told you a lie. I had ordered the original Flux Delta and there was so many issues with it that they delayed shipping my order until they had to cancel making them and tried to re-invent the machine by calling it Flux Delta+, but it had the same specs and everything as the original machine. It did not look different except for the print bed (they made that magnetic). They also had this issue that would make your print head come crashing down to the print bed even though all the magnetic joints were still attached. They might have fixed that, but now there is all this weird fragmenting as you have shown. I am glad I cancelled my order when they gave me the option to. I would have regretted getting it. I originally wanted this machine because they also offered a built in 3D scanner, a laser engraver, and a drawing print head, but is it worth all the problems that came with it and pay for the hefty price tag? Certainly not.

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