Flashforge Finder 3D Printer FULL REVIEW

Hi Guys! This is FULL REVIEW of Flashforge Finder 3D printer. Video includes: Unboxing, setup, hardware and software overview, time laps printing, detailed look at test prints and closer look at inside components. Overall its very cool 3D printer! Great implementation of hardware and software. To order this 3D printer please check links below.

Flashforge Finder Intelligent 3D Printer https://goo.gl/etYZ58

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Cheap filaments
PLA filament https://goo.gl/D9jY9v
ABS Filament https://goo.gl/DBL1ok

Flexible filament — https://goo.gl/1DMTJf

Premium/special quality filaments
APRINTAPRO shop https://goo.gl/sgXkAW

PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY https://goo.gl/Fr9tmU

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GearBest.com — https://goo.gl/pqKf6h
Banggood.com — https://goo.gl/9CpYMJ
Aliexpress.com — https://goo.gl/C8ndaT

Heat bed mosfet module — https://goo.gl/91i7bQ

3D printing surface:
Sticker: https://goo.gl/WTmmiM
Glass: https://goo.gl/3GqP6Z
BueTape: https://goo.gl/7vQMYp

Switch for PSU https://goo.gl/sKzzkg

Rubber Timing Belt https://goo.gl/3xtQPv

SCS8UU-8mm-Linear-Ball-Bearing https://goo.gl/88pgGV

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Adventures by A Himitsu
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Michael Werth says:

really good review, keep going Nexi!!!

Ocelot says:

EXCELLENT video and very thorough, thanks. Got a lot of info i needed.

Bengit1000 says:

This printer will also print TPU without any problems

Tim k says:

Very detailed video as usual!!

Scott Charlson says:

Outstanding Video! Very concise and to the point. What camera did you use to shoot this video?

EspenShampoo25 says:

can i change the nozzle to a 0,2mm on this? i want toprint minatures and need very high detaIS 🙂

blazing1985 says:

very good explained in everything ,, after seeing this made me too order it at once .. Thank you for showing us about it

10wuebc says:

the reviews say that the pla that comes with the printer is sub par. but even printing with it looks great! i can’t wait to get mine!

david rock says:

Thanks buddy, i bought a finder on the strength of this review…. i used the tip with the 200 degree setting and have perfect prints. Thank you for taking the time

James D says:

Thank you for reviewing the software too!

BanksAppliedTech says:

Very nice review and thorough! Thanks for taking the time to put together a quality review. I’ve ordered one for myself to try! And subscribed…Keep up the good work

Chair Happy says:

As always, really great video!!!!!

The Happy Extruder says:

Great review my friend, The control panel software seems well done and clean, best regards….and Happy Extruding !

Jose Luis says:

Congratulations on this great review! You tackle every aspect of this printer!

KaGamer123 says:

Is it possible to make a iPhone 7 case with this?

James Kruse says:

Check out Craftware slicer for custom supports. Free too:)

GaudyMarrko says:

I love that software

Hüseyin Akkuş says:

Neden formlabs 2 denemiyorsun ?

William Persson says:

As other has mentioned, really nice indepth review!!

PacoWang says:

Excellent review. I like your style sir

Tabatha Creedence says:

Fantastic video, you got right to the point, and moved rapidly through the points that normally bog these kinds of videos down.

dejan dimitrijevic says:

a phenomenal video and printer, explained in detail, fantastic video review!!!

Kevin Cozens says:

Thanks for the video and the information this printer. I had not heard of this one until now. At the start of the unboxing the video shows a very large delta printer on the right side of the shot. Which delta style printer is it?

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